Season 4 Episode 14

Playing with Matches

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 2008 on CBS

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  • Once again CSI: NY starts off with two separate, and very peculiar, deaths. The first is a human fireball that literally flew into a speeding FDNY truck. The second is a woman who drowned in a public self-cleaning toilet. An interesting start.


    Having this episode start the way it did is certainly a very good way to grab the viewer's attention (It certainly grabbed mine). That attention never wavered in this very clever and well written episode. The viewer certainly would not have been able to see where the story involving the death in a public toilet would end up but it worked because its conclusion was very plausible. The same can be said for the human fireball. Both stories are a little far fetched, but their conclusions help those stories remain believable. CSI: NY is a show definitely worth your time.

  • ok episode...

    I thought the cases in this episode were just too weird. First, a guy was on fire and came out of no where and hit a truck. The other case was a lady drowning in a portable toilet. That was just weird. It was pretty obvious who messed with the toilets. They just went in a complete circle to figure out who killed her. Anyways, the other case was basically about racing and it was just an accident. Just weird. Both of the cases... There wasn't much character development in this episode. Overall, just not a very good episode of CSI:NY.
  • This was one of the best episodes of the season.

    The episode in my opinion was a great way to go off before the writers strike. The bathroom was something i never would of expected. Also i liked to see a story about the drag racing somewhat like CSI but NY style. In my opinion it was one of the best additions to the CSI episodes yet. Then again all of season 4 was. This episode also was kind of more of a down to earth with something people don't usually think about. So that was really cool to see. I think they should show more episodes just like this one.
  • More high quality drama

    I really like the polished way the show is going. The crime stories in this episode were lacking action but interesting conceptually.

    This will keep you watching to learn more about whodunnit, even if the endings are a disappointing compared to the setup - but thats probably true of most shows.

    The toilet drowning is the more interesting of the two, but the flying fireball is one of the most spectacular starts to a show I can remember!

    We seem to be seeing alot less of Stella - this is a plus for me, I cant stand her character and youll probably feel the same way as I if you agree.

    Good strong stories, good acting and decent dialogue. Poor endings though.

    Still compared to alot of shows, very good!
  • Could have been better

    This episode was...okay. It wasn't shocking enough for CSI NY. I wasn't really intrigued by either of the cases. A woman drowning in a self-cleaning toilet is odd enough, I guess. But it just wasn't interesting enough to me when compared with some of the other cases we've been presented with.

    The guy who had been set on fire was a little more interesting...until we learn that he did it while street racing. I was disappointed in that turn. Don't get me wrong; I know that all the cases can't be gruesome murders. But in a strike-ridden season, they need to pull out all the punches. Long before the strike, there had been talk that a strike might happen. They should have tried harder to make sure that the fans would be impressed with the slim offering of episodes.
  • The Team Investigate When A Human Fireball Crashes Into A Fire Truck, And Stella & Sheldon Investigate The Murder Of A Woman Who Drowned In A Self Cleaning Toilet.

    A Human Fireball Crashes Into A Fire Truck And The Team Dive Into The Dangerous World Of Luge Racing And Sid Says The Human Fireball Re-Entered The Earth At 80 Miles Per Hour, And Was Doused With Accelerant And Set On Fire.
    This Was An Exciting Case, I've Never Seen A Human Fireball Before And Luge Racing Sounds Fun, But Dangerous.
    Stella & Sheldon Investigate A Case Where A Young Woman Died In A Self Cleaning Toilet, The Toilet Looks Well Hi-Tech!
    These 2 Cases Were Both Very Interesting And Unusual, That's One Of The Main Reasons Why I Love This Show So Much!
    Kendall Bores Easily! :D
  • Good episode with the rare instance of both cases being interesting and engaging. The first case of a flying flaming man had me wondering all the way through. The revolving cast

    Good episode with the rare instance of both cases being interesting and engaging. The first case of a flying flaming man had me wondering all the way through. The revolving cast of suspects and the introduction into the world of this unheard of x-sport by me was enjoyable. The best thing finding out it was all an accident another rare ending for the show. The second case of a woman drowning in a public restroom was enhanced by blood from a convicted man being found under her nails. The ending of the killer having had the woman put his blood under her nails was not original but her death due to an accident was. Good episode and great ending to the season.
  • squueeeeeeeee!

    i loved this episode. and i'm so not disappointed. because it was the last pre-strike ep, i was expecting a lot from it, especially DL-wise and i was afraid to be disappointed, but i'm not, definitely not!
    the cases were really interesting, especially the space man one. okay, so i think it was because it was danny and lindsay's case. but it really was and mac's face when sid tells him about his theory of the vic's injuries being consistent with reentering of the atmosphere cracks me up!
    the other case was also really good, but to be honest i don't really care about it that much.
    let's move on to the real topic of this episode (for me, at least) DL! they worked the same case finally, it had been way too long! and the smiles and just them sharing the screentime, i was soooooooooo excited. this is what i'm talking, they work great together!
    so, okay there was no continuity from the previous ep, but you know what, who cares, danny was smiling, lindsay was smiling, what else do i need? there was enough drama and i'm glad this ep was the last pre-strike ep.
  • Great!!

    I loved the chapter!! Not the best of the season but great anyways!!

    Case 1: The human torch. Really original and funny! All was an accident? WAW!! I'm not used to that!!

    Case 2: You can die in a public WC...I've never been in one and I'll never be!! Original too...And all the inmate thingy is amazing too!!

    Flack: Funny as always! His ties are still fugly but... He looks amazing!!

    Kendall: Is back!! But where is Adam???

    Mac and Stella: Great team!! I love them teasing each other...:d

    HAwkes: Smart...really smart!

    Danny and Lindsay: I LOVE HAPPY DANNY!!! HE seems so so so good! Maybe is Lindsay, maybe is because all the Ricki-ruben thing could be considered over but I'm glad to have that Danny back! I wish they were more D/L action but at least they seem to be ok! Welcome to the new character: Danny's harley!! She appeared in 3 chapters, like Kendall....

    Great chapter!!
  • The team invesigates the deaths of a woman in a self-cleaning bathroom and a man who became a human fireball.

    Of all of the CSI shows I find CSI: NY to be the most gritty and realistic. Though don't get me wrong, I really enjoy CSI and CSI: Miami. I find each show to be quite unique. However, I found that this CSI: NY episode just did not really deliver the reaslistic crime I have come to expect. Blood in a ketchup packet? Drowning in a self cleaning toilet? Street racer accidentally lights himself on fire and flys into the windshield on a fire truck? All in all - just a little too far fetched for me. No real suspense to hold me to the end of the episode. Oh well.
  • For what is believed to be a season finale, the show left me with a happy feeling.

    Adam was MIA but Kendall's knowlege of sports more than made up for his absense. What eventually set the street lugar on fire was simple, yet something I wouldn't have thought of. The case of the woman who died in the automatic toilet was clearly the most interesting of the two. Nothing was what it appeared, especially when the DNA underneath the victim's fingernails belonged to a man in prison. OK, I confess that I figured out how she obtained his blood under her nails twenty minutes into the show but is was fun watching the team piece this case together. While I gave this episode a well deserved 10, I felt like the story was written and filmed out of sequence from the rest of the episodes. Danny showed no guilt over Rueben's death and Mac obviously didn't hear about Rueben's mother stealing Danny's gun. Perhaps these two issues will be addressed when the show gets back into production.
  • This episode left me happy and satisfied.

    Who would've thought lougeing down the streets of New York City could be so dangerous? ... Well, ok, most people with half a brain. The case was interesting, and I enjoyed Danny's seemingly endless puns. We saw an example of TPTB's 'no continuity allowed' rule come into play with the Sandoval storyline, but I wasn't at all surprised. This is CSI NY, people!
    The second case was bizzare and perplexing. It reminded me of how creepy prisons are. Besides, drowning in a glorified outhouse can't be much fun. I love it when Stella and Mac butt heads over cases. It shows that, while they don't agree on everything, they're still steadfast friends.
  • Great Episode.

    I really enjoyed the script for this episode. The extreme sports as well as Kendall knowledge of them was great. The victim ultimately died of an accident but how Danny, Lindsay and Kendall got to that point had me guessing. Which was great. Now for the drowning victim. The possibility of two sets of DNA for the same person aspect was different. But I also liked watching Mac second guess some things but also watching him put the pieces of the puzzle together. The idea of a prisoner sneaking his own blood out of prison was great. What was even better was how he did it. The only negative I found was the episode seemed out of order. With no references to Danny's situation with Ruben Sandoval's death, or Ricki Sandoval's situation of stealing his gun. Overall I thought the episode was really interesting.
  • Okay, the plot got this episode was really cool but what about the last episode???

    A killer-clean-public toilet and a man from outer space! Oh whatever will they come up with next?! The crimes were really interesting. I thought that Seth Riggins was perhaps framed and someone on the inside was getting his blood and sending it out. Well, I was right, only it was him not someone else. Idiot. Ah, corporate greed at it's grittiest.

    All I got from the summary was the toilet crime so when the fire fighters were going to a fire then a flaming man hits their windshield, I was totally hooked. I mean, who was he? He'd he get there, what's his story? Was it a rival? faulty equipment? Nope, it was the chaos theory, sort of. Okay, so many of us figured Mac would give Danny the Riot Act for what happened in the previous episode, but there wasn't a single allusion to anything that happened. Danny didn't look depressed at all. It was like this episode was just shoved in with no thought to how it would go with the rest of the season.