Season 5 Episode 20


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 08, 2009 on CBS

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  • Dana never should of gone to jail

    This was a really good episode but very harsh when Dana a woman who was been stalked by a serial stalker who made another woman commit suicide found herself in danger by him that she has to kill him using Stella's class to get away with murder and it nearly worked until they found her.Mac knew the situation she was in but still had to arrest her but Hawkes would try and make sure she doesn't go to jail.It is not known what happens to her after that but I don't think that she should be arrested.
  • CSI:NY has a new fan.

    I will admit that I tuned into this episode solely because of the guest appearance by Katharine McPhee. What I was treated to was one of television's best procedurals; a fast-moving, well-written display of how a cop show is done right.

    Gary Sinise does an excellent job as Detective Mac Taylor, playing a role that is as realistic and believable as it is entertaining. No outrageous puns, no peculiar behavior, just the type of straight down-to-business officer you would expect to find on the streets of the city.

    Katharine McPhee looked quite fetching and her voice is still as beautiful as we all remember it from American Idol. She did fine in the three or so minutes she was actually on camera, but she should not bank on the idea of a major acting career because of it.

    Overall, a fine episode and the third installment of the CSI series has just garnered yet another viewer.
  • While investigating a murder, Stella begins to notice that many facts in the murder are remarkably similar to a recent lecture she gave at a local university. Can the killer have attended the lecture?

    There have been better episodes of "CSI: NY" but I still found myself liking what I saw though not as much as previous episodes. The stalker element of the story is handeled very well here. I like how a familiar storyline has been given a new twist. That makes the episode entertaining and makes it more than just average. One thing I believe this episode could have done without is the story of Flak's up and coming romance. It has been done already in this series between Danny and Lindsay and I think one work romance is enough for now.
  • I am a normally big fan of CSI:NY but, I was actually disappointed in the episode and how it felt as a filler.

    I was actually disappointed in the episode and how it felt as a filler. This episode felt loose in the writing as well as the acting. It has seemed that way for the past couple of episodes since Anna Belknap had left temporally for maternity leave. The writers have written a strong character of Lindsey. Perhaps when the actress is gone they can work on the other characters. I am a normally big fan of CSI:NY and I hope the rest of the season gets better when Lindsey Monroe aka Montana gets back. She was the glue to the show.
  • kill ort die....

    liked this chapter but it's not the best they did this season...Ok, my points:

    - The case: Really good one. As Hawkes said it: Murder or Suicide, those were the two options she had and she decided to survive...Does it really exist the rejection line?? - Flack and Angell scene was cute, sweet and hot! PERFECT!

    - Stella teaching was a great idea.

    - Very little of Adam and Danny! Although the few minutes they were there, they were really funny

    - Mac and Hawkes. I don't think that Mac was very mad at Hawkes for what Doc said at the end. Hawkes was very in the case, I really liked him so passionate. -The American idol girl? Meh... She wasn't so bad...

    All in all, good one but not the best....
  • Personal Justice.

    AZ as always introduces us to the latest and greatest within this epsiode we learn about the "dump line" and "bike polo", got to love him. But the murder of Baxter Marshall was played out in a very complex and unique puzzle in regards to victimology, motive and the evidence. As it was revealed Baxter wasn't the only victim. I found the idea of a "staged" crime scene really creative, maybe Stella is too good of a teacher. The fan in me loved the references to previous cases and how it was done really made sense. I was also please with Katherine McPhee appearance. She had a large role with minimal acting, which was well suited I think.
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