Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2004 on CBS
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When the charred bodies of two men who had been robbing a Chinatown bank are found, the entire team investigates the crime, which leads them to Doris, the missing infant of the bank's manager. The team realises that Joanna Cho assisted with the robbery out of fear for her daughter's life. Mac and Stella finally manage to track down the third robber, only to find him lying in a pool of blood, with a trail of bloody baby handprints leading away from the body.moreless

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  • The whole team is on this case, a robbery gone amiss, all the robbers are dead, but something else is affecting this case: A missing baby.

    I thought this episode was a wonderful character episode. We got to see a bit of the playful banter between Mac and Stella. The whole gooey scene was very cute. I loved how we got to see their friendship, and how long this friendship seems to have been.

    I loved the superstition they included in this episode. How even in a very modern and current city, everyone has some sort of superstition, something related to the old days that get them on in life. And it was startling to see how your superstitions show a lot about you, and that so does your culture.

    One of the most disturbing scenes I have seen in a CSI yet, had to have been when Hawkes was fingerprinting the burn vic. When he inserted the finger skin on his skin, I gave myself a shudder. It did mirror that one regular CSI ep, where Grissom does it to Catharine, but this one was the worst, as the finger was not old but red and bloody and *shudders*.

    I think the baby getting stolen helped add to the feeling. At this point we notice the scenes are running fast- they are keeping adrenaline on high. And when they do interviews we are allowed a bit of a breather. I myself was very frustrated with the convict who looks like the mask and how flippant he was. And then when they find the last dead body and the baby is gone, I was so worried. I mean there is so long a baby can survive. But this means only one thing, someone else had to have been there, there had to be more people involved.

    It was sad to see how the security guard was inevitably at the cause of his partner dying. It upset me most because I had actually felt for him when he kept asking about him. Also, did anyone else notice that it seems as if Aiden and Danny just disappeared?moreless
  • Team effort.

    I really like the cases that the team work all together. The element of rain into this case was an unusual twist and a compelling aspect. The bank robbery slash kidnapping using the security guard as the way in was interesting. One of the things that I liked was how so many different aspects of this case finally came together to solve it. With each team member focusing on a different aspect. From the jade bracelet, the masks, the theater and finally the evidence leading them back to the leader. The security guard with all the plans and all the what if's. Now the only what if is if he'll ever see daylight.moreless
  • A bank robbery gone terribly wrong

    I love the scene in the beginning where Stella is explaining the gooey substance on the burnt body and Mac makes fun of her in a playful way. There were alot of unpredictable surprises in this episode that I didn't see coming. I kind of had a feeling that the security guard had something to do with it though. The plot of this episode was played out very nicely.

    This episode kept me wondering, like when they found the last robber dead, but no baby. There were only little baby hand prints going across the stage.moreless
  • don't you just hate when things don't go your way

    love the way Mac figured out how they open both doors

    and how danny use the lasars to work out there the

    last bullet went, and the look on Stella's anf Flack's face when they are standing out in the rain waiting of the kidnappers the pick up the money and all the squad

    cars (with lights and sirens) come around the cornor and

    blow it for them.
  • In a better than usual episode, a bank robbery directs the team to the kidnapping of the child of one of the bank employees.

    Lately, as in before this episode, the show has been dragging. Each scene seemed to last too long, the characters seemed tired, as if doing this by rote.

    But, this episode seemed to show a whole different side to the series. There was a lot of action, a lot of twists, and a lot of surprises. Also good was that the evidence was key here.

    There should definitely be more episodes in Chinatown. I maintain that some of the best episodes are ones that are absolutely unique to the city in which the show is set. When the theme or case is specific to the city it always makes for a more realistic and more fascinating episode.moreless
Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

Melina Kanakaredes

Melina Kanakaredes

Detective Stella Bonasera

Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill

Detective Donald "Don" Flack, Jr.

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo

Danny Messer

Vanessa Ferlito

Vanessa Ferlito

Aiden Burn

Matt Bushell

Matt Bushell

Marvin Hummel

Guest Star

Alex Sol

Alex Sol

Luther Willett

Guest Star

Kym Hoy

Kym Hoy

Nina Chang

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: The baby was born in the Year of the Monkey and was 11 months old. Chinese New Year for the Year of the Monkey started January 22, 2004. In order for the baby to be 11 months old, this episode, shown in mid-November, must take place after December 22.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Mac: You buying his story?
      Flack: You know me, everyone's a suspect until you prove otherwise.

    • Stella: These days, anyone can be a banker.
      Danny: Yeah, but you'd think they'd consider some form of security. Like double-thick steel. What is this, stainless steel sheeting?
      Stella: It's the illusion of security.
      Danny: I got the same stuff on the front of my dishwasher.

    • Stella: With all this rain, it's not like Mother Nature's playing ball.
      Mac: Then it's time to change the game.

    • Flack: Gotta wear a mask to a bank robbery. It's a rule!

    • Hawkes: Any glass shatter at the scene?
      Mac: No.
      Hawkes: Lead paint?
      Mac: It's possible. (A bit flustered from the questions by Hawkes) Usually you have all the answers, Sheldon.

    • (Flack walks up to Willet with Aiden while introducing themselves as cops).
      Luther Willett: Wow, cops round here just get prettier every day.
      Flack: Watch it.
      Luther Willet: Oh, hey, don't get upset. I just got out of prison. You both look good to me. (Willet smirks)

    • Mac: We've got your print on the newsstand handle. Why'd you keep going, Marvin? Could have been a hero. Return Joanne's baby ... nobody would've known you were ever involved.
      Marvin Hummel: It never would've gotten to that if those guys hadn't messed up at the bank.
      Mac: It's always something --something you didn't expect or count on, something that screws everything up. If only Tony had gone home. If only it hadn't rained.

    • Mac: And you're sure this came from Hummel's gun?
      Danny: Absolutely. He doesn't deny discharging his weapon.
      Mac: But ... ?
      Danny: If Marvin's story is true about what happened, and he was shooting at the bad guys -- this bullet discharged from his gun and stopped midair and then turned left and then hit the pillar.

    • Stella: Great. So if the kidnapper takes the money, we can't go after them.
      Flack: Our priority has to be getting the child back. Collaring the kidnapper is a close second.

    • Mac: We have someone's masks, Playbill magazine, and fake snow, and a play set in the wintertime.

    • Mac: One dead in the vault. One who ran out in the street.
      (They reach the back door)
      Stella: And one got away. Blood trail just ends.
      (Flashback of robber leaving through the alleyway, rain washing away the blood.)
      Mac: Our evidence was washed away by the rain.

    • Mac: I hear this guy is just the opening act. The main event's in the bank.
      Stella: They do things big south of Canal Street. It's Chinatown, Mac.

    • (Mac who previously made fun of Stella for her use of the word gooey, uses it himself.)
      Mac: Some sort of 'gooey' residue on the top of the piece of paper.
      Stella: (Smirks) Great choice of words.

    • Stella: There's something gooey here.
      Mac: Gooey? There's a good forensic word. Gooey. I'll have to use that more.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Music Featured:
      Twilight by Aphrodite.

    • German episode title: Im Jahr des Affen, meaning "In The Year Of The Monkey".

    • Scenes from this episode were filmed during a real police terrorist response drill in New York City. While filming in the city, the producers of the show and star Melina Kanakaredes were caught in a rain storm near Central Park. An unannounced police terrorist response drill allowed the producers to create new scenes and incorporate New York's finest into the filming of the show.


    • Stella: It's Chinatown, Mac.

      Stella smiles when she says this; she's probably thinking of Roman Polanski's 1974 film Chinatown, starring Jack Nicholson. The last line in the film is, "Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown."

    • Mac: Okay, six degrees of separation.

      Six degrees of separation is a philosophical theory stating that anyone in the world can be linked to anyone else through a chain of six (or fewer) other people. It's also the title of a 1993 movie starring Will Smith, Stockard Channing and Donald Sutherland.