Season 3 Episode 11

Raising Shane

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2006 on CBS

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  • OMG! That was the best episode of the season so far - and it didn\'t even really have any D/L moments. I\'m almost sad Shane was arrested.

    Now that was a \"10\" in my book!! You have Sheldon being accused of a crime we all know he didn\'t commit. We all know he\'s being framed. If we know the episode title we may even know who is behind it all - the beauty of this episode is how it all played out. The team, of course, gets kicked off the case, but they\'re still going to figure it out. It\'s like what Flack said to the Captain about Mac, that he would do the same thing if Flack were in the room. Well the CSIs will go to any lengths to help protect one of their own. So many good things about this episode: My favourite parts either involved Danny or Mac. Mac was trying so hard to stand up for Hawkes. He almost crossed the line at the police station. He figured out it was a set up and that Shane was behind it faster than anyone else (except maybe me, ha ha). I actually felt sorry for Peyton, one when he pulled her hand away from his face, and then again when he called her Claire. I think she was good for him, but it\'s true, he\'s not ready for such a committed relationship. Danny - oh poor Danny - Shane identifies with him because of Louie and the comments Danny made in the cop car when Shane was arrested. The moments in the bar, I commend Danny for not crying. I could see Lindsay trying to comfort him later (you know, a scene that got written but never filmed, something where Danny pushes her away because there is only so much his heart can take in a day and he doesn\'t want Lindsay to offer something she can\'t go through with, I may have to write that scene out in a fanfic). Anyway . . . you could almost see the dagger Shane drove into Danny\'s heart, and right at the moment when he might have broke down and done something stupid, he fell back on the evidence. The ring told the story. My only wish was that they let us know how Louie is doing - is still in a coma? Dead? Awake? I hate when things get left like that. He also called Lindsay \"Montana\". It made my day. The moment at the end - when Stella came to pick up Hawkes - I had tears in my eyes. I may be a sap, but it was so good to see her being there for him as a friend. I just LOVED this episode.