Season 3 Episode 11

Raising Shane

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2006 on CBS

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  • “What happens when one of this happens to one of your own? The answer: An emotional rollercoaster.”

    The return of Shane Casey. It’s unbelievable. We knew he’d be back as we can all remember when As the episode goes on, we KNOW Hawkes couldn’t have done it. But how is the evidence pointing in this direction? There is nothing else we can think of. We grasp at straws, hoping it’s a mistake or that he was framed. But as gunshot residue is found on his sleeves we worry. How will they reveal his innocence? It is until the CSIs show us step by step by “interrogating” an invisible Hawkes that we realize it, right before they say it, for ourselves. “He was framed.” And the way? It’s exactly like a case in the not so distant past. The case of Shane Casey’s brother. Now that they have got it under control, it’s only a matter of time until they figure out who did it.

    Now, while we are positive in our minds that Hawkes will get off. He WAS framed after all, the question remains, what will happen to Shane Casey? Will they catch them? The situation isn’t helped by the CSI: Q they ask. The mystery intensifies.

    This episode has all the classic elements of a mystery. There is a case of mistaken identity; there is a case of whodunit. But in this case, we know whodunit, we know who didn’t do it. What we don’t know is how they can prove the truth. The case B of this episode is almost entirely forgotten between the drama of Shane Casey. You even forget for a moment of Tom and his showgirls (yes those places still exist- Giuliani didn’t get rid of all of them.) Then we find out for sure what we’ve been thinking all along, Shane was somehow involved with this one as well.

    The moment we get the message, “Send Messer. Alone.” Is when I freak out. We know how Danny can be. Last week Lindsay got bitten, we don’t need Danny shot this week. And through the quake of Danny’s voice we hope he can get Shane to see the truth about his brother. The ring on the bartender’s finger proves it (A great way to damn a man. Like the handkerchief in Othello, we have the ring in Raising Shane- it proves BOTH brothers’ guilt.)

    All throughout the season we've had tiny little explosions from the characters, when emotions ran a little high. But here, we got to see what happened when it was one of their own. The Vegas series has always shown rather calm waters with occasional (and may I add hot) outbursts- from the guys, Warrick, Nick and even Grissom. (Yes Grissom has had his non-cool days) And while there have been outburst episodes on CSI: NY I don't believe any could hold a match to this one.

    It shows how much everyone is on needle points. It also shows the very essence of being a CSI- you can't HELP but help. No matter if you've been called off the case or not, or whether you have to keep the name of the lab clean (Mac) or not, you try your damndest to help. The scene with Mac in the interrogation room with Hawkes, one of the best I have seen. The EXPLOSIONS from all of them when he gets in there was amazing. It was a cacophony of words and yelling. It was wonderful to see them so emotional. There was so much care taken to save the name of one of their own. The end where Stella comes and takes a hold of Hawkes as he is let out, is one of the most heartwarming I have seen. Halfway through the season, we can only hope the other half will be this good. So far, it has proven to be so.

    On a side shipper note- Danny and Lindsay had a moment together!!!! SEVERAL!!!!!!!!!