Season 3 Episode 11

Raising Shane

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2006 on CBS

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  • An amazing episode!

    The title says it all. Shane Casey is back and he's still avenging his brother's death. This time, he framed Hawkes for killing a bartender. And i have to say, he planned it all really well. From the clothing to the GSR and the timing. We get to see most of the CSI team frustrated and lose their temper. I love the way Stella,Mac and Danny go against the Captain! Stella telling the Captain that if he threatens another CSI member, she'll make it her personal mission to get his badge. Danny telling the Captain to bring it on and he'll prove to him what a science geek like him can do. Mac crossed the line in the police station to see Hawkes. Not forgetting Flack, i was touched when he told the Captain that Mac would do the same if it was him in there.

    Peyton broke up with Mac. She got fed up of being the "office secret" and Mac accidentaly called her Claire. So much for the lovable couple featured in the TV Guide article next week.

    My heart beat very fast when Shane send a text message saying "Send Messer.Alone." So, Danny went to the abandoned bar where it used to be Shane's brother crime scene. He wore bulletproof vest and brought along an evidence kit. And he got freaked out when the jukebox suddenly turned on and played music. Then, Shane started mentioning about both of them having something in common. They both have brothers who they always/must defend. Danny sounded like he was going to break down, but luckily, he showed the evidence to Shane and proved to him that his brother was not innocent. Ian Casey indeed killed the bartender. Shane was caught and sent to jail while Hawkes is set free! The best part is we have D/L action after weeks. Danny called Lindsay "Montana"! And they both were in at least 5 scenes!! *squee*