Season 3 Episode 11

Raising Shane

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2006 on CBS

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  • Quite possibly the best case-driven episode of the season so far.

    Okay, so this review is better late than never. With new episodes finally on the horizon, I thought I should catch up with my reviews.

    I knew that Shane was the one who set Hawkes up. I just knew it. And after Stella said that there was GSR in the OD vic's nose, I knew he'd been the real shooter. This was one of the many times I wish the characters on my TV could hear me shouting, "He's the guy! He did it!" But alas, they're not real, and couldn't hear me all the way in Arizona.

    The whole Shane thing was nervewracking. His normal act in 3x04 was apparently just that. An act. He was extremely psycho, creeped Sugah out. He even looked demented, except for that scene when he appeared at the prison as Hawkes's attorney, and excuse me... But wouldn't they have recognized him? He's got warrants out the wazoo - he killed two people in grossly horrific ways - surely there are pictures of him somewhere? I just don't understand how he managed to even get in.

    His escape at the hotel... Again, screaming at my TV. "He's in the silver thing!" They never listen. And of course he wants them to prove his brother's innocence, and what happens? They only manage to confirm his brother's guilt.

    That scene at the bar with him and Danny... I swear I didn't breathe when that message came up that said Shane wanted to see Danny alone. Did. Not. Breathe. Swear to god. I knew that whole thing at the end of 3x04, where Danny was semi-relating to Shane wanting to help his brother, was going to come back to bite Danny on the ass. And he sounded so scared walking into that bar. Not his usual tough guy self. And when Shane had the nerve to mention Louie... I wanted Danny to shoot him. I really did. But he didn't. Good for him.

    Carmine Giovinazzo deserves an Emmy for that scene. Seriously.

    Oh, and are we to infer from this that Louie is dead? Are they ever going to tell us?

    Ha, ha! Peyton totally dumped Mac! That was great! I'm sorry, I don't like them as a couple. And she totally should have dumped him, too. First he pushed her away, then he called her by his dead wife's name. I was kind of hoping she'd slap him.

    What was Danny thinking, going to talk to the bouncer? And of course, Mac the hypocrite yelled at him for it, even though he broke a bunch of rules going to talk to Hawkes when he was taken off the case.

    And of course... must comment on the D/L. Excellent in this episode. Not only did they acknowledge each other's existence, but they were in the same room more than once. They spoke to each other. Danny called her Montana, for the first time in weeks. The whole scene about the OD vic's "undies" *giggles* was so cute. Them in the break room together... Lindsay's reaction when Mac made Stella and Danny leave. And how Danny argued to stay. It wasn't about Hawkes, it was about Danny wanting to stay with Lindsay.

    In my opinion, one of the best episodes of the season so far. It had everything - a good plot, compelling character storylines... I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.
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