Season 3 Episode 11

Raising Shane

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2006 on CBS

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  • Shane casey is baaaack!!

    *I love Mac, Flack and Stella's face when they saw that the guy identified Hawkes as the shooter!

    *Gerrard being a pain in the a**. I love Danny's comeback 'Why don't we step outside, Grandpa, and I show you what kind of Geek I am'... Stella puting order and defending her team and Flack trying to fight an smile!

    *I miss wisea** Danny... at the dialogue with Stella about the porn movie!!

    *Tom and Stella moment is hilarious too!!


    * at Danny putting the 50cents to see the talk to the dancing girl... I loved the 'How ya doing?" bit...

    *Hawkes interview with the lawyer was awesome!

    *MAc sneeking out to talk to Hawkes was great too. And Flack defending him, amazing.... *OMG, Flack's tie is awful again!!

    *Peyton and Stella banter is intense... In fight Stella would win...

    *Danny calling Lindsay Montana.... I miss that.... And they are standing really close and..... SQUEE!!!

    *Danny being a wisea** again with the bouncer... But he looks incredibly hot with that jacket and his eyes are sooooo blue.....*sighs*

    *Mac pulling Peyton hand away when Stella appears....

    *Mac-Stella-Danny moment....Great!

    *Shane visiting Hawkes in jail...

    *Never call your gf your dead-wife's name.... It's not gonna help the relationship a lot...

    *2nd visit to Tom.... I love Danny laughing....

    *Stella and Flack totally look like cops... they should hide better... I can imagine Flack wearing a cowboy hat for the ocasion!

    *Another great team moment : Mac, Stella, Danny and Lindsay connecting the cases... *Danny with a gun... and looking REALLY nervous^

    *Shane is really crazy but the actor did an AMAZING job!!

    *Danny's arms when he is arresting Shane are HUGE!!!

    *Stella picking up Hawkes is a really sweet moment...

    All in all an amazing chapter...