Season 3 Episode 11

Raising Shane

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2006 on CBS

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  • The return of Shane Casey.

    This is not one of my favourite episodes, although it has several scenes I love. I don't like the way everyone in the force seems to be against Hawkes from the beginning. It also strike me as forced the way everyone in the lab keeps bristling against being ordered out of the case, when they know very well they couldn't work on it. It seems the writers want it to look like it's personal, some kind of grudge inside the force against Hawkes or Mac's team. To me, it just sounded over. Shane Casey is back, and he's crazy as ever. That's a given. Did we have to have a scene like the one in which Shane Casey wants to meet Mac in a busy building, and all of the cops in NY won't be able to catch him? Such a cliché! They could have had their little conversation by phone without the field expedition, but it's important to make viewers remember how cunning and smart and impossible to arrest Shane Casey is. Another overdone part, for me. And it is also a bit tiresome that all the crazy psycho killers have this insurmountable wish to meet the cops face to face, and so many crazy psycho killers are committing their heinous crimes in order to clear someone else's name. On the other hand, this episode portrays the friendship and loyalty among the CSIs, the way they stand for each other in their time of need and never give up trying to prove what's right, and the way they work together, each one's work complementing the others'. This episode also has some first quality scenes with some characters. Danny gets several, first getting all indignant and angry at the crime scene, facing off Gerrard, then going against the rules with the witness, in a scene where he actually has a point in what he says, for once, and is not just going with his gut feeling. In another perfect moment, Danny defines himself: "I didn't break any rules, all right? I just bent them a little bit, but I didn't break them."
    Stella gets her share of perfect scenes, a serious one, where she faces off Gerrard and gets all protective of her team, and a funny one with the peep show owner. Mac is another character who gets memorable scenes. One is his reaction in regard to Peyton when Stella comes in; I love the guy, but right then I could slap him. Another is the almost scary way he remembers everything from the other case, remembering how every detail of each case match, was almost scary. The moments when I sighed and thought "here we go again" were more frequent than the ones when I smiled and thought "yeah, great scene". But all in all, it was good watching it again.