Season 9 Episode 1


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2012 on CBS

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  • reignited

    Was a good episode, except for Christine, she acts annoying, mending and needy
  • 9x01 - reignited

    This was an okay episode. I was much more interested in finding out about Mac and his health concerns then over the killer.
  • CSI:NY Reignited

    Worth the wait and then some.

    - Sometimes a bit hard to swallow a pyro as the victim.

    - Looks like Mac has some more recovery to do before he's all the way back
  • not bad

    There has been better episodes than this, but it wasn't bad. A little hard to concentrate, I would have expected a bit grief about the fire chief's death; it seemed to be over before it had even started.

    But, I do like that this storyline continues in a way as Leonard is still free and he doesn't seem to be ready to stop with the fires. I thought he was insane, but it was kind of nice that it turned out he wasn't.

    What happened with Aubrey? I don't remember Christine from last season. I must have missed something, hehe.

    Anyway, good episode, but I hope the next one is a little better!
  • The ninth season begins with Mac struggling to recover from his injuries as he investigates the death of a close friend, a NY firefighter.

    The ninth season managed to get started on the right foot. I liked the episode as well as how the storyline played out. I just found myself not caring very much for Rob Morrow's character. Though the writers try to keep us guessing if he were guilty or innocent, I knew from the beginning that he was innocent. However I must mention that I give the episode points for not turning Rob Morrow's character into yet another Hannibal Lecter clone. I like the fact that he is not insane and is trying to keep his urges in check. The main thing that kept me interested was finding out exactly who the guilty party was. I think it's safe to say that Mac's Anomic Aphasia will be something that will be revisited through out the season. It will be quite interesting to see how it plays out.
  • Amazing start!

    It was a great start of season. The chapter was very well written and I really enjoyed watching it!:)

    Flack looks great with just a nice shirt and simple trousers, no need to wear suits although I miss the ugly ties. I especially loved him when he called Adam baby at the Hockey game.

    :lol: About Danny starting a fight. And you are right, BM, he looks really really really hot!!:twisted: I loved Lindsay deffending his honor!!:lol:

    In the last scene with Mac and Christine I almost cried... He was trying to cover up that he couldn't remember and she kept on guessing... I thought she was gonna find out... And I guess she will but for now we will enjoy them together. They really are a great couple!

    Just 2 things I didn't like: Maybe there was a little bit too much violence? I mean the fight in the ice, the firemen kicking Leonard and then Flack punching the fireman several times... And the 2nd thing? Adam's hair!!! He needs a haircut right NOW!!!

    Kudos for Rob Morrow playing a creepy guy!! I really loved him in Numb3rs and in Dr in Alaska, he's always played a good guy so this weirdo is kinda nice and he did really good!:)

    I can't wati to see more of this season! It looks really promising!:)
  • Terrific Season Opener

    This was my favorite episode in some time. It's good to see Rob Morrow again as Numb3rs is one of my all-time favorites. He did a great job playing Leonard.

    Maybe it's me that is seeing things differently, but I got an even greater sense of family from the team. Perhaps it's the changes Mac has gone through and as changes to the boss' leadership style will show up in the team.

    Lastly, every man should be so fortunate as to have a Christine in his life. :)