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  • The show is fantastic but the theme song should have more punch like ex...(give love a bad name by Bon Jovi)we think the theme song should have a great punch like the others csi.......thanks!!

    The new season brings more excitement then last year,the science side of the show was not portrayed last year like the other csi...but looks better this season and the personal side of the cast is more seen with a human side,we love the way the last show ended with a suspense that you have to see the next show to see who Gary is gonna fire!!!Also we would like to see more interactive shows with the other csi series like we see often on Law and Order because when Horatio Caine went to N.Y.and Katherine went to Miami...those shows were the best...and maybe once in a while put on a 2 hours special ok in our book you are still #1 keep it up !!!!!!Ray.
  • A show thats welcome along with other CSI shows. New Yorke has great actors and there is always something going on each week besides a crime to solve. I would buy the DVD to see them all.

    This really is a good way to spend an hour at night. Along with House, Law & Order and the CSI programmes - we are getting good TV that was not always there after shows like (xfiles, Friends, Frasier ended). Its is well worth watching and is personally me favourite of the 3 shows.

    I haven't seen every episode but would get the dvd when i find it so i can see the whole story.

  • It’s like the one in Vegas and Miami, but this one’s in New York.

    “CSI: New York” is the third of the CSI franchise. It is like the others where the forensics people are the feature instead of the criminal investigation. Like Miami, the CSI’s are real police officers. Instead of Billy Peterson playing Gil Grissom, or David Caruso as Horatio Cain, they have Gary Sinise playing Mac Taylor! Isn’t that different?

    To make sure it wouldn’t beat the other CSI shows in the ratings, they put it on the same time as Law & Order! Pretty clever. A New York based cop show that has been on for 15 years and has loyal die hard following. Sounds like sure death, but apparently enough people have Tivo and VCR that they manage to pull enough viewers to keep on the air.
  • it makes me relax!!!lol

    I like this show. It is a great spin-off series and I enjoy it more than CSI: Miami. Although the show got of to a rough start it just keeps getting better and better with every episode. The characters are great and they have added the standard hot guy or two for eye candy. The characters in this show are nearly as good as there original counter parts and I like how in New York CSIs don't find it necessary to drive around in hummers. I hope this show has a long life on TV ahead and starts to be a more appreciated show.

  • Its alright compared to the other CSIs

    CSI NY is quite intresting but sometimes it can get draggy and long. Its always the same style almost every season. Two cases being solved by two teams or the the two cases can be joint together. I think they should make the story line more intresting. There is also not as much action compared to the other CSIs
  • It's a good show, potential but there are still kinks to work out

    As a massive fan of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, I looked forward to seeing the latest spin off with the same excitement that I had when CSI:Miami was coming. But NY has similar problems as with Miami. The characters are not as instantly accessabile or are you able to easy relate to them. The stories whilst unique you can help but feel theres something missing. The show was always going to have a hard time being in the shadow of the mighty CSI and it needs to disasociate itself form CSI without alienating it's core fan base. For example if Stella would seem to have more womanly concerns like children and clearer backrounds for all the characters, basically what drives them it would help to stop making them look like workaholic robots which is how they seemed in the first season. They do not seem to have quirks like Grissom and his bugs or friendly rivialry like Nick and Warrick. All the cases are ingorssing and filled with twists and turns like CSI but the delivery is lacking like the actors aren't putting themselves completely into it as they think they cannot get out of CSi's shadow.
  • The thrid spin-off of the CSI series takes us to the streets of New York and the CSIs who work there.

    I like this show. It is a great spin-off series and I enjoy it more than CSI: Miami. Although the show got of to a rough start it just keeps getting better and better with every episode. The characters are great and they have added the standard hot guy or two for eye candy. The characters in this show are nearly as good as there original counter parts and I like how in New York CSIs don't find it necessary to drive around in hummers. I hope this show has a long life on TV ahead and starts to be a more appreciated show.
  • I just love the series and all the characters. I can't understand why no one else seems to, or very few.

    I love all CSIs but NY has to be my absolute all time favourite of all. I was a late starter at watching the CSIs, and even though I watched Vegas first, i still prefer NY out of all of them. The characters are just so brilliant and there's still so much we don't know! Well, it is still just the first series. Are they counting it in Series or Seasons? My favourite character would have to be Stella, but i also love Mac because he is so cut off and yet, slowly mellowing down. Though i completely disapprove with him going to dinner with the flirt from the cafe. I can just see her breaking his heart right now. But then i would say that as i am a complete Stella/Mac shipper. Any way, i'm babbling. I will just finish with, if you havent't seen CSI:NY, you haven't lived!!!
  • Third time is a charm, but not as charming as the first two

    CSI: NY is the third installment in the successful CSI franchise. By now the franchise's formula has been set and has proved to be a hit. (CSI is the number 1 show in America and CSI: Miami is number 3) Now the problem with this set formula is just that, it's set. If you look at Law and Order and Star Trek, the concepts of the spin-offs vary slightly. NY is basically a rehash of the CSI idea, just in a new city. Now what makes the first two better is style wise. CSI was cutting edge and Miami had a colorful Miami flare to it. NY has that grey, urban feel to it, like most cop shows in set in NY. By no means is CSI: NY a bad series, it is quite good, but the show is just predictable. The characters and actors are quite good (I've known Sinise to be a great actor since Forrest Gump and Apollo 13). All in all, a pretty decent show.
  • Much, much better than "CSI: Miami".

    The great cast and darker storylines of this latest spin-off in the popular "CSI" franchise is a great improvement on the dull and mediocre "CSI: Miami". I've only seen a few episodes since this show is always scheduled against something else I'd rather watch, but I definitely don't mind tuning in on occassion.

    I don't really know how good the ratings for this show are, or if it's more watched than "Miami", but I certainly hope it is, because it's so much better I can't even say. On occasion it even manages to be better than the original "CSI". I know several people think "CSI: NY" is not as good as the first two, but they are sadly mistaken.
  • Every CSI is different - that's what I like about them.

    I've only watched some 3 episodes (more haven't been aired yet where I live) and I already love CSI:NY. I have watched a lot of Gary Sinise's work and enjoyed all of it - he is a great actor, and in CSI:NY he brings his character's feelings across extremely well.
    I think it's the 'darkest' CSI show around, so far, which is not a bad thing.
    The other characters/actors are well chosen too - though at first it was weird seeing Eddie Cahill in that serious role - formerly only saw him as Rachel's love interest on FRIENDS.
    Two thumbsup to CSI:NY.
  • This is a good show

    CSI: New York is a good show. It does fall behind the original CSI and maybe even Miami, but this does not make the program bad. All of the CSI shows are relatively the same. They just all have different surroundings and casts. Overall, this show has very good episodes and is very fun to watch.
  • This one is way better because in New York there seems to be more crime.

    It's really smart to make 3 CSIs because there are alot of crimes all over the world and when they show New York, Las Vegas,and Miami. People may think about it more and try to stop hurting people so in real life there won't be so many people being killed.
  • Simply the best

    Excellent, I like so much CSI Las Vegas & Miami, but CSI NY is the better. Manhattan is the perfect scenary for nobody film.
    Gary Sinise seems to me a great actor, its form to take the cases and the control on CSI between its seriousness and its sobriety seems to me exquisite
  • On its own accord, this is a decent or even good show, but the fact that it will always be compared to the original CSI makes it look substandard. I will say this though, this is 100 times better than CSI: Miami.

    On its own accord, this is a decent or even good show, but the fact that it will always be compared to the original CSI makes it look substandard. I will say this though, this is 100 times better than CSI: Miami. Unlike CSI: Miami, this show carries a sense of realism about it. You will not find anything unbelievable like Horatio from Miami. Also, NY is always a classic setting for crime dramas, so this show has something going for it. The acting is strong in this show, and the storylines are interesting. However, these same interesting plots are not that original as we have seen similar ones in the original CSI. All in all, this is a solid entertaining show, but if I had to pick one I would definately pick the original.

    My final review: A solid form of entertainment. While it is a spinoff, it rarely has that cheap knockoff feel to it. Unfortunately, it is a spinoff and spinoff's are never as good as the original.
  • Using the same formula that made both CSI, and CSI:Miami very successful series, the producers of both of theses shows turn their attention to the Northeast coast of the nation, in the city where a good majority of other crime dramas take place, New York

    Using the same formula that made both CSI, and CSI:Miami very successful series, the producers of both of theses shows turn their attention to the Northeast coast of the nation, in the city where a good majority of other crime dramas take place, New York City.
    The reason why I prefer this spin-off over the CSI:Miami is because I feel that the crimes seem to be a little bit more plausible, with nothing that to over the top like or even impossible to be believed, which happens a lot in CSI:Miami. Also the actors that play the characters in this version don’t seem to hog up the screen , as what happens in Miami a lot, and with this absent all of the actors get a chance to allow their characters to get an equal amount of screen time. With this breed more character development for the characters and when you get this you get stories that are more interesting and are better.
    The reasons I think that many complain about CSI:NY is the fact that is way to dark and yes, I did agree with then when I saw the first episode, but after watching the second episode I felt that the series had improved itself ten fold and the darkest didn’t brother me when I saw it. I just watch it because I like the show, and the setting didn’t brother me. Also the fact that that show is set in New York City, a place were a good majory of crime dramas take place, so it was anything that was different. I said this dosen'st matter because you can have a crime drama set in city that is already being use as it setting, because cities are big and New York City is a very big city. It how you protray the city and the characters that are in the show, is what a make a show good or not. That is what make you watch a show or not.
    Now, that the show has lighten up a lot in both stories and setting, I think the show is well off for a good long run.
  • CSI is about CSI workers who figure out cases and solve them. they have to solve murders, kidnapping and stuff like that.They have their problems inbetween but they find a way around it or sometimes through it.

    I like this show because it has suspense,action, and mystery.To me that is interesting. I\'ve always liked mysteries and all that.I also like this show because some of the actor\'s or actress are people i like.They are very good actors to watch.It\'s an interesting show and i like it alot.Hope u agree
  • I cant understand why so many people rag on this show, it quickly became my favorite, and has reason to do so!

    CSI:NY had a tough crowd to break. Some fan thought that 2 was enough, some didnt even accept Miami, but I feel NY has broken through it all to be one of the best shows out there at the moment.

    I still cant believe that season 1 has finished, im so gutted! But we have some good memories to look back on.

    Where Vegas is the emotional CSI, Miami is the lighter more beautiful one, and NY is the funnier one. Whether its Flack's little quips ("At least let me arrest him for swearing on his Grandma" and my personal favorite "Whoa, Benzosothyzolonal?!" ) or Stella and Hawkes friendship ([S}"Want to swap jobs?" [H}"Sure! You'll be cutting off his right arm, and left leg" [S} "Im leaving now" ) We have a bit of hilarity to break up the gritty New York scene.

    And the ships? Danny and Aiden being the biggest out there (for NY) it seems, and although im new to that ship, i can totally relate now. 'Hush' was definitely a DnA shippers paradise. and what about Mac and Stella? the Finale gave one of the best moments for them, when Stella came in her dress, I swear Mac's eyes were buggin' out!

    What can we expect for season 2? I dont know, but i gotta tell ya, i cant wait!
  • I am a big fan of C.S.I. and in my opinion, it keeps getting better and better with every spin-off.

    C.S.I. NY is great. At first it took some getting used to because it addressed cases in a different manner, but as the season progressed so did the show. I like the laid back style of the team, but at the same time you know that they mean business. I eagerly await next season.
  • Brilliant spin off to the brilliant show CSI

    CSI:NY is a very good show even if it is a spin off to the superb CSI:Vegas. The characters and very interesting and the story lines continue to be unique. I personally think that it is better than CSI:Miami but maybe thats because i haven't seen any new episodes of miami, hint, hint. I might be a bit bias as i love New York so they get the upper hand due to the location. The accents of the lovely Danny and Aiden also make the show worth watching depending on what you prefer. I love this show and i think that CSI:Vegas needs to do an episode with the CSI:NY as i think it would be an interesting episode to watch. Anyone who loves CSI definatly needs to watch CSI:NY.
  • A show that has potential... but falls flat more often than it should

    Now I'll be the first to admit that CSI is a great concept and an excellent show, CSI: Miami is also an excellent show it its own right (quite unlike other spin-offs), but CSI: NY just seems to be a bit too rushed and haphazardly assembled. For one the characters just aren't as interesting as on the other CSI series, the main character is taciturn (quiet and self-contained in laymans terms) but even so he's like a cardboard cutout with a recorded voice that speaks out when hes sees the evidence. The other characters are also a bit forgettable, as they rarely say anything memorable or act any different as the characters on any other CSI show. However what sets this series apart is its crimes, which (more often than not) are quite surprising. With a little work this show could be great, though I'm sure that even without help the series may garner another spin off series , (where I have no clue)though I am pretty sure they are running out of songs by The Who to play in the intro, I mean whats next, Naked Eye?, I Can See For Miles?, Pinball Wizard? (But seriously Baba O' Reily is not the song to play during this shows intro)
  • CSI has moved to New York but do we need a third series i am not too sure

    Dont get me wrong I am a great fan of the whole CSI series but i think they may have gone too far with the NY version, the characters are well scripted but again very much the same as the Miami and Las Vegas characters, I was pleasantly surprised to see Gary Sinse doing TV, but cant see him staying the long term, but please prove me wrong.
  • And the third one comes to New York.

    Okey, can we say third time is a charme? We can? Good. So a spin off from a spin off. Surprising? No, not really. But I have to say I love this show any way. It's CSI, and it's in New York. Not too complicated. And it has it's own style witch makes it good.
  • The best CSI show of all of them. Definitely underappreciated by audiences.

    Everybody says this show is the worst of the CSI franchise. I totally disagree. In England we're now nearly through with the first season so I've had time to compare it to the others. I love the originial CSI and that's great but some of the characters just annoy me some times, mostly Sara and Grissom but Catherine has annoyed me at times too. I have never really warmed to Miami. I don't know what it is about it but it just doesn't do it for me.

    NY has the best characters, and character development, of all the shows. You know enough about and their backgrounds but episodes never dwell on their background which I hate. This has on happened in the other shows. They tell you certain things about their past and then move on which is great. And, most importantly, none of the characters annoy me. So, in my opinion, NY is the best show with the original very close behind. People should at least give it a chance whether it's a spin off or not. It's good on its own and shouldn't constantly be compared to the other 2.
  • At first I was sceptical: it was another spinoff and I feared they would run out of ideas/plotlines. How wrong was I!

    When I forst heard of the release of CSI Ny I feared the worst. Gary is not exactly my favourite actor and I thought the idea of another spinoff would could only ave a negative effect.

    However, I then watched the Pilot....and I think all my suspicions were blown away. I liked most of the characters and after watching more episodes, I came to realise that the episodes were completely original deas...and very freaky. Each character had a unique personality which I thought was esesntial to CSI and I soon came to appreciate them all; though itdid take me longer for Don Flack to grow on me.

    I also think that the whole mood of Ny is so much different than the others. Sinister and bleak set in an almost Necropolis City; the directors have used the setting of Ny to create unusual and sometimes stereotyped murder scenes to continue the unusual feel to the show.

    I love all the CSI and I have grown to like Ny to the extent that it is by far my favourite CSI and Favourite TV show.

    Ste D
  • I love CSI:Vegas, and CIS:Miami is different enough that I enjoy it but unfortunately CSI:NY is a bit flat.

    The premise is fine, but every week they just use a PC to do something that computers simply cant do, and flash the answer in big bold red letters on the screen while beeping - thats just silly. In CSI:Vegas they use feasible tools and actually spend a lot of time at the crime scene, but here it all just goes back to the lab where the computer solves the crime. I think the turning point for me was when the CSIs took a hard drive apart and read the ASCII off the platter. Dont get me started about the fact that just a particle of air-dust would destroy the disc when read, but Taylor sat in front of the ASCII until it displayed the name of the suspect on the screen! It was a 160Gb Hard Drive! Thats 160,000,000,000 bytes! Apart from that, the characters are a bit lame and the stories arent particularly involving, its got the foundations of a good show, it just needs some adjustment.
  • New York Edition is as good as Vegas because...

    This is yet another CSI for CBS. I beleive that this version of the forensic crime solving program, unlike Miami, is on parr with the original. What I really liked about the original Vegas CSI is that it featured extremely well written characters. When Miami came on the air, I was dissapointed because it lacked the character development and overrall quality/beleivablity of the original CSI team. But when CSI:NY first came on the air, I noticed that well written characters had returned to the CBS franchise. I feel that Mac Taylor is just as intriguing if not more so than Gil Grissom. I also enjoy the way the characters play off of each other. Also, the crimes initiated by criminals are very original. Something that is hard to do when you are the third in a series.
  • Darker and edgier than the originial. CSI NY and the original CSI are definatly my favorites.

    CSI NY is definitely underappreciated amongst the CSI franchise. Many people I meet tend to like this one the least out of the 3 but I must say it is my favorite. I like that it is darker and edgier than its counterparts. I also like that there is more character conflict in this one as compared to the other CSI's. The actors in CSI NY are terrific and the characters they portray are intriguing. While forensics are still on the forefront this series focuses a little more on the police side of things than the other CSI's. CSI NY beats CSI Miami hands down and is right up there with the original CSI.
  • Crazy plots and deaths.. I love it!

    Not as great as CSI: Crime Scene Investigations but second in my book. Compared to CSI: Miami I like NY better. The characters are exciting, and you really get involved. Having snow in some episodes was exciting for me and I know some people may disagree with me on the value of this show but I love it!
  • A spinoff of the original CSI, but this time set in New York, the Big Apple itself. Crimes promise to be more brutal and motives to be sicker by the dozens. Alnost the epitome of CSI perfection.

    Somebody went out of his/her way and took a great risk when he/she suggested CSI: NY, especially considering how disappointing the Miami spinoff was. The gambit paid off; CSI:NY, like the original show, is an excellent show that displays great acting by everyone on the cast,not to mention intriguing cases that keep you glued to the seat and outcomes that would surprise anyone not paying enough attention.

    However, the same can be said about the original series, if you think I'm overpraising the show.

    Let me put it this way: this spinoff IS actually pretty good, almost as good as the original show in fact. Of course, there are a few points which I believe puts the show below its sire.

    Point A: Too much 'tough guy image' portrayal. Yes okay, you have to talk tough to uncooperative witnesses to get what you want to know, but there's just too much of it and too little actual tough guys(i.e. mob bosses, gangsters) to use it on. When a tough guy does come along, however, the 'tough guy image' vanishes into thin air, leaving you with the feeling that these CSIs are bullies who talk tough to small fry but run and hide when big brother walks in.

    Point B: The 'Stop checking out my butt' sentiment from Vanessa Ferlito' character. If she doesn't bring it up, then someone else will. This doesn't happen every episode, thank goodness, but even when inserted sparingly it feels unnecessary, like something somebody threw in to increase ratings. Yes I know she's beautiful, but do I need a character from the show to tell me that?

    Point C: Too much going on! This, personally, is a major point. Sometimes there's as many as four cases on one episode, with some of them being just plain silly like having a guy killed by toilet "liquid" that leaked out from a plane, froze instantly, and killed a guy instantly. Too many cases means that sometimes at the end of the show, you don't really know how they figured things out. Two cases should be the maximum, I think.

    Aside from these above points, CSI:NY is a good show that can be improved to the point of exceeding its predecessors(yeah right) and stands a good chance at becoming a legend itself, with a special place for it beside the original CSI under Best Spinoffs Ever.
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