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  • Dont fear the spin-off :)

    Let me start off by admitting that I used to be a hater. That's right I used to hate CSI NY merely for being a then unnecessary spin-off. I thought the characters were week, I thought all the gadgets they used were too flashy and the team to be, well un-team- y. I'll even admit to thinking that Mac was no good as a leader or a character, but really it was my undying love for Grrisom that caused those thoughts.

    What changed you ask? I got bored and watched it anyway. Of course I watched it again, then again and again. Before long I was waiting for 10 o'clock Monday nights (that's when it airs over here). Then I started smiling at the characters just being themselves, and even started a tad of shameless shipping. Now I can officially call myself a fan. I'm not in love with the characters as I am the Vegas ones but I don't need to be, I just need to like them enough to smile when they have a personal life scene. I have grown more than fond of Mac and feel for him so as it seems that he will never get his happy end, of course something might happen that I have yet to see as I am only at the start of season 4. I still think they use gadgets that are too flashy but I don't mind anymore, because now, I am a fan.
  • This show is my all time favorite!

    I love this show! This is my favorite show of all time. Couldn't be better. Kudos! Gary Sinise and Eddie Cahill are my favorite two characters. Good job guys! This show is very interesting and fun to watch. Sid is also one of my faves. I JUST LOVE his glasses! It's so cool how they split in half like they do. I hope this show stays on for a very long time. The only thing I would change is I would have Mac and Stella become a couple. That would be so cute! I'm very excited for the new season this Fall.
  • The best of the three CSIs!

    Definitely my favourite of the three CSIs, which isn't hard because CSI is getting kinda boring and Horatio in CSI:Miami annoys me so much that I can't watch a full episode. Even so CSI:NY has always been my favourite since it started. Season one wasn't the best (I think because of the lighting) but since then this has become my fave TV show. I love every character (especially Hawkes, Flack and Lindsay) and I think they all bring something different to the show.

    My only major problem with this show is the opening credits – not because they changed it but because there is such a big gap between Gary Sinise and Melina Kanakaredes names and the rest of the cast name's – I know they're the lead characters but I don't think there should be such a big gap. Also on the DVD covers they are the ones on the cover – it makes the other cast look like just background characters when they aren't.
  • another CSI...at least this one is good...

    I watched CSI: Crime Scene Investigation for a few years and it just started to get on my nerves. So, recently I decided to give CSI: NY a shot and it surprised me. The cases are interesting and the New York setting makes tons of possibilities. However, the main reason I like this version of CSI the most is because of the characters. They're great characters and they have interseting pasts and interesting interactions. I really like Flack and Danny. Mac's a great character too. The main thing I don't like about the show are the minute long silences when the CSIs are analyzing evidence and there's just music in the background. It gets really old and boring for me. However, overall, this show has good characters and interesting cases, which makes a great show!
  • im asking if any one remembers an ep. that hape a locking neakless and if you de remember can you tell me what ep. please ty all

    im asking if any one remembers an ep. that hape a locking neakless and if you de remember can you tell me what ep. please ty all im asking if any one remembers an ep. that hape a locking neakless and if you de remember can you tell me what ep. please ty all im asking if any one remembers an ep. that hape a locking neakless and if you de remember can you tell me what ep. please ty all im asking if any one remembers an ep. that hape a locking neakless and if you de remember can you tell me what ep. please ty all
  • CSI:NY is, at the moment, my favorite show.

    I think CSI: New York is the best out of the three CSIs. It has awesome charactors who pretty much make you love them as soon as you see an episode, fantastic storylines, wonderful scarcastic humor, and, of course (I AM a 16 year old girl) in my opinion, the hottest guys in the whole CSI franchise, nay, the whole world.
    CSI:NY is one of those shows that start out good, but then gets GREAT. The first season was not my favorite by any means, but after that they changed the lighting, replaced a charactor with a much better charactor (again, in my opinion)and got better storylines. Now i wouldn't miss an episode if you paid me, i'm so addic- erm, highly dedicated. The last few episodes, after the writers strike, i didn't think were as good as usual, but i'm pretty confident that next season will be as awesome as the first half as this season.
  • Putative bank robber calls Mac in to bank ostensibly to prove that he didn't kill the fellow who's body is lying in the vault.

    Gripping plot which makes you think you have it figured out, then changes direction. Plot hits a bump causing loss of credibility when Mac calls for a "CT Scanner" and then uses an Ultrasound unit to scan the body. Others in the cast also refer to the unit and its images as CT. Who is and where was the medical technical advisor and how did this gaff get past him?

    When it becomes apparent that the bank had already been robbed earlier when the putative bank robber came in, he tells Mac that his wife and child would be killed if he didn't deliver the cell phone left behind by the real bank robbers which was the only evidence tying them to the killing.

    The episode ends with Mac and the bank robber leaving the scene to save the wife and child and Mac finding out that this was a lie.
  • This show is a spin off of the hit shows CSI and CSI: Miami. This show takes place in the city that never sleeps, New York and the team is lead by Detective Mac Taylor and his partner, Detective Stella Bonasera.

    Personally, this is my second favourite show in the CSI series, but it's really close to the original. I love the story lines involved in this show, and Mac is one of my favourite characters in the entire CSI series.
    As with the other two SCI shows, the labs in this show have state of the art technology which is pretty cool. And I also enjoy how a little bit of the science is seen when they are analyzing the evidence. Probably one of my favourite parts of the show is trying to piece together the clues and evidence and try to solve the crime along with the characters on the show.
  • I always liked CSI but kind of got sick of it after a while, and the CSI Miami I just can't stand, but the CSI NY is the best. Everything about the show is so good.

    The opening song is fabulous and the actors are great and that head guy Gary Sinese is a producer of the show too and such a cool guy. Each and every episode is such a great story with lots of immagination and when you think you have it figured out they throw in a twist which I like a lot. The overhead shots of NYC are very cool too. Despite their problems and the awfull smell when you drive into NYC it is one of the greatest cities in the world. But it has always been one of my favorite shows and I'm sure it will have a long life.
  • Excellent balance between great writing, wonderful acting and amazing production value.

    The most interesting shows seem to have 3 elements - great writing, truthful / talented actors and high quality production value. One of my favorite things about this show is the attention to detail and that they think of some really great ways to use technology. (Both in the terms of what is used visually during the scenes of the show, and also the "clues" they add for those of us that know that today's audience is diverse and technology savvy enough to pick up on those types of "cues"). Although this show may use some things that become familiar to the regular viewer, it also allows the casual viewer to enjoy a single episode. The writers seem to offer us a balance between the personal life of the characters along with how that may have an effect on their profession. This is something that I can watch with other people in the house and we all like different things about each episode.
  • CSI:NY is definitely the best.

    CSI:NY is definitely the best. I don't know why anyone could possibly hate this show. As if death and blood wasn't already interesting, the characters in the show add some uniqueness to it. Each character is different and it's fun to see how they would react to different crime scenes. This show has got me out here on the computer looking for episode updates everyday since AXN here is currently replaying season three. Danny and Lindsay flirting with each other just makes the show so much better. They really do make a great couple. I just hope that CBS can fix the whole Danny cheating on Lindsay thing fast.
  • Great Show.

    CSI: New York is the third, and in my opinion, the best out of the three CSI shows. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, the one set in Las Vegas, is pretty good too, but has declined the past couple of seasons. To me, the cases have gotten "far out" there, and are just too weird for my taste for most of the time. CSI: Miami is a joke. It is really overdone, and is way too "shoot 'em up". David Caruso's little "head-tilt and putting his sunglasses on" thing is very annoying. CSI: NY is an amazing spin-off of the previous two. Gary Sinise does a good job in playing the head-honcho Detective Mac Taylor. The cases are interesting. Season 1 is my favorite, but the current Season 4 is good as well.

    75 thumbs up.
  • What is not to love?

    I feel the setting is what defines CSI: NY the most. The instant you see the titles roll, and an image of the Empire State flashes up on screen, you know you are in for a good episode. After all, the buildings define New York, and hence this catergorises it away from the rest of the franchise.
    There is more personal character involvement in this strain of CSI, than the others. I feel this way you are more connected to the show, and care what happens to the characters, instead of just shrugging your shoulders and moving on. A connection with the characters is important, as it enables the viewer to get more envolved, and it is good to see how some characters react to some situations.
    There is a good balance between the gritty storylines, and the touches of humour here and there, making it enjoyable viewing. I also feel it was a good move to not have all the characters from New York. Danny, Flack Hawkes and Stella (Not Melina in real life) have this angle covered, and you can see this from the ease they interact with the surroundings. Mac, who is from Chicaco, brings opinions and context which the others may not be able to place. Lindsay, from Montana, is a refreshing change, and her views are different from the rest of her work-mates, allowing a different perspective and an interesting character storyline.
    Overall, a fantastic show, everything to keep you hooked!
  • CSI: Miami was better...I know the two of them shouldn't be compared but please read my review and understand why I think New York wasn't as good.

    CSI: Miami was better than CSI: NY. I don't know if it is because the NY main characters were introduced in Miami first or the fact that Miami is more dangerous. Well, yeah, New York City rocks but would it be a good setting for a Crime Scene Investigation? Of course I'm not saying NY is a criminal free state but can it beat Miami?

    To answer all my questions I watched a few episodes of NY after seeing some of its main characters on Miami. On my review for CSI: Miami, I have mentioned that Miami's first season just sucked but then it got better as they went on. It got suspensful, thrilling and CRIME-TASTIC! New York wasn't the same. I definitely think it deserves the name CSI but not CRIME-TASTIC. I'm sorry to all the CSI:NY fans and I probably shouldn't be comparing spin offs together but I just can't help it. Every time I see NY I just miss Horatio. And I don't think that there would be murders so often in New York. I mean CSI: NY was the bloodiest of all the CSI. Yes, I have heard scary stories of New York but Miami still rules. NY was the third best out of all the CSI Franchise (I'm not going to say the worst because it was fun)

    I'm not going go on comparing Miami and New York. Now for the real review:
    Hmm...a third spin off of CSI. Something that everybody wanted. I didn't expect it to be so much bloody than the other spin offs lol! I was a little disappointed to hear the same opening theme as the other CSI. It was quite neat to see the some of the characters from CSI: Miami to be seen again on CSI: NY. I got to know them before the actual series started :) I found the characters with a lot of karisma and that was one of the reasons the show kept spurring me on to watch. The special effects at the first season wasn't so good but as they went on I think they improved.

    That was my review for CSI:NY
  • CSI:NY is sooooooooo much better than CSI:Miami!!!!!

    I love CSI:NY and CSI, but I gotta say I love this one better than CSI now, and it was kewl that they wrote this one and CSI:Miami together when they brought it out...just like they did when CSI:Miami came out, they wrote it into CSI...

    It has way better people than CSI:Miami, I love Mac better than H (CSI:Miami), he is way better and he doesn't always tip his head or always wear glasses! (ANNOYING!!!)

    My favourite in this show is Danny! He's funny and cute and he should so get with Lindsay! Hurry up about it!!

    And it's coming back to channel 3 this week!! YAY

    Hence my review!
  • A Team Of Detectives Solve Murders In The Big Apple (New York).

    I Have Watched Every Season Of CSI:NY And I Must Say It Keeps Getting Better & Better! Go Producers!
    Mac: Intelligent,Caring And A Nice Guy Who Since His Wife's Death Has Had A Tough Time, He Leads The Team.
    Stella: Funny,Sarcastic,Witty, She Works Alongside Mac On The Murders.
    Jennifer Angell: Sassy,Flirty & Cool, She Briefs The Detectives On The Murders, She & Flack Get On Well ;)And Occasionally Goes To Visit The Suspects, Like In 'All In The Family'.
    Danny: Sweet,Caring,Funny Guy Who Is Always Up For The Job No Matter What!
    Lindsay Monroe: A New Detective From Montana, She And Danny Have Chemistry ;) And She Is Clever,Witty & Willing To Take On Anything, She Had To Sift Through Tiger Dung On Her First Day, 'Zoo York'.
    Sheldon Hawkes: Clever,Cool And Resourceful, He Helps Solve The Murders.
    Sid Hammerback: Funny,Intelligent And Collected, He Is Always Ready To Brief The Team On Their Victim's COD.
    Kendall Novak: Funny, Dorky And Sweet, She Is A Lab Technician Who Knows A Lot About Luge Racing.
    Don Flack: Cute, Cool And Flirty, He Helps Out With The Murder Inquiries And Interrogates Suspects. He And Angell Get On Well ;)
    Overall, Brilliant Cast,Wonderful Producers,Amazing Show.
    I Love CSI New York!
  • I love CSI:NY! How could you possibly not?

    CSI:NY is not only very different from CSI, it's different in a great way! The stories are as good as can be, and so entertaining, sweet and often very touching. It's a fantastic mix. An awesome cast that works phenomenal with portraying their characters, great writers that always make you want more and last but not least: characters with extremely interesting developments. They support each other, fight and experience things together and grow as a team. Their interactions with each other is worth watching on it's own.
    Watch it. If you don't like it then so be it, but you can't possibly be sane!
  • Good show ... still it always feels like something's missing!!

    I like this show, it's my second favorite of the CSIs after the original and a favorite of mine in general. I like the characters, the cast is good, the stories are ok, sometimes brilliant, but something's off and I can't quiet put my finger on it!! Still it's getting better and better every season, especially after that girl Aiden left, she was annoying.

    I'm a big fan of Det. Don Flack, I just LOVE Eddie Cahill, he's gorgeous, and funny, I think they should develop his character a little bit more, give it some dimension, maybe a dark secret from his past ...

    I never liked Gary Sinise but he gives a nice decent vibe to his character and I grew to like him more and more with each episode. I'm not sure why everyone seems to drool over Carmine, I don't think he's that hot and I'm not really into the "L/D shipper" stuff ... but that's just me.

    All in all, it's a decent show, quiet entertaining and a very pleasant way to spend an hour of your time. Watch it.
  • a team of forensic scientists who solve crime in the new york police dept.s crime lab. they can solve anything and are amazing while doing so.

    well, the show is basically about mac taylor, and his team of criminalists. there is stella bonasera, danny messer, lindsay monroe and dr. sheldon hawkes. the cast is set in balance with it's neurotic yet funny coroner/me sid hammerback and of course the amazing detectives don flack and jennifer angell. the show has the most charisma of any show i have ever seen. it may be a cop/forensics show, but it follows a more heartfilled storyline with a new york backlot. the stories are intense, you always are sitting at the edge of your seat and going what! or hanging on to every detail. the chemistry between the cast and characters are amazing, you'd watch just for a specific character bc they are so good. and their cases are just really cool and you learn from the show and grow with the characters and that is why it's absolutely fabulous!
  • Love the teams and the settings for all the CSI shows. Science and justice workin together ... it is great! Would love to see more personal involvement with romances on or off the teams.

    This show is a great mix of science and the law workin together. It is great to watch all the characters evolve and the team to grow even closer. All the latest equipement they have at their diposal only adds to the appeal of the show. Also enjoy when the different csi teams work together , helping each other find the villins ... sharing info and all for justice, speaking for those that can't tell their own story. Keeping the innocent safer, looking for all the clues, helping to put the correct person in jail. We always watch to see them try to keep their personnal lives separate from their work.
  • Pretty good show with an interesting character mix and interesting plot.

    This CSI is really the only CSI I watch, and I have actually come to like it. I started watching it when I met one of the stars, Melina Kanakaredes, who was very nice. I have come to like it over time after watching it. I do not watch it regularly, but when I do, I am always entertained. They have some really interesting plot lines, and the acting and character interaction is actually pretty good and amusing. They have some pretty original stuff too that keeps it interesting to the watcher in a era of tv shows that are crime dramas.
  • Passionate about science

    I'm interested in forensics so I started watching CSI occasionally. Then with CSI:Miami I loved the music. But then came CSI:New York, and now I'm stuck with waiting for every single new episode. Fantastic cases, a great setting and amazing characters. I'm particularly fond of the fact that we don't just get to see the science, but also something privat of the characters. It keeps the emotion in, and I think that's important, because otherwise we could just watch any crime-report. And you can be passionate about science, as the team shows.
    I find myself hoping with them that they'll find the bad guys and feeling with them when a case hits hard.
  • This is the third of all the csi I watch,I know csi Vegas was the first,then Miami, and now New York, all of these are brillient, all different which makes it much better cannot fault it, where will they try next, or maybe just leave it at the three good

    What a fantastic programme, CSI New York just as good as the other two CSI's and somtime they will intertwine with each other.The charecters all have the different problems personal difficulties but still clear the New York streets of crime. The scenary of new york is great. This is also good because it goes through the details of the crime lab, from autopsy's to how they find out from the tinest of evedence to catch a killer. The charectors are so good together, each in their own individual field of expertise, great tv viewing keep it up lots more pl
  • A still think that Vegas has it right, but CSI - NY has grown on me and I think it is very, very good.

    While the original CSI is still the best, and Miami sure has its own draws, as actual stories go this is the Story - CSI. It also doesn't hurt to have Anna Belknap walk across the screen once in a while. Honestly, I do think that this CSI relies more on its ability to draw the viewer into the story and less on its beautiful people, they are beautiful though. I very much liked Hill Harper and Anna Belknap in their previous work together and very much like getting to see them both again. The are both very, very good actors and when added to the mega-talent of the rest of the cast, what could be better. Also, as with all of the CBS crime dramas (CSI, CSI-MIAMI, NCIS, this CSI-NY), I love the coroner.
  • Better then miami

    When i learnt there was to be a second spin-off of csi, i was really looking forward to it......thankfully i was not disappointed. This show is certainly different from the original csi as we learn more about the characters but not all at once leaving some room for us to wonder about them. The acting and stories of the show are superb, Gary Sinise portrays Mac Taylor a likable character who is still dealing with the loss of his wife in 9/11, who i feel has the potential to match Grissom of the original, particularly as Petersen's contract is up in 2006. He has strong support from the rest of the cast including Melina (sorry can't spell her last name) as Stella.

    The rest of the characters include Danny, Aiden, Dr Hawkes and Det Don Flack-who always has the best lines. All of them are brilliant with huge potential, as seen with Danny in the Tanglewood episode. It is also interesting to see how different characters pair up with others whilst investigating...my favourites are Aiden with Flack, and of course Mac and Stella.

    If you like me are slightly disappointed with the Miami spin-off and find Horatio Caine unappealing this show is just what you need. A return to the forensics of the original with a New York twist..
  • The third installment of the CSI franchaise and the second spin off. This team is lead by Mac Taylor and his right-hand woman Stella Bonasera. They investigate crimes all over New York from Queens to Brooklyn, from Albany to Syracuse.

    This show is very much over looked by TV viewers in my opinion It is dramatically different from the two other CSI shows - filmed partly in New York and starring many actors who grew up in New York, it is a more traditional crime series along the lines of NYPD Blue etc. The brilliant Gary Sinise brings an almost military quality to the role of the team leader Mac Taylor. The relationships between the characters is in my opinion more defined in this show than the others - the bond between Mac and Stella and the blossoming relationship between Lindsey and Danny is heartwarming and often leaves you on the edge of your seat!

    Strongly recommended to all especially those who like cop dramas and the other CSI shows!
  • My new favorite show

    I personally did not start watching this show as a fan until after Jorja Fox left CSI. Now I can't get enough of it and they barely show this on A&E or Spike TV. I get to see maybe 2 to 3 episodes a week. I love the relationship between Monroe and Messer. It's amazing, on all three shows they take a different approach on a relationship between the main stars. This one Lindsay and Danny don't keep a secret, everyone knows but the have their relationship away from the lab unless of course one of them gets hurt, then they show their feelings for each other. On CSI Miami, the relationship is between Eric and Calleigh but they agree that since they work together in the lab they can't be together. And on CSI, of course the relationship between Sara and Grissom was kept a secret from all of the others. I just wish they would show more episodes of CSI NY on tv, I've missed so many episodes for not getting into this show until the 4th season.
  • Csi ny has become one of the best out of the three

    The show has characters with a passion for their job, and a passion for each other, i watch csi ny for the crimes, but the best part is the chemistry that happens inbetween the evidence, with the co stars.

    CSI new york is very fresh, it has only started around 4 years ago and it has made a huge come. I remember watching my frst episode in seaon three. I believe the episode was Not what it looks like, I immediatly saw the energy and enthusiasm this show had to offer and i was conviced this was my favorite. What really kept me wanting more was the intimate and cute embrace Danny Messer gave LIndsay Monroe at the end of the epi.. it was cute, and it was my catalyst for this new show
  • I suck at summaries @_@ but... here it is.

    CSI: NY is the best show of all the world. I started watching it in 04. Blink was OK but other then that the show is amazing. The actors are well chosen. Gary Sinise, Melina Kanakaredes, Carmine Giovinazzo, Hill Harper, Eddie Cahill, Robert Joy, AJ Buckley, Anna Belknap. They are all great actors and actresses. Im completely obessed with thise show! Its better then LV and Miami. Of course I fell in love with some of the actors and actresses before CSI: NY. I give this show a 10/10. But if it went up alot I would give it alot more. Probably like...1000000000000000000000000000000000/10 :P
  • best CSI!!

    A really well done show with an invaluable ensemble cast and many moments of writing and directing that are above and beyond most shows.This show is truly something different!The cast is great! The progress of the story really makes my want to see it more!Amazing of realism! Really a great one that should keep on going for a long while! I thing this is the best CSI and the directing is more interesting! In most of shows what I love, they have great characters and they are the main focus. In CSI characters have some part, but not much. (This is more true in first seasons) but in lately they have come to bring more it into.
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