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  • Why New York Rules.

    This is the besy CSI: thier is. Ya Miami and Las Vegas are good to but this has a lot more harder crimes to solve. I can watch the others and get who did it right away. I got my friends who just like Anime to like this show it. My 7th hour teacher like this show and since he works I have to tell him about it. If you lie any crime show you should watch this. I have seen every Season and love all the Characters and New York. If you think that Miami or Las Vegas are good come and watch this.
  • NY style to the CSI!!!

    I saw the first show last night and I just loved it! Like the other two CSI shows, this one was awesome, brilliant and just looking forward to seeing the three CSI shows in one week! Sinise is brilliant as Mac Taylor, a man dedicated to his work yet hurting inside since losing his wife on 9/11. Melina's just fabulous as Stella. (she and Sofia Milos look so much alike) and the rest of the cast are fabulous!!! The characters are great and their story give something to the screenplay! Maybe CSI:NY is a little young- but just give it time. I'm sure as it goes by, this show will pick up and become better than it already is!
  • 4th Best Show Evaaaaaaa

    This show is hands-down in my opinion the best of the CSI franchise. Vegas is to wacky, Miami to sexual, NY focuses on what its meant to be, a CRIME drama. Aside from The Unit, Jericho, and my new buddy Chuck, this show is the greatest. Chemistry between characters is great, and I never go a whole episode without some excitement. Don't get me wrong, if you like the other CSI's I'm sure you will like this one as well. If you're a Law and Order fan, you'll like this show as well. If you're a human that likes good tv, you'll probably like this show as well.
  • I love this show! It's my favourite show ever.

    I first saw CSI:NY two and a half years ago, and I immediately fell in love with the show. I believe the first episode I saw was 2.03, Zoo York, and I became an instant Danny/Lindsay shipper. Now I have season one, two and the first part of season three on DVD and I watch the show every Wednesday night. I just love to see Mac Taylor, Stella Bonasera, Danny Messer, Lindsay Monroe, Sheldon Hawkes, Adam Ross, Sid Hammerback, Peyton Driscoll and all the others do their jobs. Sometimes there are a few lame one-liners just before the introduction clips by Mac, but at least they're not as bad as Horatio Caine's. (No offense!)
    The murdercases are always surprisingly good, I admire the writers for always thinking of a great case. Besides the cases they have, the characters are very well explored, too. Like Stella's attack in 'All Access', they did not only show her emotions very well, they also showed how it affected the other members of the team. I really hope there will be a lot more episodes for this show, I will continue watching it till the end!
  • Gary Sinise as Detective Mack 'Mac' Taylor, Melina Kanakaredes as Detective Stella Bonasera, Anna Belknap as Lindsay Monroe, Hill Harper as Dr. Sheldon Hawkes, Carmine Giovinazzo as Danny Messer, Eddie Cahill as Detective Donald Flack.

    CSI New York is the second spin-off series of the popular CBS show CSI. CSI New York was premiered on September 22, 2004.
    Detective Mack 'Mac' Taylor is the leader of the CSI team. Detective Stella Bonasera is a very close friend of Mac Taylor. She was actually mistaken for baing his late wife, Claire, who died in 9/11. Danny Messer was personly selected by Mac Taylor to the CSI team and he tries every day to not let Mac down. Dr. Sheldon Hawkes went from autopsy to work on the field in the second season. Detective Donald 'Don' Flack Jr. comes from a long line of law enforcement officials and is a very close friend to Danny Messer. Lindsay Monroe worked as a CSI for three years in Montana before she moved to the big city and became a membor of the team in the second season. Lindsay Monroe took over for the former CSI Aiden Burn who was fired by Mac Taylor after planting evidence to implicate a suspect. Adam Ross (A.J. Buckley) works in the lab and became close to Detective Stella Bonosera while investigating her for HIV.
    Dr. Sid Hammerback (Robert Joy) is the coroner of the team.
  • This is a great show that has begun to grow on me...

    Like the original CSI and CSI: Miami, CSI: NY is a police procedural about a team of forensic scientists who serve the New York City Police Department. It is set in present-day New York City. The team investigates mysterious and unusual deaths to determine who killed whom and why, and also solves other serious crimes such as rape and murder.CSI new York is a brilliant and stylish with some great storylines it is much better than CSI Miami which I can not stand its terrible, CSI is ok however this is the best show out of the CSI series and I think it is very entertianing and if you want to watch a show that has dark storylines and a serous feel to it I suggest this show.
  • There's nothing bad to say about this show!

    CSI: NY is the best show on TV ever. Well, that may sound a bit exaggerated, but personally I can't think of any show I would prefer to CSI: NY.
    The show has got very interesting and different characters. Mac, he hardly opens to anyone. Danny from a criminal family, well and he's really hot;). Stella, she always seemed to be the though lady in the show, even though she changed a lot during the second and third season. Lindsay with her mysterious past (well we know that know and it wasn't that dark a secret, was it?) Hawkes, he is definitely the good guy in the show (and pretty hot, too). Flack, he's always a good friend for everyone. And Sid, without him and his creepy stories the show wouldn't be half as funny as it is.
    Besides, the style of the show, especially in the first season, is very special. I think it's a pity they changed it and made it lighter in the second season. I really liked the old lab, it fitted perfectly!!
    The cases are very unusual and exciting. I don't know how they come up with so many different ideas.
  • CSI:NY in NY and getting the job done, great to watch, a personal favorite of mine I have nothing bad to say about this show.

    They make cops look good in NY, when we New Yorkers know the truth but it was a good idea and a good try but this is all TV and for entertaining purposes and Mac and the gang do a good job of that and a good job working together, they show us the good and bad, the in and outs of being a cop in NY, they put the clues together and solve the crime. I would like to see more different diversed crimes for the CSI:NY cops since they are in New York a very diversed state so that would be the only thing I would want to see more of other then that the show is great and it keeps me guessing each episode.
  • mom disappeared 23 years ago, Real people NEED real help!

    We love the show- all the csi's to be truthful- I must say I am in confict - as my mom is the victim of an unsolved homicide - I joke to the police(as well as my kids) that we need grisom or H - actually all the csi's - cuz they would not stand for such mishandlings of this case - Please help a daughter in her quest for truth and maybe even a lil justice ! Ive recently been told by police that real csi labs and investigators do not exist- please say it aint so! here in the following links lies my DAYmare ! Are HEROES real? http://www.wtnh.com/Global/story.asp?S=7138491

    Ive been told by police that csi isnt real??
    can the shows producers show the fliers of real cases on show?


    Angel hugz n Blessings
  • This is also another favorite of mine it would be so cool if they did one for New Jersey but then again it would make it passed the first season of course depending on what crimes we have to offer CSI but hey whats you gonna do about huh nothing worth com

    Nothing worth complaning about it cause i'm starting to think that it wou;d be a good show and bring respected to New Jersey cause of what every one says about this state and propable not a very good on at that so they expatce us to take it like abuch of grown men well i do have to say this myself you people are nuts infact so there's one way of taking it now as far as CSI: New York the show it's self is like Miami keeps you coming back for more everytime no matter what and i would strongly receamend this tv shows to everyone
  • Best of all the CSI's.

    I first watched the originally CSI and when CSI Miami came I watched that too right away. So when CSI NY came, I just hard to see it. In the beginning it was my least favourite, but I still loved it. But how more I watched this show, how more I fell in love with it. And when Monroe came and the whole D/L thing came it became my favourite. Each season this show, just gets better and better. I just feel like I know this characters a lot better than with the other CSI shows. I also love Flacks character with all his sarcastic comments, he and I have the same humour so that's always fun to look at. The plots are just amazing and never seem to get me bored. This is now defiantly my favourite out of the three CSI's.
  • I like it more and more.

    I wasn't sure about this show after the first season which was really dark but after the changes in the second season, CSI:NY is getting to be a really great show. The addition of Anna Belknap as "Montana" has been a great addition to the team as well as the addition of Hill Harper to the field group. I love the coroner and the new lab tech as well. With the third season, I think the show really found its stride and you can tell the chemistry between the characters is really growing into a great ensemble. I am looking forward to season four and beyond.
  • great

    whitout mij csi-ny i cant sleep this is muts beter than csi or csi miami i think
    i think becose danny and lindsey are a couple but the athers dont no yet.
    this is the best.
    the acteurs a the best okay the chief of csi miami is also a good acteur but csi ny is the best and i hope that itt will bee the best seseon this year i dont see csiny season 1 only season2 en 3 with lindsey coming from montana till now .
    all the tings can stop only not csi new york i loved itt
    kisses from holland the netherland.
  • I'm am addicted to CSI: New York. It's fantastic!

    CSI New York has amazing writters. It's so good! I love it. The characters, stories, cases, and everything. It's perfect..in almost every way. This show never fails to impress me. It's a show that everyone must try...the first time I watched it, I got hooked on it! Trust me, this show is a must! It might have it's grusome moments but other than that, it's just plain good. It's better than Miami, I will admit that but it's not better than the orginal. But, CSI New York is just plain awesome! I can see this show going a long, long, long way.
  • why I love CSI NY now

    When the show started airing in france, i watched it, because i love CSI and the show had a lot of familiar faces to me, wether it was Gary Sinise, Melina Kanakaredes (hope the spelling's right), Eddie Cahill or Carmine Giovinazzo but i was disappointed, Ididn't like it. So i stopped watching. then i arrived in england and they were showing season 2 and later season 3. and that's when i saw Anna Belknap. She was my favorite character on medical investigation so i started watching the show again and began loving it. I was happy that they got rid of Aiden, i really didn't like her at all. Now that season 4 is about to begin i'm completely addicted to danny and lindsay, i haven't been like that ever i think, i really hope the writers don't break them off, or that Anna leaves because without her i have no reason to watch the show. don't get me wrong i love the other actors and their characters but they weren't enough at the beginning of the show so why would they be now. but let's not talk about that kind of stuff, anna's lindsay for now and that's all i need.
    well to answer my question why i love CSI NY, there's only one main reason and that's anna belknap.
    so vive anna, vive danny et lindsay!
  • Grey and blue and neon at night, old and new and hey, what's that dead body doing here?

    If any show has ever caught the flavor of New York, this is it. It's a slice of pure beauty. I've never, ever had a desire to see New York City, but this show does it for me - makes me go, wow. Look at that. The cinematography is astonishing, a work of love; the sets are gorgeous, the acting done with a fine touch. My only complaint: the little smidge of Hollywood that creeps in. No female CSI would ever, ever wear her hair down at a crime scene. You shed hairs all the time, and it would contaminate the crime scene. Aside from that, hair hanging a few inches from a load of biohazard? Not a chance. But the rest of it - the teamwork, the acting that comes across so beautifully even without words - it's an amazing show.
  • Eh...give it or take it...

    Such a great idea for a show. I have always loved the first two shows CSI and CSI:Miami. Then along rolled this new crime drama. I already have a New York based crime drama, and Law and Order is it's name. Just like every spin off from Law and Order that tried to move to other cities, The CSI franchise that moved to the big apple died quick. I was surprised to find it is still on at all. The show is now a copy of a copy, and the copy we started with was ok at best. On top of that the imagery, the camera angles and the lighting completely turns me off to this show. I still give it a 6 because it's grisly gore and death.
  • Really good show. 10/10. Couldn't ask for more.

    This is my favourite one out of all three. At first, Miami was my favourite but then I guess I got bored of it. I always watched the same episodes over and over and over again.

    I love this one because I find that it's bloodier and there's more action going on. Another reason that I really like it is because it goes into the characters personal lives a lot more the Vegas one or the Miami one.

    I've also noticed that all the characters are either in a relationship or going to be. For example: Mac and Peyton, and Danny and Lindsay. I've read season four spoilers that say Adam is going to like the new lab tech, and some Forged Documents guy is gonna like Stella.

    Oh well. This is all I have time for guys. Bye :)
  • d' best series

    when most tv shows have spinoffs, they're usually not worth watching because of thing-they are different than the original.i think that is a major reason that many fans don't like CSI-NY.while the original show is set in glamorous las vegas, ny is set in a much darker city, giving the show a darker tone and feel than miami or vegas.like csi's miami and vegas, the show has terrific leading man with a penchant for feature films and character acting, in this case gary sinise.for anyone who was has seen apollo 13, the green mile, ransom or mission to mars, it is great to see this actor headlining his own show and doing it so well.initially his character is so dark in the earlier epd, much like the series, it is hard to like him but like the show he comes out of his shell and we get to see a likeable and at times nicely humorous character simply trying to move on with his life after the death of his wife.like the other two series we have a superb leading lady, in the case melina kanakareds simply one of the most beautiful leading ladies on television and a damn fine actress to boot, with the two leeds centered around a terrific supporting cast.eddie cahil and hill harper stand out almost straight away, while carmine giovinazzo really comes into his own as the first season develops culminating with a terrifict storyline involving a shootout and a dead undercover policw officer toward the end of the season, and not to mention new csi lindsay monroe.if there is a weak link it is possibly vannesa ferlito's character aiden.while likeable, she is essentially a third wheel and does nothing more than react to the other character.
  • this is simply the best:D

    I just love it..I love how they solve the mysterys...and I love how they play..and....I can't hold it..love carmine giovinazzo:D:D aka danny messer...:):)..but i also like the
    other actors too...I think I've become a csi addict..and this is only your fault because you're too good:D
    CSI: NY is an American police procedural television series which premiered on September 22, 2004. The series was the second spinoff from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and was introduced during an episode of CSI: Miami when Horatio Caine journeyed to New York City in pursuit of a murder suspect who fled Miami. It is much bloodier than the Miami version, and was filmed in a hard blue light until Season 2, when CBS President Les Moonves wanted to make the show appear "less cold".
  • What to say? Hmmm, CSI:NY is a show about crime (I really learnt a lot, for example how to save fingerprints with a coffee machine!). But it's also a show with great charakters/actors.

    Okay, it's time for me to make my first review here! And what's better than reviewing the show I love so much!

    Well, I saw my first CSI:NY episode last year or so. I started watching it regular I think in April 2007. And I couln't stop! This show is AMAZING!!!!! It's perfect! There are so many adjectives for it!

    CSI:NY has everything what a good show must have:

    1) good story: check
    2) good episodes: check
    3) good season finales: oh yes, DOUBLE CHECK!
    4) good charakters: hehe, yeah, check, check, check, ..... I really have to say that I like every charakter on CSI:NY, the actors are very good- perfect, so again CHECK!
    5) good love stories: ohhhhhhh yes, BIG DOUBLE CHECK! :lol: Do I have to say more? It's the first show where my favourite couple got together! Yey!

    This list could go on and on, but I think you see- CSI:NY is the perfect show! My score: of course 10! I love CSI:NY! I'm talking about it to everyone if they want to hear it or not, I watch my DVDs every day, I even dreamt about it a few times. It's the best show I ever watched! Yes, what else to say? I hope we'll get many, many nice seasons and I hope they'll be as good as the last three ones!

    CSI:NY = a really great show!
  • The best of the franchise!

    This third installment in the CSI-franchise is really the best! The stories are realistic and really fascinating.
    The characters are realistic and the guys are the hottest ones ever!
    Each episode is captivating and you always crave for the next one.
    The contact with all kinds of chemical stuff isn't too much and understandable for everyone, meaning: you don't need to have a degree in chemistry to keep track with the show!
    People that say they don't like it have never actually watched an episode, I guess.
    So, for those who need more convincing arguments: Just look at Eddie Cahill and his blue eyes will convince you!
  • really great i love it all the time all shows really catched my attention

    i loved it
    all of it
    all the members ahould always watched csi ny,miami or las vegas

    i really love this shows,all of my family watches this sho and never waste a time on any thing i want not to miss an episode of any csi shows night or day ai can watch it all over and over and over and over againnnnnnnn
    i am not an addict but i love the scnes the songs and the comedy specially the lovet teams and everythings
    just love really watching this show
    hope more new episopded comes up and they would really make me ha pppy and all of the memebers of my family and others tooo
  • It is the best of the three.

    The show centres around 6 main characters: Det. Mac Taylor, Det. Stella Bonesera, Det. Danny Messer, Det. Lindsay Monroe, Det. Don Flack and Dr. Sheldon Hawkes. The show has given these characters thier own personality and shown many different sides to them. It is well worth watching and is recomened to anyone and everyone. It is set in New York which itself makes it stand out from the others. It has had relationships (Mac and Peyton, Danny and Lindsay), deaths (Aiden), and a lot of team work over the three year it has run. It is deffinetly the best !
  • This is an interesting way to show the crime in NY.

    It has some interesting episodes but the whole feel of the show is so different then the other two that I prefer the other two to this one. but it is still a show that I watch and enjoy seeing some of the episodes. some pretty cool things happen in them. Some of the characters are a little different or not well written but I love the head CSI guy. he is an awesome CSI and perfect for that job in that place. I thoroughly enjoy watching this show for its quality and uniqueness to the other CSI's. A really good show.
  • It's the third show in the CSI series and is set in New York City. The show revolves around MAc Taylor, the boss, Det. Don Flack Jr., the cop, LIndsey Monroe, the transfer, Danny Messer, the tough guy, and Stella Bonasera, the mature independant woman.

    Out of the 3 CSIs this one is definitely my fave. Like most ppl though i underestimated it. I didnt start watching it until this summer because, being the third CSI show, i thought it would be the same old stuff. But I was wrong. It has better lines, characters, and stories. I like the fact that its set in NY because there's so many different types of crimes that go on there. Instead of being mainly drugs like miami, or strippers and casino bosses like Las Vegas. I hate being able to figure the whole thing out in the first 10 minutes, but CSI NY keeps you guessing till the very end with twists and turns the whole way through.
  • I love this show

    Csiny is my favorite show because, all of caractere is so human!! And Gary sinise is the best actor of all show in the tv.
    Season after season, this show is so amazing, differents stories, likes differents style. A new season is like a new life for this show
    congratulation for all people who works in csiny, that's very a good job!!!!
    thank you for this fabulus give you give us week after week
  • The Superior Product...

    When I first heard about the third CSI being set in NY, I had my reservations about it, but for once, I was glad to be proven wrong. Easily the best of the CSI franchise. For me it's the fact that it's got a darker, grittier feel to it. Vegas is all flashy lights, Miami is always sunny, but New York, with it's towering skyscrapers and underground subway system, not to mention Ground Zero, regarded by most as the largest crime scene in the world, just seems the perfect place for this type of show. And the characters, OH! Perfect for the setting and well cast, particularly Gary Sinise's Mac Taylor, the ex-marine turned policeman/scientist. Just an excellent performance on his part. Also the emotionally scarred acting of Anna Belknap as Lindsay Monroe in season 3. That was just superb, the whole huddled in the corner thing was so convincing. Here's hoping to many more seasons of this, one of the finest shows of our generation.
  • The best link!

    When most TV shows have spinoffs, they're usually not worth watching because of thing-they are different than the original. I think that is a major reason that many fans don't like CSI:NY. While the original show is set in glamorous Las Vegas, NY is set in a much darker city, giving the show a darker tone and feel than Miami or Vegas. As for characters, New York has a great cast, and is still working on character development. They have been seen as not having personalities, but people have to give the show a chance to find it's foothold-it's only the first season. It took the original CSI five years to say that Sara's mom killed her dad, so its logical that it will take a few seasons to totally tell these characters backgrounds. Danny Messer and Mac Taylor's pasts have been partially revealed in the premiere "Blink", with the knowledge that Max Taylor's wife was in 9/11, and in "Tanglewood", with Danny's involvement in the Tanglewood boys street gang. The acting in CSI:NY is just as good as those in the other shows, but most people aren't giving it a chance. Some will like it, some wont, but the least they could do is watch some of the stronger episodes, like "Blink", or "Tanglewood", and not scrunitze its difference from the originals...just give it a chance. Rome wasn't built in a day- it will take a little longer for people to accept this new show, but i think it's doing perfectly, and i can't wait for next season.
  • I really watch too many CSIs but.....

    When you're the THIRD installment- people are gonna think of you as an underdog.

    But this show is managing to hold its own pretty well. The characters seem to be becoming more likeable by the episode, and add a juicy canon relationship- plus deliciously dark stories into the mix (and minus David Caruso's sunglasses lol) you've got yourself a pretty good show. Oh and I'm in love with Danny, which helps.

    I once swore never to watch any other CSI apart from the original- and I rarely do nowadays. But if it's on- switch to CSI:NY- for an entertaining, if not orginal show.
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