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  • I love this show

    Csiny is my favorite show because, all of caractere is so human!! And Gary sinise is the best actor of all show in the tv.
    Season after season, this show is so amazing, differents stories, likes differents style. A new season is like a new life for this show
    congratulation for all people who works in csiny, that's very a good job!!!!
    thank you for this fabulus give you give us week after week
  • The Superior Product...

    When I first heard about the third CSI being set in NY, I had my reservations about it, but for once, I was glad to be proven wrong. Easily the best of the CSI franchise. For me it's the fact that it's got a darker, grittier feel to it. Vegas is all flashy lights, Miami is always sunny, but New York, with it's towering skyscrapers and underground subway system, not to mention Ground Zero, regarded by most as the largest crime scene in the world, just seems the perfect place for this type of show. And the characters, OH! Perfect for the setting and well cast, particularly Gary Sinise's Mac Taylor, the ex-marine turned policeman/scientist. Just an excellent performance on his part. Also the emotionally scarred acting of Anna Belknap as Lindsay Monroe in season 3. That was just superb, the whole huddled in the corner thing was so convincing. Here's hoping to many more seasons of this, one of the finest shows of our generation.
  • The best link!

    When most TV shows have spinoffs, they're usually not worth watching because of thing-they are different than the original. I think that is a major reason that many fans don't like CSI:NY. While the original show is set in glamorous Las Vegas, NY is set in a much darker city, giving the show a darker tone and feel than Miami or Vegas. As for characters, New York has a great cast, and is still working on character development. They have been seen as not having personalities, but people have to give the show a chance to find it's foothold-it's only the first season. It took the original CSI five years to say that Sara's mom killed her dad, so its logical that it will take a few seasons to totally tell these characters backgrounds. Danny Messer and Mac Taylor's pasts have been partially revealed in the premiere "Blink", with the knowledge that Max Taylor's wife was in 9/11, and in "Tanglewood", with Danny's involvement in the Tanglewood boys street gang. The acting in CSI:NY is just as good as those in the other shows, but most people aren't giving it a chance. Some will like it, some wont, but the least they could do is watch some of the stronger episodes, like "Blink", or "Tanglewood", and not scrunitze its difference from the originals...just give it a chance. Rome wasn't built in a day- it will take a little longer for people to accept this new show, but i think it's doing perfectly, and i can't wait for next season.
  • I really watch too many CSIs but.....

    When you're the THIRD installment- people are gonna think of you as an underdog.

    But this show is managing to hold its own pretty well. The characters seem to be becoming more likeable by the episode, and add a juicy canon relationship- plus deliciously dark stories into the mix (and minus David Caruso's sunglasses lol) you've got yourself a pretty good show. Oh and I'm in love with Danny, which helps.

    I once swore never to watch any other CSI apart from the original- and I rarely do nowadays. But if it's on- switch to CSI:NY- for an entertaining, if not orginal show.
  • My Favourite Show ever and the best CSI show of all 3 CSI shows. Set in the big city of New York.

    CSI: NY is a crime drama, spun off from CSI: Miami and inspired by the Number One drama series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, about forensic investigators who use high-tech science to follow the evidence and solve crimes in the Big Apple.

    Det. Mack "Mac" Taylor is a dedicated and driven crime-scene investigator who believes that everything is connected and everyone has a story. He and his partner, Det. Stella Bonasera, a workaholic and a jack of all trades, share a passion for the job. They lead a team of experts through the gritty and kinetic city that never sleeps. Their team includes Danny Messer, a Brooklyn-born investigator with rugged good looks, an unflappable spirit and a history of family in law enforcement, and Dr. Sheldon Hawkes, a reclusive coroner who walked away from a promising surgical career after the traumatic loss of two patients. Joining them is homicide Detective Don Flack, an edgy, hardcore investigator with a quick wit, impressive forensic insight and limited patience with potential suspects. Rounding out the team is Aiden Burn, a smart and sexy investigator whose chameleon-like behavior allows her to adapt to any situation.

    The New York CSIs may have a different process than those in Las Vegas or Miami, but they are guided by the same steadfast determination. These skilled investigators, who see New York in a different light, follow the evidence as they piece together clues and eliminate doubt to ultimately crack their cases.
  • A CSI show with its own identity, unlike glossy, superficial Miami.

    Let me just say that I loved the first season. It was dark and grim, the setting and tone was just so...New York. Then the network bigwigs said it was too cold.

    Then they glossed it up...

    The lab became strikingly similar to Miami, the plots became faster paced and the distinctive visual style of NY was all but gone.

    But to my genuine surprise and awe, the show survived this transition with its dignity intact. The plotlines remain as dark as ever, being the most imaginative CSI show without crossing into lala land. Its the first CSI to my knowledge to use an orchestral score alongside pop music (listen carefully and you will hear a recurring five not leitmotif), I think its the shows way of giving the two fingers to the bigwigs, sure its glossy and aesthetically pleasing, but this still show has heart, soul and substance, a stark contrast to the glossy, overglorified music video that is Miami.

    I also think its the first show to strike a balance between character development and science. Vegas is all about the investigation, Miami is a soap opera with outlandish storylines for the characters. NY hits the balance, creating characters you care about with REAL problems, without giving to much away, what do you care about more, a love triangle? Or AIDS?

    And thus we move to the shows final strength, the characters themselves. Spin-offs can fall into the trap of creating clones of the original series characters. NY goes to develop new and exciting, multi layered characters. At first we thought Mac was a stoney, taciturn man, but recently he has been displaying a playful eccentricity (lighting himself on fire for instance) and a genuine love of his work. Stella has also softened from the hard ass cop that she was in season one to a real human character. Both Flack and Hawkes have been fleshed out, with Flack a model police officer who genuinely hates criminals, to Hawkes, a scientist willing to go that extra mile. The Danny/Lindsay relationship is the first CSI relationship that I care about, and the first to make sense. As for the actors, each turns in a fantastic performance every episode (except Clair Forlani, emote girl, emote!).

    May NY live long and prosper, proving to people everywhere the underdog is always best.
  • The third in the CSI franchise distinguishes itself from the more scientific based LV (the original) and the flashier Miami. Set in the Big Apple, Mac Taylor leads the team in solving crimes.

    The second I heard that the newest CSI was going to be set in NYC, I was excited! As a New England girl, I like shows that I can identify with. I've never been to Vegas or Miami, but I've spent plenty of time in NYC.

    I like the characters! They're all plenty different from each other, as to provide balance and realism while also being different from the characters of the other two shows. For the most part, the episodes have been great, though as with any TV show, there are bound to be one or two less-than-stellar episodes.

    It's developed well since the beginning with only a few cast changes. Season three ended spectacularly, and I have high hopes for season four.
  • Best, hands down

    NY is hands-down the best of the three CSI’s. The mix of originality, the city, and the amazing cast, sets each other off amazingly, making it stand out. Add its thirst for facts and science, and not flashy screen-play and drama, it’s by far the best of the CSI franchise. The way the writers incorporate the city and the character, making the show personal, but still scientific, makes me feel like the end result will actual matter to me. When I watch CSI: NY I feel myself cheering for the good side, and not wishing that the bad guy goes loose just to spite the whole "happy ending" saga that television has put upon us. I want the NY characters to catch the bad guy, and not because they did something as terrible as murder, but because I feel the cops deserve it after working hard for the outcome...
  • Best CSI ever!!!!!!!

    This is my favourite CSI from all of them, Miami and las vegas, i love the writing it's really amazing every scene has it's own unique problem, the best episodes are: Zoo York, Snow day, Sleight out of hand and Not what it looks like. i love every aspect of the show, it's widely liked and if you watch it you'll know why! My favourite characters are Danny Messer and Lindsay Monroe and i love the connection between them and that they can't be together until she gets over her past, also i love all of the other characters who are Mac, stella, don falck, Hawkes and peyton, there are others but not as main. anyone who is interested in crime, or law or likes the other two CSI's should definatley watch this and i garentee you'll love it if your anything like me !! A MUST WATCH!!!
  • I love it!!!

    When I watched the first episode, I was sadly disappointed. I was already a fan of CSI, Las Vegas and was expecting something similar only in NYC. I didn't necessarily want a clone, but I did want some of the same features that I enjoyed in CSI, Las Vagas and other shows I enjoy as well.

    What I didn't see in this show when it first started was a sense of teamwork. The plot was good, the actors were good, but it seemed to me that all the other actors revolved around Gary Sinise's character. There was no sense of a group of professionals working together for a common goal.

    One night several weeks ago, I watched it again and was pleased to see that the only thing I didn't like about the show had changed. The show had become a story about 4 people, and now 5 with Anna Belknap, working together to solve a situation. Now I watch it every week and feel a sense of satisfaction at the end of an hour.
    Maybe CSI:NY is a little young- but just give it time. I'm sure as it goes by, this show will pick up and become better than it already is. What it really needs is to distinguish itself from the tangle created by CSI and CSI: Miami. Otherwise, no one will notice.
  • Watching CSI NY has been a influential show and I love watching it every wesnday even the reruns.

    I love CSI NY because it is a excellent show and I enjoy watching it. CSI is the reason for why I chose to persue Forensic Science after I graduate from both high school and college. I tune in every wedsnday to watch it because its such a great show. I would be dissapointed if it were to one day be cancelled which i hop never happens.
  • "We have to checked inside out but we found nothing now we checked outside in..."

    Sinesi is really an interesting actor especially in his stint in Forest Gump. Capt Dan still like in his most notable character - taciturn and very expressive through his eyes. I just learned that he is the lead cast of CSI: NY until last weekend because I am not avid fun of the spin off series. The CSI NY have the most hi-tech forensic tools but cast must polish their acting so they could stand up just like their counterpart in LVPD CSI.
  • The worst CSI out of the three.

    I wish that Jerry Bruckheimer would have stoped the CSI franchise after the first show because the orignal is the best of the three. I barely ever watch CSI:NY because it is to dull to for me to watch. I thought that this show was going to be good when i first seen previews for it but then I watched it and it was a disappointment. I think that the storylines are bad half of the episodes I seen i changed the channel half way through it because i lost interst in it. I wish that CBS would cancell this show and put on something better.
  • Great. The Best! Amazing! Incredible!

    A simply great show. It gets better every single season. I loved all of the episodes and all of the characters. I loved episodes such as "Zoo York", "Blink" etc. Another great thing about it is that all of it is so real, and the "aura" is great it gives the show that special part that makes you feel like you're really there. The quotes are really funny and the Episodes get better and better and better... However one negative is one of the characters leaving and being replaced. However it is kind of better because I enjoy seeing Danny call Lindsay "Montana". Bye!
  • CSI..New York style.

    CSI New York is a really interesting show that will constantly keep you on the edge of your seat due to all the suspense. Even though I live in Miami, CSI Miami is not my favorite. I'd rather watch the New York version because the cases and storyline is much more interesting and full of spice. Also, what I really like about this show is it really doesn't matter if you watched the last or even the last five episodes because every time it's a new case with different victims and suspects. Only on the rare occasion will you have to know what actually happened.
  • Getting political? That was an unexpected change in Taylors character! Guilty pleasure derived by driving a thick fat stake into the system of politics was well plotted.

    Never expected Taylor to use outright blackmail tactics to walk away. Not entirely to blame since he really did not follow protocol. And him being a stickler to such, some form of reprimand should be have been the norm. On the flip side, the fact that he has to face up to reality makes it an unusual leap for a man of his character. Next season he would become more wary, more "look over my shoulder" kinda guy. An unexpected twist would have been his demotion or firing and next season for his redemption. Not sure how the other fans would go for, but then that's my opinion.
  • A great season an a great Tv program!!! You will enjoy it!

    The first time I heard about this CSI I thought that it would be a bad copy of CSI las vegas, but I decided to give it an opportunity and I get a great surprise!! It's a wonderful show. The crimes are very original as their resolution. The characters are very well drawn and you can easily feel like one of them. In my opinion is a better show than CSI Miami. Of course, if you are an eternal romantic (as I am), you can find platonic love stories between the characters. I recomend you to watch this show, I garantee you will enjoy it!!!
    Salutations to every Tv fan!
  • CSI: New York Style..

    This series has got off to a terrific start and i'm enjoying every minute..

    Im glad Mac has finally found someone to share his life with, although
    things looked a bit rocky at one point it seems to be going ok..
    I hope the series doesn't concentrate on this too much or it may turn
    into a soap opera and spoil it..!

    I like it when we get 'zoomed' in on the evidence or item that's showing,
    sometimes pretty gory. What follows is its own storyline and the way in
    which it could be relevant to the case according to the person trying to
    solve it..

    Always excellent viewing..
  • CSI:NY. I have to say, its definately the more gory side to the three CSI's.

    Personally, this comes second in my ranking of the three CSI's. The original definately has more humour, and i just love Grissom ^.^. However, this definately has more dramactics in it, as well as a lot more gore. Its a saturday night must see for me (along with the sorely awaited third series of Doctor who). The characters in New York are also a lot more fun to watch on the screen, and seem to have a closer relationship with each other than the teams on the other two CSI's. Danny Messer, i just love, and am awaiting the time when he finally gets it together with Lindsey (who is also brilliant)...everyone knows they will, its fate.
    I also love the plot ideas for new york, like the parachuter who got killed by a bunch of poisoned pigeons falling from the sky. That was classic CSI right there that was. I've read reviews for the rest of the latest series (i was getting impatient), and can't wait for some of the episodes, as they look positivly riviting. Honest. We learn a lot more of Lindseys past, and the team also try to stop a bomber from going round new york (i may be so behind on these, but Channel Five airs them a lot later than the American channels, lol) Overall, i just love this CSI, and it glues me to the screen more than Miami does (H is getting annoying now...And i just don't like Delko).
  • Good episode

    I like this one, way better than 3x19. Still, it won't be my favourite of this season. I really like Stella's case. It was very well-treated and the scene at the end with Mac was beautiful. I really admire Stella's strengh. And Flack's lines are just perfect. I love his humour. Danny's case was good too and the scene with the goat hilarious. On a more superficial note, they really have to continue to make Danny wear those kinds of shirts, they really look good on him ! I also have to admit that Peyton has grown on me since the first episode of the season and as much as I'm a slight M/S shipper, I really like Mac and Peyton together. One regret for this one ? Yes. No D/L scene at all. Overall, nice episode. Not the best one, not the worst one.
  • Although it can not be compared with the original CSI, CSI: NY is an awesome show.

    I love CSI: NY. I've been watching CSI: LV for a while and decided I should start watching NY also. I am so glad I did. My favorite characters are Danny and Lindsay. They are so cute together!!!! All of the men of New York seem to be amazingly hot. Except for creepy old coroners. The commercials advertise the show as the "bloodier CSI," and I believe it.
    I loved the episode where Stella got abducted. Maybe loved isn't the right word to describe it, but I found it hard to look away from the screen. Even though it was one of the first episodes I ever saw, it really upset me, and I felt for every one of the CSIs there for that time.
  • The third franchise of CSI

    This time set in New York the CSI team solve crimes in the 5 buroughs. From Manhattan to Queens, Staten Island to Brooklyn and then all the way to The Bronx. No matter where the crime Mac Taylor, Stella Bonasera, Danny Messer, Lindsay Monroe, Dr Sheldon Hawkes, Det Donald (Don) Flack Jr and the late Aiden Burns would use the evidence to find a killer, a kidnapper, a robber or whatever the criminal may be. A personal favorite of mine is an understatment as this is if the best show on television one of the best shows on television. You'd be mad to miss it!
  • I love this show and everything about it.

    Let's start with the characters. We have Mac, the tough, smart, secretive leader of the team. It took me a while to warm up to this icy detective, but now I just love him to bits. Next is Stella, the inspiring Greek goddess. She is my personal hero and fashion adviser. How I love those coats of hers. Then we have Danny, the funny, sexy bad boy who's just a lost puppy at heart. He grabbed my attention from the beginning and I still love the little bugger. Sheldon, the reclusive gentleman, is another of my favourites, though he's yet to come out of his 'shell'. We also have Lindsay, the girl next door from Montana. She's a little firecracker, that one, and reminds me of myself. Last but not least is Flack, the old-school cop with a heart as big as the city itself.
    I love this show. It has become a family member in my home, as have all the characters. I hope it will last for many seasons to come.
  • i am a fan of all members of CSI i watch the show everyday i love it i learn from it and you guys are perfect actors i admire you guys

    i am a fan of your show pleasse continue doing a good job i watch the show all the time i have it recoded on my DVR. you guys are a amazing at what you do . maybe one day ill be on that show to do what you do . i love how yu solve the problem . i love how you test out every thing it could be little or big you still find some thing that connects to the murder. you make me wanna be come a scientist so i can be able to do all that
  • Love this show!!!!

    CSI:NY is my favourite show ever!!!

    We are constantly kept hooked with hot guys, (Danny, Flack, Hawkes and Mac) and great storylines.

    I first watched CSI, and then caught on it's sister shows, CSI:Miami and CSI:NY. CSI:NY soon became my favourite. What first caught my eye was how much darker it was compared to the others, though it has lightened up in later seasons (for the better in my opinion). I was soon hooked by the strange and wonderful cases and the Danny and Lindsay ship!

    For anyone reading this wondering whether they should check out CSI:NY themselves, do, you won't regret it!!
  • It was a great episode. The case was interesting with Criss Angel as the guest star. And of course Lindsay was back so we got some Danny/Lindsey time that has been missing since Anna was on maternity leave.

    I really enjoyed this episode. It was of course great to have Anna back from maternity leave-she looked wonderful. The Criss Angel case was very interesting-he did a very good job of playing the bad guy, and watching his illusions was cool. I really enjoyed Hawkes and Flack this week-they had me rolling with the Houdini convo at the magic store. Danny working round the clock and ending up getting goofy from lack of sleep was pretty funny too-I loved his "64% of all dead people..." line. It was adorable that he was daydreaming about Lindsay. But of course the BEST part of the whole show was Danny flying to Montana to support Lindsay and the almost kiss. They have terrific chemsitry, that I've been missing since Anna has been gone. It was like you could physically see Lindsay get stronger when she saw Danny. The only thing that I didn't particularly like about the last scene was the hug-it just seemed like it didn't "flow", but I guess it had to be there to set up for the almost kiss. Maybe it would have been better if Danny had waited until Lindsay had stood up all of the way. And the almost kiss-we got alot of Danny and Lindsay-but I guess the writers and producers figured they couldn't give us everything in one episode. But it was a great way to head into the month long dry spell.
  • Absolutly obsessed with this show!

    CSI NY is the best show ever! Well together with CSI & CSI Miami Of course! At first i didn't watch it that often, but since Anna Belknap joined the cast, i watch it every week and it's become one of my favourite tv shows! And i really love M&M's and i don't mean the candy! (though i want some right now :D) And it's getting better and better. YAY!
  • CSI: NY isn't what you think it is. Well okay maybe a little. It is about a team of CSI's who solve crimes just like the others. The difference is in the characters. CSI: NY does an excellent job of combining both character story lines and cases.

    CSI: NY isn't what you think it is. Well okay maybe a little. It is about a team of CSI's who solve crimes just like the others. The difference is in the characters. You have everything you would ever want an more. There is the burly and yet kind man who has has life deal him a bad hand. Then you have the orphan girl who lived in NY her whole life and made something of herself. You get laughs when you watch one CSI ramble about nothing for hours on end. You have the guy with a bad past who broke free and is trying to fix his mistakes (bonus: he's funny). Then there is the scary and damaged girl who is trying to move on in life and stop people from suffering like she has. Plus a bus load of funny, quirky smaller characters. Put them all together and BOOM instant friendship, great chemistry and plenty of fan girls around the world. For the amount of you who are new to these shows you also see a ton of action, crime fighting, but kicking,and fury from each and every episode. Then there is the science nothing like sitting down to watch a show that has all of this and learning a thing or two in the end. I give CSI: NY a 10/10.
  • The Intensity of the NY version is the way the city of NY is-intense. The characters deplict the variety of the city.

    I am relieved that Stella confide her situation to Mac. There is no way one person could shoulder the burden of waiting on results of HIV alone. That shows the personal relationship of trust between the two of them. To keep the show intact the writers always need to keep in mind the people over the plot. There will always be mayhem in NY but the characters need solidity to even out the chaos. And having Danny there to keep ones heart strings taunt doesn't hurt. We are early risers in my house so we have to record the shows but they are worth the wait.
  • My favourite show ever.

    I've been watching CSI:NY since the beginning, but I only got truly hooked in Season 2. Now I watch it obsessively, and cherish my DVD collection. I know I'm sad, but I really don't care!

    The cast for this show is fantastic. I ship Mac and Stella and Danny and Lindsay, and though I think Stella is my favourite character I love them all to bits. Although the filming for Season 1 was quite cold, I kind of liked the dark, edgy thing they had going on, though I do like the new style better. The cases are original and interesting, the backdrop of personal storyline is involving, and it's just generally an amazing show. Watch it!
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