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  • more authoritarian tripe

    yet another show glorifying the worst of the worst in our country

    the COPS, the GOVT. the fbi the nsa

    I wonder which agency is paying to have this tripe produced

  • I'm gone too

    After Stella left ...... so did I!
  • liked

    I hope I can watched all the seasons of NY

    I liked NY than other !
  • good!

    Personally i think Vegas is the best, its entertaining aswell as a good crime show, NY is quite boring and the charaters are sooo monotone!
  • Hmmmm

    It's too bad about this show. I started losing a bit of interest in it after Stella left, and by the last season, the only character I still liked was Don Flack.

    For years the networks decide what to air and what not, even though the viewers like whats on.

    The publics views and opinions don't count. When they have their petty differences over a problem with programs they cancel them, instead of settling these problems like the adults they are susposed to be.

    Then they decide to pit all this reality crap on the air.

    It's coming to the point that the viewers will get fed up enough and stop watching all together.

    A lot of viewers may not agree with my opinion and some will.
  • lol CSI:NY hasn't ended yet

    i have some insights about that according to (btvguide) it is Returning and it's not a fake im watching CSI:NY right now and the site says Returning series you can watch all seasons and Full episodes in there
  • CBS have you lost your mind?????

    I look forward to my CSI's (Miami and NY) you can have Vegas since Grissom left you lost need to rethink BACK CSI-NY... need Mac Taylor and the
  • csi NY TaKen off ? WHY?

    They Put all that reality crap on ! Keep The Crapiest CSI VEGAS ON !!!!!! And take off the best CSI NY .realy. What ever Happened To ending a show With a last season and show what hapens to everyone . Nobody have any imagination Any More !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • One of the best

    This was a great show and should never have been taken off the air. It was not renewed. It had an 8.7 rating on I personally think that because Jerry Bruchheimer and Gary Sinise are conservatives and CBS is a liberal station, had a lot to do with the show not being renewed. Dear CBS: Give the public what they want, not what you want.
  • You have got to be kidding me......

    They are keeping CSI Vegas but killing the best one?????? CSI NY was the BEST ONE cry out loud... now I truly hate monday's since its monday when I find this out... no words to describe how pissed I am right now...
  • Not really a suprise.

    To my mind from the moment Melina Kanakaredes left between s6/7 it was always when CSI:NY would end not if, lets face it s9 only materialized because it was cheaper than Miami. I never understood why Christine was introduced in the first place she certainly wasn't needed and I don't recall anybody actually asking for her exactly the opposite. Fortunately at least we don't have to endure seeing Mac actually having to marry her remember some of us have been waiting an incredibly gruelling nine years to see him work off into the sunset with Stella (the woman who consoled him after Claire died, taught him how to loosen up, for whom he went to Greece for and whom he had to hear it from her when he was becoming to involved with the McBride girl ) it's just a pity that TPTB didn't have enough grace within themselves to let us have her back even for a brief cameo.
  • Veteran Police Detective Mac Taylor leads a team of Crime Scene Investigators who solve crimes in America's greatest city.

    I always looked forward to the next episode of "CSI: NY" as much as I did for episodes of its two companion series. As with the other "CSI" shows I was a fan from the beginning and stayed a fan for the show's entire nine year run. One thing all three "CSI" shows have in common is terrific casts. In this case Gary Sinise was perfectly cast as Mac Taylor. He was a great leader to a great group of law enforcement agents. Also just as terrific was Carmine Giovanazzo as tough street smart Detective Danny Messer (Boom!). The show benefited from its well written scripts and very entertaining episodes. "CSI: NY" is the only one of the three series not to reach 200 episodes before it ended. It would have been nice if it managed to acheive that milestone, but regrdless, it was still a terrific show.
  • dont take it away

    I love this show, bring it back

  • Goodbye good friend...

    It was the best of the 3. But lets face it, it was time to say goodbye. At least, it will not overstay its welcome like the original CSI. For the past 2 years, they did excellent goodbye last scenes, never sure to be back the next season. This year was no different. That last scene was awesome, perfect! Goodbye! Thank you!

    Lets hope we wll see Sela Ward in something else as soon as possible. She was an excellent addition to the cast. One of my favorite actress.
  • Please don't end this

    I hope this show stays. I really love it.
  • NCIS: RED will proabably kill CSI: NY

    If you watched the last two episodes of NCIS: LA you could see they've introduced new characters just how they introduced the LA team just a few episodes until the season finale, they wouldn't invest in an entire new team unless they are pitching for a new reboot.

    Because NCIS Red is just a traveling show of two trucks would be cheaper to produce.
  • love csi ny

    i hope csi ny comes back on also.

    this past season the show"unspoken" where lindsey gets hurt at a rally was really incredible, i imagine its hard for actors to express everything thru theyre actions and facial expressions, they all did a great job with this show, getting everything across without saying hardly any words, i know that actors can do this, but this team was great at it. ny is a fav of mine along with ncis and poi, so i really hope that cbs does not make a mistake and cancell this yet, at least i would like to see mac married and lindsy with another kid. marge
  • Please bring CSI: NY back for another season!!!

    I would love to see Danny and Lindsay's new baby and to see Mac finally live happily ever after with Christine, along with more interesting crimes.
  • When is Csi ny next episode coming??

    I Love the Serie.. :DD
  • Kanakeredes not on the show anymore

    I noticed that the her name should not be in the Cast information anymore as she is not in the show anymore, thank you.
  • Mac/Christine realtionship

    I like the crime drama aspect of csi, as i do ncis, but the relationship thing it throws it off balance, its just like ncis, gibbs wife dies and he goes from woman to woman, leave the love stuff out of it, its a crime show not a soap opera and christine made it seem more like a soap than a crime drama
  • If I wanted a concert

    The episode tonight was absolutely miserable. Entire songs were played that had no effect on the show, in fact deterred greatly. i am very disappointed in the direction. It appears as if the songs are fillers for the lack of a script. If you can't generate enough of a script, then pull the show. very weak. my last episode.
  • Too much music..

    My wife and I have been big fans of CSI and CSI New York for years how ever recently we've found way too much music being run during some of the scenes which in our opinion does nothing to enhance the enjoyment or telling of the story. Almost turned off CSI New York tonight. Can the music!!!

    PS, bumped into Ted Danson last year in LA. If I see him again this year, I'll complain to him to!

  • Ms Willie Mae

    I think CSI-NY is in the top 5 CBS shows! Ted Danson does not fit into CSI at all! Need someone with caliber of Lawrence Fishburn!
  • CSI NY

    Is there any legit place to get the transcripts. Gary had some awesome quotable line about choices! BTW...Love NY...Miami Blows all that fake tan blonde bimbette stuff and what is up with David Caruso...just un watchable! and Ted Danson on CSI is hysterically perfectly mindblowing!...and Elisabeth Shue (Happy Bday 2 her today!) is Amazing...Love her! CBS Rocks (CSI + NY, NCIS +LA are the only reason I keep CBS active!)

    Please, age with grace & dignity; would be much more enjoyable AND believable to watch if SELA had expression in her face & not a plastic forehead, and Gary too! What is up with 40-50+actors? If you want the ratings to increase, JUST BE REAL- hardly recognized Sela Ward between botox & her most recent noticable face lift- it made me almost vomit- UCK, a real deal breaker- had to change the channel, permanently. BE REAL PEOPLE, ON TV OR IN REAL LIFE.
  • bleed out

    CBS let the show bleed out. Now the third year bubbleshow, which destroyed the show. CBS is to blame for it ... The rating goes down lately ... in fact catastrophic down ... in the final 1.1 Demo (where was you all)...and the show is allways the same... I would very surprised if if we have a full season.... i dont know if i want to see the season 9 .... for me its gone and i am very sad for it
  • Hate the change

    I like Sela Ward in movies but, not on CSI New York. I watch for Gary Sinise. I don't watch CSI anymore. I don't care for Ted Danson. To much weird stuff going on.
  • CSI'NY

    Hey everybody watch CSI'NY on CBS so we can get the ratings up and maybe save this awesome show!!!