Season 4 Episode 16

Right Next Door

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 09, 2008 on CBS

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  • Thoroughly upsetting!

    This episode pissed me off and truly made me sad. First, do we need to see Stella in danger AGAIN? Enough is enough! I am so sick of Stella being in jeopardy. They tried to make it different this time by having her be a "hero" but I'm not buying it. Second, Danny turned from a good guy to a lying, cheating dog!! I wanted to cry when I saw him kissing Rikki. This is completely unbelievable to me. Danny is not the kind of man who would do something like this. I was so sad. I don't understand how the writers could screw up a good relationship like Lindsay and Danny's. I was outraged when I realized that I wasn't watching someone's nightmare, that the embraces with Rikki were actually happening. Though I love Danny and Lindsay as a couple, I do not want them to get back together after this. A cheater is a cheater and Lindsay deserves better than that. I'm glad she gave Danny a piece of her mind. I do wish that she'd kept the declaration of love to herself though. The cheating dog didn't deserve to hear it.
  • A very excellent episode. Especially because my name is 'Sean Nolan'.

    A girl dies after tripping over a drain hatch and falling through a shop window to her death. Mac tells Stella to go home and rest and her apartment building is on fire.

    The team investigate the fire and find the body of a man known as 'Sean Nolan'. Later it turns out that the body isn't Sean Nolan because 'Sean Nolan' returns and is a suspect because of his history of arson.

    Stella finds notes in her apartment that says "Help Me" which turns out came from next door and the team investigate that the fire started in next door's apartment and that the women next door is infact a kidnapper.
  • A Stella(R) episode

    You will know that I dont particluarly like Stella's char. But I was genuiningly surprised by the quality of this episode. She's the main conduct for the storyline to develop. The first scene does a good job to setup the kidnapping part of plot. Writers do a good job to vary a standard entrypoint for the viewer by placing it within an apparent crime, whcih is actually an accident.

    The middle act does go flat and is barely above the quality Id expect of it. It is however, logically set out and leads to a good ending, which I had actually worked out from the first scene where Stella enters her apartment!

    The action here was mainly the mystery that is generated by the investigation which turns into suspense once it is discovered who started the fire.

    A pretty good story that excites w/ trepidation because of the kidnap angle. The ending is full of emotion which lends itself to helping project the score a couple more points.
  • A very engaging episode with Stella's apartment going up in flames and a revolving cast of suspects. One would think it was an excuse to show Stella in a wife beater but the burning of her apartment was so surprising. The suspect

    A very engaging episode with Stella's apartment going up in flames and a revolving cast of suspects. One would think it was an excuse to show Stella in a wife beater but the burning of her apartment was so surprising. The suspect being a former arsonist was well played mis-direction. I was very happy to find that instead of arson. A kidnapped child trying to bring help to himself was the culprit. The change in plot to a serial child kidnapper was done well and then the hunt for the children was thrilling. Stella episodes are always good and this was no exception.
  • Stella is victimized once again.

    The team is convinced that an arsonist living in Stella's building is responsible starting the building on fire but some mysterious notes in Stella's apartment point to an abducted boy who only wanted to get someone's attention.

    The best scene was Mac rescuing Bailey. Clearly, he has a bit of a soft spot for kids. The way he was looking at Bailey and her parents gave me the impression that he missed not having kids with Claire. The writer's did a pretty good job of showing us that even the best detectives can be decieved by people. Who would have thought that Stella's neighbor was responsible for abducting two children, certainly not Stella. It was obvious to me that the neighbor was up to no good when she left the scene of the fire with Bailey O Dell while Austin was left behind. I wasn't at all surprised to see Danny sleeping with Rueben's mother. Either the writer's have officially come up with interesting ways to show us that Danny is taking Rueben's death hard or they are deliberately trying to ruin a great character. Danny is alot of things, but I do not take him for someone who would cheat on his girlfriend. I hope this storyline is dropped and the writer's work at improving the relationship between Danny and Lindsay. At the very least, let us know that they are still friends.
  • Stella the hero!

    Stella risks everything, including her own life in order to save the life of those in her apartment building as fire breaks loose. While a dead body is also in her apartment as the team investigates who and what happened with that dead body. While everybody in the apartment is in a panic as they figure who set off the arson. Meanwhile, Danny breaks Lindsay's heart and cheats on her with Reuben's mom. Usually I adore Danny but not in this one. As he broke poor Lindsay's heart. As he feels just downright guilty and to be honest, he should feel that way. Good episode once again!
  • The wrong way to go. I am not going to comment on the case, becuase it was good. The thing I am going to comment on... Is how the writers decided to mess CSI:NY up.

    I know I am not alone in this, I know D/L shippers are behind me in saying:
    "What the hell has happened!!"
    Why? Why go an completely ruin a good character, and good storyline and a good couple.
    I admire Lindsay for her brave confession to Danny, I hope the "I love you" will clear the cloud that is preventing Danny from seeing that what he has is too good to lose.
    He was such a jerk in this episode. It is out of character and has ruined the show. It brought tears to my eyes.
    I have spent years supporting this show, and have enjoyed supporting this couple.
    I do have hope in them. I think that this is a story line that can go the other way. It happens in fanfics, it can happen in this. If Danny can see his mistake, surely CBS can too. Lots of viewers, alone with me have shown their disgust with this episode and have shown this to CBS themselves. I hope you will join us. We need to keep this relationship alive. It is useless to give up on something soo strong and something that makes this show what it is. I admire everyone's support and encourage more to show how they feel. It is up to us to prevent anything else going wrong in such a fantastic show.
  • Stellas apartment complex catches on fire and her neighbor kidnaps Bailey O'Dell. Danny cheats on Lindsay with Ruben's mother.......

    The only part of this episode that I liked was the storyline with the apartment fire and the kidnapping. The rest of the episode just upset me and now I am really disappointed in the writers. The writers apparently had way too much time on their hands during the strike for them to come up with this. What were they thinking. I do not like how they decided to have Danny deal with the death of Ruben. I really hope the writers can fix it and I can wait to see how they decide to continue on with the whole issue.
  • Stella's complex catches on fire, kidnapped girl, and a revelation into Danny and Lindsay's relationship...

    I loved the storyline with Stella and the fire. I guessed that Bonnie had something to do with the fire but I had no idea she kidnapped the little girl and her "son". It was a great episode in that way. What really disappointed me was Danny. If the writers didn't want him and Lindsay together there are other ways to do it, but this was so out of character for him. Cheating on her with a women who is still noticeably mourning the loss of her child. I don't care if he said that it helps take his own pain away, you don't cheat on someone. I think the writer's strike went too long cause they butchered this storyline! I've never had a problem with this show until now. I have lost all respect for Danny's character and Lindsay deserves so much better than that. I think the writer's have some making up to do for that stinker of an episode. But everything other than that part was excellent once again! I'm still a huge fan of the show!
  • Danny cheats on Lindsay, girl falls through glass accidentally and there's a fire in Stella's apartment building........

    The show was good, I never would have guessed that the "mom" next door was a kidnapper. But I really can NOT stand the character of Danny now. Previously, he was kind of volatile, but always honorable. He stood up for his brother and was protective of Aiden, but here he is- cheating on Lindsay, who he chased for so long....So what are they going to have him do now? Come clean with Lindsay that he betrayed her? Or ditch the grieving mom? And not only is he sleeping with her on the side, but he ignored Lindsay's birthday. I was hoping they would develop the Danny-Lindsay relationship, but now he's just another two-timing jerk and hopefully he'll fall off a building while chasing a criminal- I just have no interest in his character now.
  • A fire breaks out in Stella's apartment building in the middle of the night. Stella bravely risks it all to save her fellow tenants. After the fire is extinguished, a dead body is found in an apartment near Stella's. Was the fire set to cover up murder

    Despite the fact that other reviews posted for this episode have pretty much hit the nail on the head, I wanted to weigh in with my opinions of this episode. I found myself very involved in the story and my interest was held up until the end, which is the main reason why I have given this episode a high rating. However I do agree with other reveiwers who have said the plot line about Danny and Lindsay is a flaw in this episode. Despite this, I feel this episode is still worth watching. It's not perfect, but it's watchable.
  • the case was very interesting and well handled. and then there is the but.

    the case was really interesting. it was predicatble to a certain degree but the fact that we thought that we had it all figured out only to realize that no, we didnt made it even better. every one did a great job. it was refreshing to see more of Stella and less of Mac. Adam was super cute in his scene with Stella and I loved Hawkes all geeked out again. angry Flack is sexi as hell. Lindsay finally showed the strenhgt we all knew she had. and then there is the BUT. Danny being reduced to lying, cheating, selfish thing (they even managed to make him unattractive), bringing back Rikki Sandoval. if they wanted drama - becuase there clearly wasnt enough of that in the lab, they could have made it 20 millions different ways and they chose the one that not only destroyed a very sweet romance but a very interesting character. this episode made me love Lindsay even more but it also achieved that I now dont like Danny at all. so great job, TBTP.
  • 2 parts to this: excellent case & team-effort; awful plot for Danny-Lindsay. Would have given 10/10 for terrific case but need to deduct marks cause of the D-L situation

    When i read the episode summary i was hooked and just couldn't wait to watch. The case really lives up to expectation. The thing with csi:ny is that it's not just solving the crimes of the dead that's important, it's also the importance of saving lives. We see that point emphasized by Mac and Stella in this episode. I like that things are relate-able and believable. We get good input and feel from supporting cast like Lindsay and Adam. I think writers need to give a case to focus on Hawkes, he hasn't done much lately.

    I was waiting to see more Danny-Lindsay development, but this- this was awful. I rather we had nothing than this. Infidelity is the no.1 awful reason to tear a couple apart. Why do they make Danny a hate-able character now? Even if they piece D-L together I'm not gonna forget the awful scene he had with Rikki. I think the plot's really messed up cause though i like romance and some couples mixed with forensic, i dislike the over-dramatization they've put into this episode. However, taking a step back i give 5out of 5 stars to Anna's portrayal of Lindsay and her lines when she 'shot' down Danny. Let's hope the 'I love you' is the smell of coffee, the wake up call for Danny to realize his stupidity where his guilt and his heart is concern.

    If that love message doesn't get across, he's simply not worth it and Danny might as well be history for me. Sorry guys, I'm getting heated here, this plot just frustrates me and so sad to watch. Pardon my emotion.

    Back to the case, A+ for another great performance by Melina but perhaps the writers should give her something good and wonderful for a change. Adam and Flack was wonderful in this episode. I miss Det. Angell too. I would have given 10/10 cause the plot and case was terrific but need to deduct marks cause of the D-L situation
  • Kidnapped children reunite with parents...

    What a beautiful uplifting story. So many times the news is bombarded with stories of people who have gone missing and, unfortunately, the way it mostly plays out is that these missing become the dead. And yet, in this story, we have two missing children reunited with their parents after much time apart. It's beautiful and tearful. Stella's character is further developed as she handles her apartment building fire and subsequent loss of home. Stella and Mac shippers will be happy to see a nice moment between the two as they hug and Mac offers Stella a place to stay. She declined...apparently b/c she snores. Though I enjoyed that aspect of the show, unfortunately, this episode also made me never want to wear another pair of high heels again…and I have a lot! The first crime scene wasn't a crime scene at all but rather a woman whose world goes topsy turvy b/c of a caught shoe heel and a loose frame. It just goes to show that you never know...

    As for Danny and Lindsay...shows can't rest with couples in happydom b/c viewers lose interest. Well, this viewer right here has no patience when relationships go awry b/c of infidelity. It just makes me dislike the cheating partner and Danny is now on my black list. Lindsay, who I was never really a fan of, can now go find someone better. Grieving or not...can't anybody just be faithful to their partners?

    All in all, good solid episode with beautiful reunions and great storytelling for our main characters.
  • When Fire breaks out in Stellas apartment the CSIS determine it was arson.

    What to say, What to say? I think Stella has the worst apartment building history in all of CSI!! First Frankie than the fire!! I like the Little Adam with Stella moment! Adam is adorable. I have lost alsost all of my respect for Danny in that one episode. I feel SO bad for Lindsey!!:( Danny was such a jerk!! Sleeping with Rikki than wanting to talk to Lindsay!! It's a little late pal!! I hope I'm speaking for all shippers when I say I do hope they patch things up!! Its not the same without Danny and Lindsay together. In other news, Not a lot of Mac or Flack. Got my Hawkes and Adam fix and I hope next episode repairs Danny and Lindsay:)
  • stellas apartment goes up in flames, and while she is picking up the pieces, the team joins in to help while drama occurs with danny and lindsay.

    after this episode i am very mad at danny, and it goes to show that lindsay is a great character. stella was very strong in this episode and i like how it played out. it was sad and you never knew what was gonna happen but the ending was just perfect. i have no idea what to expect now for dantana, seeing as danny really hurt her, but i like how everyone came together for stella and kept her going strong while other people would be falling apart. a great episode and i was happy with it. i dunno what to expect next week though.
  • Stella has yet another thing to go through, whereas Lindsay and Danny have other things to deal with...

    This was a very emotional episode on various accounts.

    First of all Stella. This woman really is not lucky in her life. There is already so much she had to go through - foster child, shooting first boyfriend, getting pursued by a psycho and now she lost her apartment and everything that belonged to her. The writers really aren't generous to her character, although they do give Melina Kanakaredes a chance to show that she really is a great actress who is able to convey such emotions perfectly. Everyone is able to fell with Stella here.

    Mac is there for her and proves himself once more to be a really great friend to Stella. He offers her a place to stay and gives her comfort when she desperately needs it. I liked him carrying out the little girl towards the end of the episode, Gary Sinise is good with kids. And the way he talked to the mother at the end? Gary Sinise really is one talented actor. Just the way he conveyed talking to the mother - great.

    Danny and Lindsay - inappropriate storyline for the show. Heartbreaking for some people maybe, but nevertheless it shouldn't be part of the show. I just really hope this storyline would get abandoned. It starts getting ridiculous. That's all I have to say about this.

    Adam - funny and so sweet, the way he told Stella that he was glad nothing happened to her.

    Hawkes - well, he is still part of the team, but seriously, handling goldfish is all he is allowed to do?

    The cases - the first one to begin with: Seemed so simple, but at the same time brilliant. This was a way of showing that not all deaths in New York are crime related, that even there simple accidents can happen.

    The major case - I actually really like the story and the outcome that both kids had been abducted. I like the way the writers handle the cases in the new episodes, but then there is always the love/romance plot they seem to focus on.

    All in all - great episode with one major perk in the beginning and middle.
  • Fire in Stella's building and in Danny's pants...

    loved the accidental death at the begining of the chapter!! High heels are BAD!!

    Stella must have been really bad in the past or in another life because all this screams 'BAD KARMA' pretty loudly!! 1 boyfriend that wants to kill her, another guy that just used her to reach Mac and that was completely nuts and now she has no apartment to go after work! She is not very lucky in her personal life...Anyway I loved her at the end of the chapter when she is walking in the street and smiles proudly, at least she has that...She loves her job and this is one of the times that she know she make a difference. I like the reconstruction of the fire and how Lindsay discovered that wasn't started in Shawn's place. When they discver that the little girl was kidnapped, the first thing I thought was that Jason was too, that the writting was more from a 11 years old and not from a 6 year old girl! Great final moment with Mac and the girl and Flack smiling at the reunion! Adam has a crush on Stella... So cute!! ANd Hawkes appeared a lot more than last week!!

    I loved Lindsay in this chapter. She is practically the one that solves all the big misteries: The origin of the fire and the pollen! She rocks!! And I had to admit that the speech she gaves to Danny was awesome and how she later COMPLETELY ignores him is absolutely justified!
  • Great episode. Wasn't a let down but it wasn't heart stopping.

    It was a great episode. It captured my attention. The little girl being missing and that Bonnie chick was the on that had her and then the kids starting the fire. Don't remember that happening on any other CSI episodes but I could be wrong OMG I am going to kill Danny for cheating on Lindsay. I love those two together and I really really don't want them to break up but Lindsay should break up with him if she finds out which she probably will. When she said I love you I was like awww but of course shes tells him that she loves him while he is sleeping around.

    Had a total blonde moment with the notes and the hole in the wall. When Stella found out that the hole was a way to pass notes throught I was like OMG how did I not catch on to that. Can't wait until next. Love this show. I think it is the best out of CSI shows.
  • A great main storyline, but the Lindsay-Danny sub-story arc isn't working.

    While this episode is in itself a very good one, the "Lindsay-Danny" saga is becoming odd, and is in danger of becoming distracting, even more so than Grissom's hearing in the parent series (and that would truly be a shame when you have a main stoyline as good as this one was). I'm not talking about whether or not Lindsay and Danny "make it" or "break it" (this is episodic dramatic TV, after all, though it would be nice to see a CSI relationship actually last), but, what is CSI all about? Scientific crime fighting. Not soap-opera romances, which is what Lindsay-Danny are quickly becoming. Of course, no one wants a dramatic TV series to be just a reality series in drag, so you need some "characterization stories". To their credit, most CSI:NY personal storylines have been very well done, e.g. Stella's "bad boyfriend" (both of 'em!), Lindsay returning to Montana to testify in the murder trial of the monster who slaughtered her friends (and, yes, Danny showing up there to give her support was a master stroke), Mac continuing to wrestle with not being able to make a personal relationship "stick" since the death of his wife in the twin towers on 9/11 (and not in a distracting way), and so on.

    Who knows, though: maybe the "off" way this Lindsay-Danny thing is evolving has a planned resolution that will make us all go "Ah hah..". I hope so, because if not, it risks creating "drag" on the rest of the series. This one was getting close.
  • Wow, you gotta love the drama in this episode.

    It wasn't as much about the forensics or the case as it was about the people involved. For some reason Stella finds her time off the job more dangerous than when she's off the job. This time, the case she gets involved with isn't just close to home, it is home as her apartment building gets set on fire and nothing is what it seems. A death that turns out not to be a homicide and Stella realizing how little she knew her neighbors, and how someone who is trained to seek out details suddenly discovers how much she's overlooked in her after hours life. There was also drama featuring my favorite couple: Danny and Lindsay. I understand how everyone can be hating him right now, and I admit when I saw Ricky coming out of his room wearing his shirt I was shouting at the TV. It took me some time to realize that, even though what he did was despicable he was in pain and so was Ricky. It's not an excuse, but in the episode that Ruben died, even Lindsey said that she didn't know how to help him through this. They haven't really been Danny and Montana since then. He's probably been so wrapped up in his own grief that he didn't realize how it was affecting his relationship with Lindsey. That he didn't see what the big deal was about forgetting her birthday and didn't seem to even try to make up for it was also a sign. He didn't see that by handling things himself he was hurting Lindsay. They had been dating but even though Danny and Lindsay fans probably imagined them all over each other when they were off the clock, they never defined what their relationship was. Her admitting that she was in love with him, and that she would have to let it/him go was the first time since they slept together that they featured Danny and Lindsay's relationship on the show. Don't panic everyone, if anything I think that this will strengthen their relationship. It'll force Danny to look at his relationship with Lindsay, make him realize that he really does love her. Of course I think that there will probably be some fall out from sleeping with Ricky, but in the end everything will be as it should be : Danny and Lindsay to the end.
  • Another spectacular episode! Danny and Lindsay-not so spectacular...

    I totally agree with most that this is another great episode in CSI:NY but then... The whole thing about Danny, Lindsay, and RIKKI, just caught me off-guard. Danny and Lindsay should be stronger than that. Danny disappointed me greatly in this episode. Not to mention 4x15 "DOA for a Day" in which Danny "forgets" Lindsay's birthday...AND what happened to MONTANA?! I miss "Sleight Out Of Hand" times, everyone was happy then, right?...And so I just hope everything turns out fine and to the pleasing of the fans, cause isn't that what everyone wants? To be pleased?

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't let them fall apart. :(
  • Very Dramatic.

    Definitely team oriented, which I loved. The case unfortunately very believable and unfortunately too realistic of a possibility. The concern, even from Adam, for Stella was overwhelming and justified. I loved the scene with Lindsay proving the fire didn't start in Shawn's apartment, giving Mac what he's always looking for, answers to his questions before they are asked. The scene with Mac & Stella when Mac admits he contemplated asking Stella to back off of the case and realized how futile it would be was c l ass ic. It shows that they are not only partners but friends. I also loved the scene with Mac & returning the little girl to her family. You could see the satisfaction on his face, it was precious. I also loved the scene with Stella & Jason or should I say Austin. It was fa-nomial acting. Stella missing the signs and knowing that she could have help, you see it eating at her. Now without going on a tangent - all I can say to the writers regarding the Danny and Lindsay situation. FIX IT!!
  • Your heart really goes out for the ladies in this one

    Stella is torn because after the evidence from Bonnie's apartment, she realizes that the little girl that had been kidnapped was right next door, then to add to her torment later figures out that Jason the boy had been kidnapped years earlier as well, and she's upset with herself because Jason aka Austin had tried reaching out to her and she never got his messages. My heart went out for Lindsay in this episode, Her boyfriend cheats on her, and she tells Danny not to narrow her down to a shallow clingy girlfriend, and then tells him that she's mad at herself because she's fallen in love with him and not she has to figure out how to let that go. I just wanted to reach out and hug Lindsay saying that i know it may hurt like hell but you'll be ok, he's not worth your tears.