Season 4 Episode 16

Right Next Door

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 09, 2008 on CBS

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  • Thoroughly upsetting!

    This episode pissed me off and truly made me sad. First, do we need to see Stella in danger AGAIN? Enough is enough! I am so sick of Stella being in jeopardy. They tried to make it different this time by having her be a "hero" but I'm not buying it. Second, Danny turned from a good guy to a lying, cheating dog!! I wanted to cry when I saw him kissing Rikki. This is completely unbelievable to me. Danny is not the kind of man who would do something like this. I was so sad. I don't understand how the writers could screw up a good relationship like Lindsay and Danny's. I was outraged when I realized that I wasn't watching someone's nightmare, that the embraces with Rikki were actually happening. Though I love Danny and Lindsay as a couple, I do not want them to get back together after this. A cheater is a cheater and Lindsay deserves better than that. I'm glad she gave Danny a piece of her mind. I do wish that she'd kept the declaration of love to herself though. The cheating dog didn't deserve to hear it.