Season 4 Episode 16

Right Next Door

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 09, 2008 on CBS

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  • A Stella(R) episode

    You will know that I dont particluarly like Stella's char. But I was genuiningly surprised by the quality of this episode. She's the main conduct for the storyline to develop. The first scene does a good job to setup the kidnapping part of plot. Writers do a good job to vary a standard entrypoint for the viewer by placing it within an apparent crime, whcih is actually an accident.

    The middle act does go flat and is barely above the quality Id expect of it. It is however, logically set out and leads to a good ending, which I had actually worked out from the first scene where Stella enters her apartment!

    The action here was mainly the mystery that is generated by the investigation which turns into suspense once it is discovered who started the fire.

    A pretty good story that excites w/ trepidation because of the kidnap angle. The ending is full of emotion which lends itself to helping project the score a couple more points.