Season 5 Episode 13

Rush to Judgment

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2009 on CBS

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  • I liked the twist on the normal chronological way to tell a story.

    It was a neat idea to start this episode in the middle of the story. The opening felt like a normal case. When the show suddenly goes back to events in the previous days, it was a nice deviation from beginning – middle – end storytelling. It did make me upset to see Flack's integrity questioned though. He's always been shown as an efficient officer with good morals, so you'd think his bosses wouldn't be considering him as a suspect. The case revolves around the unfortunate problem of kids turning events in their lives into life or death matters that really shouldn't be. It's something that should make you sick to your stomach. Sinise played the scenes with a balance of anger and remorse over the circumstances very well.
  • Mac and the team investigate the murder of a high school wrestling coach whose body was found in pieces all over the city. Detective Flak tries to interrogate a suspect in the case, but when that suspect suddenly dies, IAD investigates.

    This is a very good episode, but I will admit it does have a few flaws. The good thing is that the flaws don't take away from the overall enjoyment of the episode. One flaw is the recycled plot device of Internal Affairs being convinced that Flak actually murdered the suspect who died suddenly. It was painfully obvious from the very beginning Flak was innocent. I understand that Flak being investigated and the murder case are bound by the common theme of jumping to conclusions, but I don't care for seeing plot devices that have been used countless times before.
  • Uh duh to the person who added the goof - its spelt wHisk! 5 letters last time i counted! Great episode - good interactions between the cast.

    Uh duh to the person who added the goof - it's spelt wHisk! 5 letters last time I counted! Great episode - good interactions between the cast, and some excellent character development. In particular, it was interesting to see that Angel and Flack's relationship has progressed, and she was particularly cool when she lept over the hood of the car! I loved the bit when Lindsay said 'boom' - really cute nod to her and Danny's relationship. The case was interesting, although I thought the acting from the supporting cast wasn't great, particularly the murderer at the end.
  • Really good one!

    Case: Really good! Lots of twists and turns, I never thought about the father until they mentioned him. For some minutes I thought they feed the poor guy to an aligator... I kind of understand how the father feels like. I loved how the wife knew that her husband was a normal guy and didn't loose the trust in him in any moment.

    - Danny was hilarious and looked awesome witht hat crimson shirt.
    - Lindsay was there a lot. Even running to give Stella some results. And the finally gesture was really sweet.
    - Angell...ROCKS, just ROCKS!! Have you seen her sliding over that car to catch the bad guy? AWESOME!!
    - Flack...he did a really great job - Mac working a lot and standing for his partners. The last scene was great.
    - Stella, great as always and really sweet checking up on Flack. I loved the kiss.
    - Hawkes, super smart as always!

    -DL: Lindsay said BOOM!! that is a DL moment for me! They worked a lot together, smiling all the time, they make a great team!
    -Flack and Angell: They are together!!! YAY!! I hoped we could see them at the end. I kinda feel bad about how they ended the conversation that revealed their relationship to us. I understand that Flack had other worries but he was quite rude with her.

    In one word: GREAT!
  • Different perspective – starting in the middle then going backwards.

    The team begins with finds body parts scattered and once a hand is found, an identification is made, it's Vince Nelson, a successful wrestling coach. As the case is investigated the find blood on the victims roof, but it's not his, it's actually alligator. After checking his computer they find pornographic pictures of young boys in an email. The email leads them to Todd Fleming a member of Nelson's team. As Flack is interviewing Todd, he starts to lose focus and rambling when suddenly he keels over from a seizure. Flack tries desperately to save him, but IA is already assuming the worst. The team following the lead of the computer pictures re-interview Nelson's widow, who insists Vince wasn't a normal guy. Doc digs deeper and determines that in a effort to discredit Nelson, Fleming hacked into his email. They find out Fleming had a friend Kyle Holt, as they probe further they find out Holt's father saw the email and assumed worst killed him in anger. It's later determined that Todd Fleming took an overdose of anti-depressants which caused the deadly seizure.