Season 5 Episode 13

Rush to Judgment

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2009 on CBS

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  • Really good one!

    Case: Really good! Lots of twists and turns, I never thought about the father until they mentioned him. For some minutes I thought they feed the poor guy to an aligator... I kind of understand how the father feels like. I loved how the wife knew that her husband was a normal guy and didn't loose the trust in him in any moment.

    - Danny was hilarious and looked awesome witht hat crimson shirt.
    - Lindsay was there a lot. Even running to give Stella some results. And the finally gesture was really sweet.
    - Angell...ROCKS, just ROCKS!! Have you seen her sliding over that car to catch the bad guy? AWESOME!!
    - Flack...he did a really great job - Mac working a lot and standing for his partners. The last scene was great.
    - Stella, great as always and really sweet checking up on Flack. I loved the kiss.
    - Hawkes, super smart as always!

    -DL: Lindsay said BOOM!! that is a DL moment for me! They worked a lot together, smiling all the time, they make a great team!
    -Flack and Angell: They are together!!! YAY!! I hoped we could see them at the end. I kinda feel bad about how they ended the conversation that revealed their relationship to us. I understand that Flack had other worries but he was quite rude with her.

    In one word: GREAT!
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