Season 7 Episode 4

Sangre Por Sangre

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 2010 on CBS

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  • Another excellent episode.

    I really believe that CSI: NY is becoming the best shows among the three CSIs. The only problem is that it has moved to Friday nights, which is a ratings graveyard for most shows. Still, this hasn't stop the writers from pulling out all the stops. In this episode, after a leader of a Spanish gang is killed in a hotel room, Mac tries to desparately stop a potential gang war in Spanish Harlem. Adding fuel to the fire is that one of the leaders of the gang, Luther, is a person Mac locked up 20 years ago, played brillantly by Edward James Olmos. This episode had lots of action and violence in it. The shootout scene with a pinned-down Flack and Lisa Brigosa was excellent as well as the hospital scene where Lisa holds the guard at gunpoint as Josephine is trying to reason with her. However, the end of the episode where Mac is shot and we find out that Luther is offing his leaders off one by one. The reasoning for him doing it is radical, but excellent. All in all, another excellent episode!