Season 7 Episode 8

Scared Stiff

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 2010 on CBS
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A park runner tries to escape from her killer; when her body is discovered and autopsy reveals that she has literally been scared to death, the CSIs start to experience eerie experiences. Soon afterwards, a second victim that could be connected to the case is discovered.

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  • A young woman scared to death??

    I watched the chapter and my favorite thing of is was Hawkes!! how cool was he and all the ghosts stuff? And then of course the whole team teasing him? the case was quite creepy after all, that guy was scary. And the whole mortuary scene was really unsetling, with the guy hiding in one of the coolers. I liked that there were more girls that had lived the same as the victim, that was unexpected.

    I loved Flack's comment about him liking his girls concious...:lol:

    Again no DL... This time they didn't even be in the same room together... I miss them together... I think Jo is being a little bit overly flirty with Macmoreless
  • 7x08

    this case was one of the most well writen chapters in the csi ny history, this one reminds me that gold times of csi las vegas where all chapter were good.

    I loved the horror style that they put here and maybe the only critic would be the scene where lindsay saw those ghosts because it was very unrealistic, but in general this chapter was awesome.

    I think that the next one is going to be brilliant too, I really want to know the mystery of that buried girl.

    good, very good...

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in English, please forgive my mistakesmoreless
Sela Ward

Sela Ward

Josephine "Jo" Danville

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo

Danny Messer

Anna Belknap

Anna Belknap

Lindsay Monroe

Robert Joy

Robert Joy

Dr. Sid Hammerback

A.J. Buckley

A.J. Buckley

Adam Ross

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  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Goof: When the CSI team returns to the park (first victim) before the storm hits, fog appears during a shot from the air. A close up at the feet of Mac and Lindsay shows clear ground and no fog though.

    • Flack: I'm going to introduce you to Miranda.

      The Miranda warning (or Miranda rights) is a warning that police in the United States is required to give to criminal suspects under custody (or in a Custodial interrogation) before they are interrogated to make them aware of their constitutional rights.

    • Goof: The first vic's mouth and eyes are not consistently open during autopsy.

    • Hawkes mentions that he has volunteered in the Parks Medical Unit. This storyline was covered in episode 6x06 It Happened To Me.

    • Goof: After they determine from Sully's movie that the first victim came through the 72nd street entrance into the park, they show further footage where Sully runs after the girl. However, the image is too still to have been filmed on the run.

    • Adam's 'Who is your daddy?' funny remark was already used by himself in episode 4x05 Down The Rabbit Hole.

    • Goof: Lindsay touches a door knob and Hawkes a light switch without gloves when they are checking out the funeral home.

  • QUOTES (44)

    • Mac: She looked frozen stiff.
      Sid: Well, not frozen. This is the most shocking position I've ever seen in rigor. Unofficially, it looks like our Jane Doe was scared to death.

    • Flack: So what or who was she running from?
      Hawkes: Ghosts?
      Jo: Dr. Sheldon Hawkes, did I just hear you say ghosts?
      Flack: You did. Want to know why? 'Cause that's what he said... ghosts.
      Hawkes: A lot of New Yorkers believe this part of the park is haunted. The lake just over there... for years rumour has it two women have been seen skating figure eights at night. Rosetta and Janet... sisters, died in the 1800s. Apparently they just glide above the ice. If you get too close, they disappear.
      Flack: Shut up.
      Hawkes: Yeah. And then there was that real estate guy that got gutted by the river just east of here. Oh, and Belvedere Castle. Tons of people have heard disembodied voices. Dispatch gets calls all the time.
      Flack: It's teenagers, doing the nasty.

    • Hawkes: This area where we are right now, some of the volunteers in the Emergency Medical Unit won't even ride in here. They send me. I got to be honest... there have been times when I felt something.
      Jo: A presence?
      Sid: I don't know.
      Flack: Doc, come on. You can't tell me that in your well-educated, scientific mind, you don't have an explanation for paranormal activity?
      Hawkes: Okay, one night I heard a woman screaming. I get off my bike, I run towards the sound. The screams get louder and louder but when I get to where she should have been, nothing. Nobody.
      Jo: What do you think it was?
      Hawkes: I don't know. I have no rational explanation for what happened that night. Now, could have been my mind playing tricks on me or maybe it was the sound bouncing off the trees but I felt something weird here. And judging by the looks of these shoe prints, maybe our Jane Doe felt something, too.

    • Sid: There was one thing that was particularly odd. She wore black undergarments with a white dress that looked about two sizes too big. Also her shoes were white. Well, the whole outfit was just odd. It was as if someone else had dressed her.

    • Lindsay: The pattern on the dress was caused by this action. An attacker grabbed her from behind. A real person, not a ghost.

    • Flack: Aw, that better not be Poison Ivy.
      Danny: I'd laugh my ass off.

    • Danny: Are you afraid of spiders?
      Flack: Hey, bud, Northern black widow spider, the female's poison... lay you out in two minutes.
      Danny: You scaredy-cat.
      Flack: Yeah. That could be the cause of her death.
      Danny: You're a science guy now. Black widow bite would cause vomiting, chest pain, maybe some bad muscle cramps, but it's rarely fatal. Besides, our girl died of suffocation. Not a little itty-bitty scary spider.
      Flack: Just bag the evidence.

    • Jo: You know, I saw a ghost once. I was visiting a friend in the hospital and I was reading to her and I looked up and there he was.
      Hawkes: I didn't say that I believed in ghosts. I said I could not prove that they don't exist.
      Jo: I'm being totally serious. He was wearing a white coat and he wasn't scary. He had this energy that was really kind of soothing. And I watched him put his hand on her arm. And then he just... vanished. And later she told me that her dad had died a few years before and he was a doctor... and she described the man that I saw.
      Hawkes: So you think there are other forces at play here?
      Jo: Hell, no. Only the living and breathing actually commit murder.

    • Jo: This victim looks like she's been dead for at least two weeks. That's a long time to wait to bury a corpse.
      Mac: I don't think that's what he was doing here, Jo. I think he was digging her up.

    • Lindsay: 21 grams.
      Hawkes: 21 grams... the body weight reported to be lost at the moment of death.
      Lindsay: The weight of the human soul.
      Hawkes: That study was dismissed for lack of scientific proof. And however much a soul weighs, I'm more concerned about how it plays out in the living. Where it goes after that is strictly personal.
      Lindsay: Oh yeah? How many times you looked for those two sisters in the lake in Central Park?
      Hawkes: (Whispering) Every time I go there.

    • Adam: I don't know about you but I need a promotion because I work way too hard and I'm brilliant.
      Hawkes: Just give us the facts, Adam.

    • Hawkes: Volunteering nights in the Parks Medical Unit, you get to know where the crazies hang out.

    • Hawkes: Meet Sully, the Ken Burns of the supernatural world.
      Sully: I'm a legitimate filmmaker. I document the appearance of apparitions in the park.
      Flack: We spoke to park gardeners, maintenance workers, anybody who could have
      worked with the stuff. You bring us a ghostbuster?

    • Hawkes: You use sulfur, right, Sully?
      Sully: To form a protective circle in an area of high activity, yes. And you disturbed it when you dragged me in here. Which means a spirit could follow any one of us home! You could put some sea salt around the perimeter... per-perimeter of your home. But it's not a guaranteed deterrent.

    • Flack: How interesting would it be if the sulfur we found on her dress was a match to your protective fairy dust?
      Sully: Am I under arrest? Sheldon, what's going on here?
      Hawkes: Your latest film about the spirits on North Brother Island didn't fill too many seats, did it, Sully? But if someone was mysteriously killed in a haunted part of Central Park by an unknown perpetrator like a ghost, then this next one...
      Sully: Are you suggesting that I killed someone to promote my film?

    • Lindsay: (To Sully) Listen, I'm smart. I'm really smart but even if I wasn't, I have enough science backing me up, it's not gonna be that hard to prove that the sulphur handprint on the back of her dress came from you.

    • Sully: Are you talking about that girl in the white dress?
      Flack: The one you grabbed.
      Sully: No, I was trying to help her. At first I thought she was a park spirit, you know? Then boom, she bangs right into me.
      Lindsay: She slammed into you?
      Sully: That's how I knew she was a human form.

    • Flack: And we should believe you why?
      Sully: I was filming all night. I captured every second of it.
      Hawkes: We're going to need a sneak preview of your movie.

    • Danny: Salt's an excellent preservative.
      Sid: That would explain 15 years of death looking like two weeks.
      Mac: So someone came back to dig her up after all that time?
      Who would do that?
      Danny: Someone crazy enough to kill her in the first place?
      Mac: Perpetrators return to the scene after a day, a month, maybe a few years, but 15?

    • Mac: So the only thing our two vics have in common is they were both found in the park.
      Danny: Two separate cases, totally unconnected.
      Mac: And both killers still out there.

    • Sully: Paranormal simply means 'beyond normal'.But there is no finite manifestation for 'normal'. So fear is an irrelevancy, a kind of egocentric contrivance. A paranormal entity is no less natural than a tree. Or a rock.

    • Jo: Who killed our Jane Doe?
      Sid: I don't know who but I can tell you how. Nitrous oxide poisoning.
      Jo: Laughing gas?
      Sid: Well, its effects were exacerbated by antidepressants in her system. The N2O ultimately suffocated her.
      Jo: In the meantime, she could have suffered traumatic hallucinations, thinking she was being chased by something much scarier than we can imagine.

    • Sid: The extent of the bruising suggests she was dead weight in this person's hands, no pun intended.
      Jo: Someone moved her when she was unconscious.

    • Hawkes: Got a name?
      Lindsay: Dwight Parsons. An ex-con with a history of arrests for robbery and assault.
      Jo: Sounds like a prime suspect to me.
      Lindsay: Yeah, except for one thing. He was shot and killed five years ago.
      Hawkes: That would make him a ghost.
      (Jo playfully hits Hawkes with a folder. He smiles)

    • Adam: Oh, yeah. That's right. Who's your daddy? Come on, give it to me... that's right, you just, you give it to me. You just give it... ooh! Just hit the lottery.
      Jo: You're not on one of those kinky web sites...

    • Jo: Oh, Adam, you are so brilliant.
      Adam: (Flattered) Yeah? I... I...
      Jo: (Cutting in fast) Run it through AFIS.
      Adam: Okay.

    • Adam: Didn't you say he died five years ago?
      Jo: The abrasion on the back of Isabel's neck could have come from a head support of a mortician's table.
      Lindsay: So maybe Dwight and Isabel passed through the same funeral home.
      Jo: Right.
      Adam: Wait, hold on a second, back up. She wasn't dead five years ago.
      Jo: Unfortunately, you don't have to be dead to be in a funeral home.

    • Jo: We have a potential lead in the Isabel Wilde case. Adam and Lindsay are chasing it down now.
      Mac: Good job.
      Jo: Good job? That's what I say to Ellie when she eats all of her carrots.

    • Mac: (About Carver's sister) We're going to do everything we can to find her killer.
      Chief Ted Carver: Damn right you are.

    • Jo: We got to go visit the dead.
      Flack: Work-related, I hope.

    • Jo: This place is so creepy. But I guess, funeral home... what else would it be?
      Flack: How the hell does a funeral home go out of business?
      Lindsay: The owners died four years ago. They left the family business to their only son, Gordon. He closed up shop, apparently but I understand he still lives here.
      Hawkes: No prints in the dust, no movement in the air. Definitely doesn't look lived-in.
      Lindsay: Or died in.

    • Flack: Hey, if we come across a little old lady skeleton in a wig in a rocking chair down here, it's every man for himself.

    • Lindsay: So this guy can only relate to dead bodies. That's really sad.
      Flack: That is not the adjective I would use.

    • Danny: It looks like somebody stole her identity.
      Mac: They stole more than that. This could be our killer.
      Danny: How do you figure?
      Mac: Most thieves steal an identity for days, maybe weeks, but years? You'd have to know your victim couldn't report you.

    • Mac: Chief Carver. This is a long way across town for a routine interview.
      Chief Ted Carver: You can't say you weren't expecting me.
      Mac: All due respect... my update was a courtesy call.
      Chief Ted Carver: Right, but if my sister's killer is in there, I need to be here. But, hey, I really do appreciate the respect.

    • Gordon Sprouse: Murder is wrong.
      Hawkes: Death and ecstasy can be closely linked. Some people think they're the same experience. Living in a funeral home all your life... maybe things got mixed up, huh?
      Flack: So what was it? Did you get your first little tingle down there when you saw your dad working on a dead girl, is that it?

    • Flack: So what's the fantasy? Virgin bride? Mommy in a white nightgown?
      Gordon Sprouse: Go to hell! You are disgusting!
      Flack: I'm disgusting? Yes! You're right. I like my girls conscious when they get dressed and put on makeup. Totally gross.

    • Gordon Sprouse: What I do is good.
      Flack: What the hell are you talking about? You drugged that woman out of consciousness, placed her on a cold metal slab and then toyed with her so you could get off! No. What's good about that?!
      Gordon Sprouse: You don't know.
      Flack: I know.
      Gordon Sprouse: You don't know...
      Flack: I know. I know a freak when I see one!

    • Gordon Sprouse: I don't do what's in my head.
      Hawkes: The only difference between you and the other sick bastards is that you put your victim on the slab before you kill her.
      Gordon Sprouse: If I did what was in my head they would be sliced up and gushing and washed down the drain! And you would never find them!

    • Gordon Sprouse: I met Isabel in a bar. She came home with me. She wanted to try the gas. She thought it might be fun. I did not know she was on antidepressants. Otherwise I would have altered the dose.
      Flack: How thoughtful.

    • Girl: Do you know what happened to me that night?
      Jo: Not exactly, but I can tell you what we've learned so far.
      Girl: Do I want to know?

    • Jo: (To Mac) You win. I always thought I was the workaholic.

    • Mac: Cases involving a colleague are always tough, but this one... Chief Carver... being so on top of it.
      Jo: Well, his sister was killed and buried in the park and somebody's digging her up after all these years. I think I'd be all over it, too.

    • Mac: Maybe all these ghost stories are just starting to get my sixth sense working overtime.
      Jo: Why don't we call it a night. The parking garage is kind of spooky right now. You want to walk me out?
      Mac: I'm right behind you.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Jeffrey Vincent Parise, who plays Gordon Sprouse, also appears in the episode 1x15 Til Death Do We Part and in the C.S.I. episode Friends And Lovers.

    • Music Featured:
      Calm The Storm by Graffiti6 (Performed during the autopsy at the beginning of the episode).

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: November 12, 2010 on CTV.
      Norway: January 5, 2011 on TVNorge.
      Turkey: February 21, 2011 on CNBC-e.
      United Kingdom: February 26, 2011 on Five/Five HD.
      Sweden: March 7, 2011 on Kanal 5.
      Spain: April 19, 2011 on AXN.
      Czech Republic: April 20, 2011 on AXN.
      The Netherlands: May 30, 2011 on RTL 4.
      Slovakia: October 25, 2011 on JOJ.
      Germany: November 14, 2011 on Vox.
      Finland: May 16, 2012 on MTV3.


    • Flack: Hey, if we come across a little old lady skeleton in a wig in a rocking chair down here, it's every man for himself.

      Flack is alluding to the famous 1960 Alfred Hitchock movie Psycho, where Norman Bates kept the corpse of his mother in a rocking chair.

    • Flack: You bring us a ghostbuster?

      GhostBusters is Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis 1984 American movie about three eccentric New York City parapsychologists-turned-ghost exterminators. It was followed in 1989 by GhostBusters II.

    • Hawkes: Meet Sully, the Ken Burns of the supernatural world.

      Kenneth Lauren Burns (1953-) is an American documentary director and producer, well known for his particular style consisting of making use of archival footage and photographs. His documentaries have been nominated for two Academy Awards and have won seven Emmy Awards.