CSI: NY - Season 6

CBS (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Vacation Getaway
    Episode 23
    Shane Casey is arrested by Flack and held at the District Attorney's office but he attacks the officer that guards him and escapes. Mac and Stella follow the clues left by the assassin and find themselves at the Mahattan Museum of Art trying to get clues out of an Emmett Vaughan's piece made out of $1 bills. Miles away from the chaos, Danny and Lindsay enjoy some vacation time although the physical distance won't keep them out of target.moreless
  • Point of View
    Episode 22
    Mac witnesses by chance some strange whereabouts from his apartment that might be related to the ongoing investigation of a crime scene. When the case seems to get cold, he is again witness to even more puzzling, surprising and likely dangerous events involving someone he knows well.
  • Unusual Suspects
    Episode 21
    A 14-year-old boy called Nicky is shot and robbed in an alleyway while his small brother, 10-year-old Sam, witnesses the assault. In the course of the investigation, Flack develops a close bond with Sam as they try to figure out together who shot Nicky and stole from him the Rolex watch that belonged to his father and that was given to the boy after his death.moreless
  • 5/5/10
    The dispute between two construction workers ends up in a gruesome way when the body of a former boxer is found under a solid block of concrete.
  • Redemptio
    Episode 19
    Hawkes is called to witness an execution and he ends up learning a secret about his family. Before he gets out of the penitentiary, he finds himself hostage of a riot. The team has to break in and get him out before the inmates discover he is a cop. However, Hawkes has plans of his own during his involuntary stay inside the prison.moreless
  • 4/7/10
    When Marina Garito is found dead Stella is convinced that, contrary to the apparent suicide, she has actually been murdered. For three years, both women have been working together trying to throw light over the disappearance of Marina's twin brother Luke and finally they might have stumbled upon a break in the case. Following her guts, Stella won't stop until she is able to put together the evidence to prove her instincts right.moreless
  • Pot of Gold
    Episode 17
    On St. Patrick's Day Eve, while all the city turns green with celebration, the team faces two corpses of two young journalists drenched in red. They'll lead them to discover a big secret about the gold making operation fraud that could prove deadly for Reed's friend who saw the crime and was about to expose the secret.moreless
  • Uncertainty Rules
    Episode 16
    The team investigates the particularly gruesome outcome of a 21st birthday where the party plans became all but anything worth celebrating. With just a few and not easy answers as their only lead in the case, the CSIs are challenged to stretch their abilities to the limit.
  • The Formula
    Episode 15
    The CSIs get immersed in the world of F1 racing to investigate the death of a racing legend pilot in a car explosion two days before a Grand Prix Race. Soon they'll discover that speed, adrenaline and sponsors aren't always all that comes into play in the the professional racing community in general and the Seraphim Racing Team in particular.moreless
  • Sanguine Love
    Episode 14
    The CSIs team found themselves involved into the obscure world of modern vampirism cult in which blood sharing is at the core of an eccentric but allegedly spiritual brand of religion as a young woman is found dead by exanguination in the Central park snow, with her earlobe chopped and a puncture wound in her neck.moreless
  • Flag on the Play
    Episode 13
    After the beautiful young star quarterback on a Lingerie Football team is found dead in the locker room whirlpool with traces of lidocaine, the team realizes that competition is not all that clean. From a trainer with a shady past involving steroid violations, to the rivalry between the team members to the world of plastic surgery, the team has to tread lightly to discover the truth behind a complex scenario of mixed interests and alliances.moreless
  • Criminal Justice
    Episode 12
    Mac suddenly becomes unwillingly involved in the domestic life of a long-time friend and associate when he is revealed more than he would have wanted to know and gets to find out more than he could have suspected. At the same time, he struggles to honour the promise to bring the killer of a 18-year-old girl to justice.moreless
  • Second Chances
    Episode 11
    The team learns that a man, who had been clean for two years, has been hit by a car and it seems that a 2 million dollar life insurance policy was behind his death. On the other hand, they have a hard time figuring out how a second victim died because of identity theft and if the two deaths are linked.moreless
  • Death House
    Episode 10
    As a consequence of a 911 call, Mac and the team find themselves in a vacant penthouse. However, they discover something else that takes the case into a different direction. Now they have to not only find the caller but also solve the mystery of an unearthed 100 year old corpse as they navigate their way through a booby-trapped house.moreless
  • Manhattanhenge
    Episode 9
    Danny is back in the field with Flack for the first time after the shooting and a store owner's life hangs in the balance. Mac finds a key piece of evidence that will put him on the trail of a serial killer.
  • Cuckoo's Nest
    Episode 8
    A man saves the day when he prevents a murder as he falls from the sky but the CSIs are shocked when the apparent jumper turns out to be the third victim of the Compass Killer. Flack goes AWOL and gets into some trouble so Mac has to divide his efforts and go in search of him.moreless
  • Hammer Down
    Episode 7
    What seemed to be a traffic accident, leads to homicide and illegal organ harvesting. The chase of those involved in the slaughter chain make the NY, Vegas and Miami CSI teams put their efforts together to put an end to the crimes. Hawkes, in particular, is very upset about the case.moreless
  • It Happened to Me
    Episode 6
    Hawkes may find himself in trouble after a man dies. The team finally finds out why Hawkes kept asking for overtime.
  • Battle Scars
    Episode 5
    Mac and his team have to help a dancer remember the events that lead to the death of her boyfriend in their hotel room after winning a large sum in a street dance battle. They also have to find answers to why the hotel manager didn't bother to assist the woman when she rang the bell and why the money was left untouched.moreless
  • Dead Reckoning
    Episode 4
    A woman confesses to murdering her husband but when the evidence is tested to see if she is telling the truth, it clears her of any wrong doing taking the case in a completely different direction and leading to several potential suspects, a serial killer striking in the city among them. Mac sets his mind out to find who the woman is protecting.moreless
  • A man who has apparently committed suicide is found hanging on Ellis Island. The team has to figure our how the death occurred as they follow the path of a killer who leaves compasses behind.
  • 9/30/09
    Mac has to figure out why a mysterious caller keeps asking questions about his father and how he knows everyone's name.
  • Epilogue
    Episode 1
    Danny and Mac get the unexpected help of a young woman while trying to solve their most recent case involving a cop killing.