Season 6 Episode 11

Second Chances

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 16, 2009 on CBS

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  • Quit bringing in all those wanna-be starlets that don't know anything about acting!

    Another great episode. I love having Gary Sinise as the producer. He is doing such an awesome job! Christmas has come early for me when I saw Don Flack all dressed up as an elf. It doesn't get any better than that :). I couldn't enjoy myself more, but I was disappointed about not seeing Adam in the whole episode. At the end they mentioned that Adam was the one who collected money for the gifts, so why wasn't he with the other ones giving the presents to the kids!? This just didn't make sense at all, and I'd rather have less air time for horrible wanna-be actors/actresses in guest roles than leaving out one of the CSI team that is a regular on the show! Other than that, it was enjoyable and the storyline was very entertaining!
  • Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Manillo gust star as two suspects in a murder investigation.

    Ok, I must be honest right away, when I heard Kim Kardashian was guest starring I doomed this episode to fail. I still watched it however because I am a fan of the series. I thought maybe a 6/10 if they were lucky. Why did I assume this? Well Kardashian is not a good actress and her performance in this show just confirmed that fact. However, it was not her performance that really caught me off guard. I was sort of struck by the plot and how ruthless people can be at certain times. This inside look into the lives of homeless people really hit me. The way they showed these high class girls just using poor defenceless homeless men in order to get more money was sickening. I guess with the whole Christmas cheer going around recently it really just resonated with me how lucky I am. Kardashian did not do anything overly exciting, but still just the presence of her character and the story she was involved in was enough to damper anyone's holiday cheer.

    I found the emotion was running high, which is something that has really been lacking in all three CSI franchises lately. With Christmas right around the corner it was a good idea to jack up the emotion and show people what Christmas spirit should really be about. I liked the addition of the homeless people and helping them only to kill them. What bothers me and probably most people that watched this was why didn't these girls just help them and let them live happy? I guess we will never know what drives some people. However the high powered emotions really helped draw attention away from the mediocre performance of Kardashian. Probably the best of episode of the season, and one of the best simple episodes in the CSI franchises I have seen for a while.
  • It's Xmas in CSI:NY, with 3 guest stars...

    Ok... I've just seent the chapter and I'm alittle bit disappointed... The case was great, I mean really original with the women taking homeless out of the streets and giving them 2 years of a 'new' life and then killing them for their insurance money. But the actresses were not very good nor convincing, I especially disliked Kim... Although I have to say that Pat Monahan did a great job!:)
    We had lots of Lindsay, that I guess it's to compensate for the lack of her in the last chapter. But no Sid nor Adam...:( It's Xmas! It would have been great that they all been there!!:( The last 2 minutes are really cute and touchy... I like Stella and supervising as the others dressed up to give the presents. And for the shippers we got 2 nice hugs one DL and one Smacked!:) I love the wink Danny gives Lindsay and the moment when he mentions that he promised Lindsay not to say Boom anymore because she's afraid it's gonna be Lucy's first word!!:lol:
    I loved Train's music in the chapter too!:)
    All in all, a good chapter with a good story and a nice ending but that I think it could have been a lot better...:)
  • Mac and the team investigate the death of a man who was apparently run over by a car in an alley. The investigation reveals that the victim was a former homeless drug addict who was insured for over $2 million.

    This is not a bad episode of "CSI: NY" by any means. It had a good story and Pat Monahan's cameo is a highlight. The very good music he performs is another such highlight. Unfortunately I can't give this episode a higher score than I have because it is hurt by a very bad performance. In this episode Detective Flak warns Kim Kardashian's character not to make an ass (no pun intended) of herself. Too late. Her dialogue is lame ("They are a cancer.") and acting is terrible. She fails miserably in her performace. I hope she doesn't try again.
  • Last episode of the year.

    CSI: New York aired its last original episode of 2009, and you guessed it, like every other CBS show did, they aired a Christmas special. The episode featured random studio sessions with Train and three guest "actresses" Kim Kardashian, LaLa Vasquez and Vanessa Minnillo. I won't complain as all three are quite gorgeous, but were they really necessary. Their clearly scripted dialogue made it difficult to truly get behind the murder storyline in this episode.

    This was a nice way to end the year with the CSI team handing out Christmas gifts to all the kids, but not exactly as exciting as you would have hoped for. Let's hope 2010 takes care of that.
  • A great episode with a surprisingly good guest appearance from Pat Monahan of Train.

    I loved the storyline and the procedure of this episode, but was less-than-amazed by the lackluster guest appearances of Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Minnillo. They were both flat, unconvincing, and it felt more like they were reciting lines than actually acting. Perhaps Kim should stick to the style of movie for which she's best known?

    Pat Monahan of the band "Train" was also on the show, and his performance was the polar opposite - his portrayal of an ex-drug addict who was starting to make it big as a musician was wonderful, and the music selections from Train were enjoyable as well. I've never been a huge fan of their music, but I'll be giving them another go after this episode, for sure.

    All in all a very good episode, made all the better by Monahan's guest appearance.
  • This epi is a Christmas gift

    I think this was the most amazing christmas episode of csi that I have ever seen. I couldnt love more the beginning with Mac and Stell delivering the christmas tree to that lady, so sweet.
    Then the case was great, complicated but the idea was good with a shocking finale.
    Of course the presence of Train was amazing too, the songs were also appropriate to the moments given.
    Either way I was surprised by Macs attitude, he was really happy and smiling all the time which doesnt happen many times, he usually stays pretty dark and that change was great :) At the end one more thing, if every episode would have a smacked moment like it was in this( there were more trhu) you would make us fans very very very happy and satisfied!
    Go CSI NY, you rock!
  • Killer Grannys turned into Killer Celebutards

    The LA Killer Grannies have been transformed into NY Killer Bimbos. The single biggest lesson from this episode is that Kim Kardashian can't act to save her life. Pat Monahan of Train, scarcely a trained thespian, out-acted her six ways from Sunday. Please leave the Reality TV stars off future episodes. Watching Kardashian attempt to emote is painful in the extreme. The musical performances of Train weren't bad, but not enough to scrub her god-awful attempt at acting from memory. The fact that the plot is basically exactly copied from a pair of LA killers really indicates no one spent any extra time making this a new and unique episiode. More like a network package of celebrity guest stars and canned plot.