Season 6 Episode 11

Second Chances

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 16, 2009 on CBS

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  • It's Xmas in CSI:NY, with 3 guest stars...

    Ok... I've just seent the chapter and I'm alittle bit disappointed... The case was great, I mean really original with the women taking homeless out of the streets and giving them 2 years of a 'new' life and then killing them for their insurance money. But the actresses were not very good nor convincing, I especially disliked Kim... Although I have to say that Pat Monahan did a great job!:)
    We had lots of Lindsay, that I guess it's to compensate for the lack of her in the last chapter. But no Sid nor Adam...:( It's Xmas! It would have been great that they all been there!!:( The last 2 minutes are really cute and touchy... I like Stella and supervising as the others dressed up to give the presents. And for the shippers we got 2 nice hugs one DL and one Smacked!:) I love the wink Danny gives Lindsay and the moment when he mentions that he promised Lindsay not to say Boom anymore because she's afraid it's gonna be Lucy's first word!!:lol:
    I loved Train's music in the chapter too!:)
    All in all, a good chapter with a good story and a nice ending but that I think it could have been a lot better...:)