Season 9 Episode 15

Seth And Apep

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2013 on CBS

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  • Lots and Lots of mistakes!!!

    First of all, I'm pure Egyptian, and the first name of the suspect is absolutely not an Egyptian name at all, it looks more Syrian or Lebanese, the family name Kalim is not an Arabic name at all. Second, not just because the john doe who was killed is Pharaoh tattooed, it makes him Egyptian !!!! Third their accent IS NOT EGYPTIAN. Fourth and this is very important the so called "Arabic " letters is not Arabic, it maybe Persian or Ordu but not Arabic. I didn't like the case, it is very predictable, For sure the good guys will win over the bad guys and Mac will save Christine.

    Please writers, stop making us Arabs and Muslims always terrorists, thank you, and I'm definitely still a fan :)
  • storyline

    The storyline was good, but I am not a fan of the mac/christine relationship
  • DB travels to New York City with Mac to assist him in his efforts to find and rescue Christine.

    The second part of the "CSI", "CSI: NY" crossover was the better of the two episodes. It had a well written script and delivered the suspense very well. It kept me guessing up until the end which is always something I enjoy. A highlight of the epiosde was seeing how DB and Mac's team outsmarted the US Marshalls and managed to sneak Zane out. There was one small problem I had with the episode. I found it very hard to believe that Christine could paint such an excellent portrait of The Eye of Ra on her fellow kidnapping victim's dead leg in his own blood. It did not look like it was done by a woman who is scared to death for their life. It looked like it was done by machine or by an artist. That being said, "Seth and Apep" is a satisfying conclusion to a story that got off to a not so good start with part one.
  • Very very good

    I really enjoyed this show. Very intense, suspenseful, interesting,.

    and sad - but ends with Love shining and a happy ending......