Season 5 Episode 4

Sex, Lies, And Silicone

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 2008 on CBS

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  • A woman murdered in a parade and Hawkes is in danger.

    A murder of a woman in a parade called Anne Steele who holds the secrets of Manhattan's corporate and politics on a flash drive which proves to be something that everyone wants because she is a consultant she had it.This flash drive also puts Hawkes in danger when his old friend asks him to get it for him because his dad helped Hawkes to become a doctor but because Hawkes wouldn't do it he is attacked but manages to defend himself.This episode was also funny with the man and his dolls who is probably one of the weirdest people who has ever been on CSI NY.This episode also was left on a cliffhanger when the flash drive was taken to the evidence storage after Mac refused to give it to Sinclair the man taking it there left it for someone to take who you didn't see so the storyline continues.
  • Interesting, funny and the start of something?

    Ok so this wasn't the best case this show has ever done but it was still very New York and very cool.
    The whole twist with the blow up doll in the window was brilliant and very funny, i loved the scene with the man drinking tea with the dolls, i mean he obviously needs help.
    The whole story with the intruder in the lab and the information is looking to be leading up to something big, i liked the fact that they had someone take it at the end too. Overall another great episode, not the best case they have done but very cool and just like New York to have a blow up doll as a witness.
  • A woman dies in the middle of a street festival

    In this episode of CSI New York, the following happens. During a festival type street party a woman collapses and dies. The team are called in and we learn that the victims name is Ann. Sid catches an intruder in Autopsy who manages to escape. The team believe that they have an eye witness to a murder. They go to the apartment and the man claims that he can't remember her name. When Flack and Messer head to the victims apartment they find someone inside. They arrest him ad learn that he is a private investigator. They believe that he was also the intruder in autopsy. Evidence leads them to a company who make dolls for men. They get a warrant and track down customers. The team learn that their missing eye witness is actually a doll. The killer turns out to be the owner of the doll. Ann copied some files from his computer; he went after her and ended up killing her. At the end we see the key piece of evidence, being lost.
  • I really am loving this season, and this episode is just the very reason I watch. It's a great installment, and the characters are always surprising. The 'doll' ties everybody in to each others underlying sexual tones.

    As usual, the beginning of the episode lays the plot and the feel of the show. I keep hearing that there's something going on with Adam and Stella... or atleast with Adam. There was a moment when Adam spontaneously brushed an eye-lash off of Stella's face. It kept me wondering if this was his moment of showing affection, or whether this was just another of his awkward moments. I like both. The doll. Oh my gosh. I couldn't stop laughing at how and where and when the doll(s) were dragged into the fun, and how they (dolls) revealed the inner workings of emotions between characters. Linds and Flack are happening. Although Flack keeps his cool head. I loved when Linds yells out (paraphrase here) "A doll! I can understand you leaving me for another woman, but a DOLL!!" Flacks response shows how cool-headed he is with all of this, "Excuse my wife. She's not well." Hysteria. All in all, this is another fine example of the series, and keeps me waiting for the next episode.
  • A woman dies during a street parade. The investigation reveals that the woman had collected dirt on many prominent New York City figures, including Chief Sinclair. The investigation also create's problems in Hawkes' personal life.

    Despite the fact that the other reviews of this episode have pretty much said it all about this episode, I wanted to weigh in with my opinions. I found this episode to be one of the best written episodes of the series. One of the reasons why I like it as much as I do is because this time around we see how the case directly effects the lives of two key characters, specificaly Mac and Sheldon. Such episodes work well (As they have in the other "CSI" shows) because the scripts are well written. An episode worth your time.
  • One of my True Favorites....

    We have the murder of Anne Steele a corporate fixer. At the start the only thing unusual was that carivale people partying in the NYC streets found the victim. But when you add the silicone dolls it got very interesting and very funny. This episode had one of the best laugh tracks and case in a while. But it was well balanced with an interesting case. Anne's USB drive had lots of information on lots of people and they weren't happy about it. I don't think we've seen the last of this situation. We are still watching Mac and Sinclair in their dance and it's a toss up as to who's winning. But we see some different things between both of them in their final scene together. It was like the stop doing their jobs for one second and we're just collegues. I loved Doc getting some major screen time in deal with Greg Pullman. I never doubt what Doc's choice would be, but I loved to see him face the challenge.
  • Dead woman leads the team to a woman who knows all kinds of secrets of some very high officials..including Chief Sinclair.

    Favorite parts of this chapter were when Adam was totally crushing on Stella and the doll "can I touch it" was a classic adam moment.

    Flack and Linds need to have more scenes together, I almost fell out of my seat when Linds starts going off on Flack when they were walking down the street with the doll. The look on Flacks face totally made the show. Plus the interview in the guys apartments with all of the dolls....How Flack maintained his professionalism I have no idea. I would love to see the gag reel on this episode.

    Hawks is a stand up guy, and it goes to show you that you never want to beat up a CSI guy, as they always walk away with the evidence they need to put you away. Hopefully next week we will start seeing more DL moments as the announcement is right around the corner.
  • Really good one!:)

    *Adam has a huge crush on Stella! The eyelash moment was just amazing! Could he be cuter?? And him wanting to touch the doll?

    *Lindsay rocks. She was funny, smart and beautiful...I really missed her. We had the melancolic and sad Lindsay for the last chapter I'm glad she is over that! *Lindsay+Flack=LAUGHS...they should have more scenes together! they are great! The interview with the freak guy that had 3 dolls was unforgettable!

    *Hawkes is a decent guy...not that this surprises me but...I'm glad he got more screen time!

    *Mac and Sinclair: They seem to have a good relationship afterall... Quite weird...

    *I guess that the end means that this Ann Steel USB think would have some continuity in some future chapters...

    Really good one, maybe the best of this season, for now I hope!:D