Season 5 Episode 14

She's Not There

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2009 on CBS

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  • Another excellent installment from the fifth season of CSI NY proving that CSI NY is different from any other CSI show.

    This episode follows the journey of a father in search for his lost little girl who once had great hopes and ambitions for her future in "the big apple" but is lost and trapped by the sex trafficing business where she is drugged and rented out as a sex slave. The whole team are understandably moved by the father's long journey and desperate search for his missing daughter along with many other father's who daughters have lost their way. It takes a while for the team to track down where the girls are and they are forced to risk their only leads in a bust on a drug dealer apparently supplying the traficers with the drugs which forces the petrified girls so stay trapped in the circle of violence. Tensions run high throughout this episode and certain characters seem more involved and affected than others. Stella takes a personal interest in another father who is desperately hunting down his daughter after finding out she is alive. She seems hardest hit by the gritty business and ruthlessness of the young girls traficer.
  • Another Great Installment. A very sad story about a robbery that leads to a sex slavery ring.

    This episode opens up with what appears to be a robbery. The man that was killed had come from the Ukraine searching for his daughter. After finding his wallet, Mac finds another police officers name with a meeting place written on a piece of paper. The police officers name is Deputy Inspector Gillian Whitford. The team finds evidence on the sweatshirt of the man killed that leads them to a building where they find evidence of a sex slavery ring. There is evidence that the girls aged 14-21 are being drugged with heroin to be kept under control. They find a symbol on the drug packets that will later lead to another suspect with information. They find one girl there and she goes to the bathroom and escapes. This girl is significant later in the episode. They also find a familial DNA match to a father looking for his daughter. The letter written to the dead man in the beginning has the DNA of a club owner who is reluctant to get involved. Mac and Flack talk the man who's DNA was found under the stamp into going undercover and helping arrest the man (Nemo) who was selling the heroin. After arresting Nemo, they get the information needed and raid the sex slavery ring, rescuing all of the girls. When one of the girls comes into where her father is, they are identifying one of the girls and she is identified as the girl who kidnaps them and pulls them into the sex ring. It was the girl that escaped from the building earlier. They initially thought she was a victim.

    When Adrik Fedoruk was talking to her dead fathers body, it was a pretty powerful scene. I usually don't cry over this kind of stuff; well ok I lied I always do; this was no exception.
  • Mac and the team investigate what appears to be a robbery gone wrong when a man is found stabbed to death on the streets of New York. As the investigation progresses it's soon revealed that the murder could have ties to a human trafficing ring.

    All of the elements that make "CSI: NY" the great show that it is are all present here. A well written script, top notch suspense and very good performances. Once again I found myself being hooked on this story until the end. The opening scenes of this episode are also well done. I assume, that since the young woman who works for the trafficers was still on the job after the ring was busted, that this episode is not the last we have seen of this story. After all, we have not learned who exactly runs the sex slave ring.
  • *CSI: NY* attempts a case focused on the horrid crime of human trafficking and produces a well written episode.

    I saw this episode of *CSI: NY* when it aired three days ago. Now, *CSI: NY* isn't the first CSI in the group to do an episode that focused on the horrid and disgusting crime that is known as "human trafficking"--the act of kidnapping women and selling them as slaves for the pleasure of others (to be explained in a PG-13 manner). In fact, it is third of the three to make such an episode.

    However, unlike the other episodes from *CSI: Crime Scene Investigation* and *CSI: Miami* (which actually had two episodes on the subject), *CSI: NY* managed to produce an episode which focused more on the victims than on the human trafficking portion being some big plot twist three-quarters of the way into the episode and the ending being the big, brawny men from the CSI department rescuing the women.

    I like the fact that this episode focuses on the victim and actually makes it a point to show viewers that the episode deals with human trafficking in about the first twenty minutes. That also gives room for characters like Inspector Gillian Whitford (Julia Ormound) to have some character development. The episode was good and, while it featured a dark side to it, writers still were able to incorporate some comic relief into the episode. This is namely accomplished through the formula that Hawkes (Harper) claims to have created to prove that there is a direct relation between how far one travels to get to New York and how likely they are to get a "The Big, Big Apple" shirt. Consequently, Danny's thinking he's funnier than he really is is a quirk that actually lifts some of the darkness of this episode.

    All in all, I liked it. And I would highly recommend it as it shows how strong the bond between parents and their children can be--for Adrik Federuk who was trying to find his daughter who got kidnapped by the traffickers, it was fatal, but he did not die in vain. In fact his death helped safe the lives of many young women.
  • Great installment and everyong was involved and tied the pieces together.

    Ok, here is the reason I gave it a 9 instead of a 10. I was promised (we all were) that there would be a valentines day surprise in this episode. AA said so, Pam Veasy said so, and I was all excited. Well the episode came and went with nothing. It was just another case and there was not that much personal involvement. At least not with D/L or F/A. Nothing. Now to the case.

    Mac: Does not like it when other people tell him how to do is job. Good thing the new Chief realized it and let Mac do what Mac does best.

    Stella: Perfect ending. You can fool her once, but that is the only chance you get.

    Danny: Loved the chance scene. It was classic when he locked the girl in the locker.

    Flack: Great chance scene to. Love how he seems so attached to his suits.

    Linds/Hawks: Great additions

    Sid: Never seen him so emotional until the girl was talking to her father.

    Adam: No Adam, where did he go.

    Still waiting for three story lines to wrap up though. Crazy Girl in love with Mac, Greek Bad Guy and the famous thumb drive with secrets. Looking forward to all three being wrapped up.
  • Another good one!:)

    Really interesting and heartbreaking case. It had it funny moments like when Danny followed the chinese girl and finally caught her inside the cupboard. But they were a lot of touchy moments too, the father looking for his daughter, Gillian talking wiht Mac and the girl talking with his father at the end almost made me cry... Stella was quite affected by the case too...
    Danny and Flack are great as a comic duo or a team!:P They brought the light on this chapter that was very dark. Lindsay and Sid were funny too.:P
    All the characters made a great job, It was a very well written chapter and really touchy. I liked it!:)
  • Emotional...

    One of the things I saw throughtout this entire episode was that the entire team had their emotions and hearts out on their sleeves, even if it was subtle. Justifiable considering the case involved the trafficing of young girls as sex slaves. The interaction between Mac and his new boss was actually pretty interesting considering she was so emotionally wrapped up in this case. You even saw Sid choking up a bit with the daughter identifing her father. I really liked the twist at the end when it was discovered that a young girl was responsible for luring the targets. Overall a great script with a sad true to life case....