Season 5 Episode 14

She's Not There

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2009 on CBS

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  • *CSI: NY* attempts a case focused on the horrid crime of human trafficking and produces a well written episode.

    I saw this episode of *CSI: NY* when it aired three days ago. Now, *CSI: NY* isn't the first CSI in the group to do an episode that focused on the horrid and disgusting crime that is known as "human trafficking"--the act of kidnapping women and selling them as slaves for the pleasure of others (to be explained in a PG-13 manner). In fact, it is third of the three to make such an episode.

    However, unlike the other episodes from *CSI: Crime Scene Investigation* and *CSI: Miami* (which actually had two episodes on the subject), *CSI: NY* managed to produce an episode which focused more on the victims than on the human trafficking portion being some big plot twist three-quarters of the way into the episode and the ending being the big, brawny men from the CSI department rescuing the women.

    I like the fact that this episode focuses on the victim and actually makes it a point to show viewers that the episode deals with human trafficking in about the first twenty minutes. That also gives room for characters like Inspector Gillian Whitford (Julia Ormound) to have some character development. The episode was good and, while it featured a dark side to it, writers still were able to incorporate some comic relief into the episode. This is namely accomplished through the formula that Hawkes (Harper) claims to have created to prove that there is a direct relation between how far one travels to get to New York and how likely they are to get a "The Big, Big Apple" shirt. Consequently, Danny's thinking he's funnier than he really is is a quirk that actually lifts some of the darkness of this episode.

    All in all, I liked it. And I would highly recommend it as it shows how strong the bond between parents and their children can be--for Adrik Federuk who was trying to find his daughter who got kidnapped by the traffickers, it was fatal, but he did not die in vain. In fact his death helped safe the lives of many young women.
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