Season 5 Episode 14

She's Not There

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2009 on CBS

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  • Another Great Installment. A very sad story about a robbery that leads to a sex slavery ring.

    This episode opens up with what appears to be a robbery. The man that was killed had come from the Ukraine searching for his daughter. After finding his wallet, Mac finds another police officers name with a meeting place written on a piece of paper. The police officers name is Deputy Inspector Gillian Whitford. The team finds evidence on the sweatshirt of the man killed that leads them to a building where they find evidence of a sex slavery ring. There is evidence that the girls aged 14-21 are being drugged with heroin to be kept under control. They find a symbol on the drug packets that will later lead to another suspect with information. They find one girl there and she goes to the bathroom and escapes. This girl is significant later in the episode. They also find a familial DNA match to a father looking for his daughter. The letter written to the dead man in the beginning has the DNA of a club owner who is reluctant to get involved. Mac and Flack talk the man who's DNA was found under the stamp into going undercover and helping arrest the man (Nemo) who was selling the heroin. After arresting Nemo, they get the information needed and raid the sex slavery ring, rescuing all of the girls. When one of the girls comes into where her father is, they are identifying one of the girls and she is identified as the girl who kidnaps them and pulls them into the sex ring. It was the girl that escaped from the building earlier. They initially thought she was a victim.

    When Adrik Fedoruk was talking to her dead fathers body, it was a pretty powerful scene. I usually don't cry over this kind of stuff; well ok I lied I always do; this was no exception.