Season 3 Episode 12

Silent Night

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 13, 2006 on CBS
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The CSI team has a problem after learning that the victim's family is deaf. Now they have to find a new way to catch the killer. Meanwhile, more information is given on Lindsay's horrifying past and what led her to become a CSI.

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  • Good episode

    Wow this episode was great, I liked it how Mac was observant to notice that the woman was deaf.

    I don’t actually like Mac’s relation with Peyton, but in a way I’m glad that they got back together because you could just see that it was hurting both Mac and Peyton.

    Wow Lindsay’s past, can’t wait to see what it is. Lol. We got to see a little of what happen to her as she told Stella.

    America sign language is different from NZ, I’m learning NZ sign language at the moment and the last scene with Mac and Peyton I was hoping I could read lips but they were talking too fast as I’m a hearing person.

    Overall good episode, I stop watching csi:ny because I didn’t like D/L breaking up, but this was a great episode and can’t wait to see later episode.moreless
  • Mediocre guest stars overshadow what should have been a very important episode.

    Again, catching up with my reviews.

    What did they think they were doing? Hyping up this episode as revealing Lindsay's past to give us absolutely nothing? What crap. I was so disappointed. So she survived a terrible crime. I knew that already. And I was already speculating that it was something about a friends of hers that had died. So basically, I learned nothing knew. Fabulous.

    The case about the ice skater was unnecessary. Sasha Cohen can't act, and those four minutes at the end with her skating could have been used for some good Danny/Lindsay action, or even just Lindsay stuff. I just felt that that whole ending sequence was wasted air time. The ice skating case was the B case. The episode should never end on the B case unless it's revealing important character development.

    This episode would have worked better if everyone had been on the A case. Having a B case was just pointless, especially since Hawkes and Stella technically worked both, and Lindsay didn't actually work either.

    That just means that there was less of Danny.

    Oh. My. God. Stop the planet. Flack had an idea. And it was a good idea, too. And it worked! Who would have thought?

    Stella is a hypocrite. Yes, I understand that she was reaching out to Lindsay, and Lindsay told her to leave her alone, but Stella's reaction was uncalled for. She was exactly the same way in Open and Shut, but it's okay when it's her. With Lindsay, however, it's wrong. At least Lindsay doesn't work cases where she'll get emotionally involved. She did the professional thing and removed herself from the scene, though granted, she did it the wrong way. Lindsay is dealing with some serious stuff right now. She's entitled to have a crappy day. Stella reaming at her like that was so...witchy.

    By the way, how is Stella Lindsay's boss? Mac is the boss. I didn't realize Stella was any kind of boss. She outranks Lindsay, but she's no one's boss. That's why, when Lindsay mouthed off to her, I didn't feel that she had any right to go into boss mode. She wasn't even the lead on the case on which Lindsay was working - Mac was.

    I'm just not liking the way they're writing Stella this season. She never used to bother me. Maybe it's overexposure from her girls that's coloring my opinion of her. Either way, she needs to check the attitude, and fast.

    I liked the A case. I actually felt bad for the father of the baby, even though he did kill the girl and kidnap Marlee Matlin and the baby. I liked the whole idea of using the other senses to solve the crime - reenacting the crime so that she could try and recognize the vibrations on the floor. That was brilliant. And while I hated Sasha Cohen's spot, I loved Marlee Matlin's. She is always fabulous, no matter what show she's on.

    Danny looked hot. Really hot. You could see through his shirt!

    I'm sorry... When did this stop being CSI: NY and start being the Mac/Peyton show? I thought they were done! I dislike Mac and Peyton, and I don't understand why they had to get back together. I was under the impression that Claire Forlani's arc had come to an end, and she was leaving. All those problems she mentioned in Raising Shane are still prevalent. Nothing has changed, except perhaps Mac's attitude towards their relationship. But if he was really ready to make his saucy little secret public, he should have hugged her in front of everyone.

    To sum up, I liked this episode fine until the last five minutes, when I realized that there would be no D/L, Mac/Peyton were back on, and we were going to learn nothing else about Lindsay's past. In my humble opinion, it was not good enough to end the year on.moreless
  • This episode was sad.

    Man, I was in tears at the end of this episode, it was so well done. This is the second time the CSI shows have gone to the silent world of deaf people and done a wonderful job protraying it. First in CSI, now this episode. I was really confused as to why she didn't hear the snow globe hit the floor until I realized she was deaf. I didn't read the summary cap so this epsiode was filled with mystery for me.

    I get teary when other people cry and seeing Lindsay start crying in the morgue after seeing those two girls there, got me, well, teary. I'm glad Stella was there for her as a friend. That baby was beautiful. I'm glad they didn't dub her voice like in most TV shows/ads. I knew it was the boyfriend, I just got the wrong one. I got teary again when That guy just wanted to be the father to Elizabeth. Though, I didn't like how he said he didn't want his baby growing up deaf.

    On to the dead skater. I was totally thinking some sort of equation when Danny was documenting that arrow and "I" scratched into the ice. Lol, I took one look at that fan letter Mackenzie got and I was like, "Huh?"

    The third teary moment I had was when Mac and Peyton got back together. It was so beautiful.moreless
  • Marlee Matlin guest stars, Lindsay has a breakdown in front of Stella and Sid and Danny finds a paint chip that changes color when moved. Deals with the harsh conflict in the deaf community.moreless

    When I first heard that Marlee Matlin was guest starring I was so excited. She is such an amazing actress and role model for women. At 21 she was the youngest woman to ever win an Oscar for Best Actress. This episode was and is very dear to me being that I have friends who are deaf. The conflict that the character Cole faces, being the only deaf person in his family and being shunned for it gets the cochlear implants abling him to hear. By doing this he has rejected being deaf and rejected the deaf community. This episode was also a turning point for Lindsay's character. Knowing from previous episodes, we know she has a difficult time with facing distraght mothers. Explains why she had to leave the scene. Her confrontation with Stella and then the breakdown in the mourge broke my heart. I love the character of Lindsay and hope to see more of her this upcoming season.moreless
  • A deaf girl is murdered in her own house where the whole family is deaf. The CSIs arrive only to have Lindsay leave quickly. In other places, an iceskater is found dead off the ice. When Stella asks Lindsay why she left, she doesn't know how to explain.moreless

    I was very moved by this episode. I haven't seen a young father want that much for his daughter before. They did an excellent job on that story line. Lindsay's, however, I wish they went deeper in. But more might come out next year. Anna Belknap did a very good job in this episode. There aren't that many actresses who can cry but still look that beautiful. I'm glad to see Mac and Peyton are back together. They are a very sweet couple and they compliment each other very well. sasha Cohen is a pretty good actress. I was glad to her perform on the ice again.moreless
Anna Belknap

Anna Belknap

Lindsay Monroe

Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo

Danny Messer

Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill

Detective Donald "Don" Flack, Jr.

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

Melina Kanakaredes

Melina Kanakaredes

Detective Stella Bonasera

Marlee Matlin

Marlee Matlin

Gina Mitchum

Guest Star

Amber Stanton

Amber Stanton

Alison Mitchum

Guest Star

Troy Kotsur

Troy Kotsur

Dennis Mitchum

Guest Star

Robert Joy

Robert Joy

Dr. Sid Hammerback

Recurring Role

Claire Forlani

Claire Forlani

Dr. Peyton Driscoll

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • The expressions written on the paper sent to Mackenzie (by the killer) are right, but most of them have nothing to do with inertia, they are merely basic physical expressions.

    • Goof: When Mac is trying to know if he can "feel" the gunshot barefoot, we see him put blue ear plugs on. However, when he then puts on a helmet, the ear plugs are orange and when he takes it off, they are orange and blue.

    • Goof: When Mac interrogates Gina Mitchum, he asks her what waked her up and she answers that she felt footsteps. However, in the opening scene, she just sat on her bed when she felt the gunshot, she was not asleep.

      This isn't necessarily a goof. Gina Mitchum could have felt the footsteps and gotten up. Then seeing that no one was up so she went back to bed. Where she then felt the gunshot that made her go check on things once more.

    • Goof: When Mac and Don are driving in pursuit of Gina Mitchum and the hostage taker, Mac has an open line to the victim, Gina, on his cell phone and audio from Gina's car can be heard through the speaker. Mac's phone is a Palm Treo 700 series. The screen should have remained lit while the call was in process. The scene in the car shows the phone display as dark... which would mean there is no call in process.

    • Goof: As the mother is checking on the baby, the killer knocks over a snow globe. The mother wouldn't have heard it since she was deaf, but wouldn't she have felt the vibration on the hardwood floor?

    • Goof: When Danny and Stella arrive to the entrance of the skating area, at the left the flags of Turkey and Greece are hung up. Although Greece's flag is in its true form, Turkey's flag is not. The moon and the star of the Turkey's flag should be bigger and should be centered.

    • If you look quickly enough to Peyton's cell phone, you can see that Mac's phone number is 2125550364.

    • This episode touches on a conflict in the deaf community. It's a constant clash between those that desire to hear with the use of new technology and those who wish to remain deaf. It is a very emotional subject and known by few in the hearing world.

    • Assuming that this episode takes place in December (when it first aired), the truck that Lindsay drives away from the crime scene has an expired registration. If you look at the corner of the windshield, the sticker clearly says 11-06.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Lindsay: (Crying in autopsy after seeing flashes of bloody girls from past to present) Why? Why was I the only one?

    • Danny: (about the Zamboni ice machine) Maybe he wasn't cleaning the ice, maybe he was cleaning the murder scene.

    • Hawkes: You want Gina to participate in the reconstruction? That would mean taking her home, back to the crime scene.
      Mac: Gina heard every detail of that crime scene through her body, which makes her our best witness.

    • Stella: He sent Krista hundreds of postcards where he cut out photographs of himself and put them in the picture next to her.
      Danny: Super-fan.
      Stella: Super-creepy if you ask me.

    • Lindsay: I could use a friend here, Stell.
      Stella: You got one, kiddo.

    • Stella: You can talk to me off the record, you know that, right?
      Lindsay: What do you want me to say?
      Stella: You left the crime scene Lindsay, I mean, I covered for you, but...
      Lindsay: Yeah, thanks.
      Stella: Look, if you have a problem you should tell someone, I'm just trying to help.
      Lindsay: Well don't, OK? Just leave me alone.
      Stella: Clearly I made a mistake about trying to be your friend here, so I'll be your boss: when you're requested at a crime scene you show up and you do your job. Speaking of your job, I expect to see you at the autopsy this afternoon.

    • Gina: Thank you. You helped me and I wish I could help you now.
      Mac: What makes you think that something's wrong?
      Gina: I speak with my hands, you speak with your eyes.

    • Mac: You're some piece of work.
      Flack: What Detective Taylor meant to say is that you're a scumbag with an $80 haircut who killed his girlfriend because she decided to have his baby.

    • Lindsay: I survived a crime...a very...a terrible crime.

    • Mac: (To Peyton) Look into my eyes because I need you to hear me. I can't promise I won't be cautious or hesitant, but I am commited to making this work. I dont want to lose you, Peyton.

    • Lindsay: Why did I survive?

  • NOTES (4)