Season 3 Episode 18

Sleight Out of Hand

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2007 on CBS

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  • No mystery

    I was thinking someone was setting the guy up but turns out he's crazy. This was not as good as I hoped it would be. Didn't watch the Lindsay on the stand part. Danny showing up at the end was cute. What happened with Mac and the doctor? Haven't seen them together in a while.
  • I saw it and immediately said W to the T to the F! The character of Luke Blade is an alright character but I was surprised at how poorly things were portrayed and developed.

    First off...this isn't even my favorite storyline. Luke Blade is a good character, and a very unique one but he is supposed to have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. People with FAS have diminished brain capacity an often are mentally retarded. The character of Luke blade was of normal if not above normal intelligence. FAS also causes noticeable characteristics such as the eyes being further apart, etc. Criss Angel is no doubt a gorgeous man and remains that way portraying an individual with a condition that disfigures the afflicted. This is something that someone who is familiar with the condition would notice and also anyone who looked it up would notice. I also felt that there was a daytime soap jammed into it too. Back and forth between court and trying to catch Luke before he kills again is kind of agitating and I feel that was mostly filler. This episode had the potential to be awesome, but failed to live up. I was a little disappointed by the lack of accuracy and the days of our lives filler in there. But hey, it's the third spinoff of the CSI series. What should I expect?
  • Master magician Luke Blade is putting on a three day show in New York City titled Death Becomes Me. At the time his tricks are performed two of his employees turn up dead in ways that imitate Blade's tricks. Also, Lindsay returns in this episode.


    I did like this episode and thought it was well done. However in the last few episodes of CSI: NY I have noticed what I hope is not a growing trend. Appearances by guest stars who can't act. A recent episode of CSI: NY featured singer Nelly Furtado in a cardboard performance and earlier this season CSI had a guest appearance by Kevin Federline. Now in this episode of CSI: NY we have Criss Angel. I know the reason why guest stars are used on this and other shows, but I would like those guests to be actors.

  • an odd episode

    Luke Blade will perform 3 illusion in three nights. the first is sawing him self in half but some how a woman is sawed in half too. the second is setting himself on fire and his assistant is set on fire as well and gets all burned up. the csi:ny team is investigating to see who is responsible for this but they can't talk to their suspect the assistant of luke blade because he burned up. luke balde still does his thir allusion even though the others have caused so much chaos. what an odd episode it was. coolchriss44 out.
  • Luke Blade, an illusionist, is putting on a show. People are dying in the same way. The team investigates, while Lindsay testifies in Montana.

    This was a great episode. One of the reasons I prefer CSI: NY is that they pretty consistently incorporate character development into the plot. They don't just trot out a gambling addiction to further the plot. Throughout the episode, we see Lindsay testifying in Montana. Through a series of flashbacks, we see the crime that has haunted her and kept her from acting on her feelings for Danny. This storyline has been developed through a number of episodes. We learn about Lindsay's past and it helps to explain some of her reactions. Additionally, we get to see how her absence is effecting Danny. He is working alot and exhausted to the point he is sniping at Stella and Mac and hallucinating about Lindsay in the lab. When Mac sends him home, he walks in and then back out, telling himself to trust his instincts. The next time we see him, he is in the courtroom where Lindsay is testifying. She sees him and smiles. Later, as the jury forewoman is reading the verdict, Lindsay takes Danny's hand. When the guilty verdict is read, Lindsay leans her head on Danny's shoulder. Then, they stand and hug. Then she stops him from walking out of the courtroom and leans in to kiss him. They are interrupted by the press. I relate this, because this is a storyline that has been developing since Montana first episode. It was well-done, even if the timeline is a bit screwed up. What is happening with the characters is just as important as the actual case for lot of people, myself included. The actual case about the illusionist is pretty predictable, but Criss Angel definitely pulls of the psychopath thing. When he is thwarted at the end of the episode, he is just plain scary.
  • Criss Angel guest stars as an illusionist whose staff are being found murdered and the murders are mimicking his stage show.

    This version of CSI is getting better all the time. The storylines are inventive and the characters are interesting and fresh. I am a big Mac fan and Gary Sinise always delivers. The relationship between Lindsay and Danny is coming to a focal point and hopefully is headed for some real fireworks. The murders and investigation was top-notch and not run of the mill, the show remains interesting and never boring. I like all 3 CSI shows but CSI New York is fast becoming my favorite. I am concerened for Stella and her battle with waiting the 3 months til she can be cleared of the HIV. The characters all care about each other and it shows, just like a real team should be.
  • Lindsay's Back!

    I really enjoyed Lindsay's return this week, and the way that they handled her court case. Her testimony was realistic and honest and wonderful, and I liked seeing Danny go to Minnesota to see her (although I'm upset that he wasn't sent home when he had no sleep). I also liked that they minimized Stella's questionable HIV status this week, that story line bothers me beyond definition. Now if we could just get rid of her stupid clichéd dialogue, the show might be perfect. However, the main storyline was well played, and Criss Angel did a great job at playing a psycho magician (even if that, too, was a little clichéd). A great episode and I can't wait to see more Lindsay!
  • While Luke Blade,magician (Criss Angel) is doing his 3-day show, there are murders very similar to what Luke Blade shows were. In the end they catch Luke in the process of drowning his adoptive mother.

    Luke Blade, magician (Criss Angel) is doing a 3-day show which consists of 3 stunts the first two were cutting himself in half and the other was being a human torch for 4 hours. After the first stunt the CSI team find a young woman sawed in half. After the second stunt they find one of Blade's helper dead after being burned alive. After doing research they find out that Luke had a plan to kill his adoptive mother because she left him when he was a child but the team catch him before he commits another murder.
  • Wonderful episode, despite it's flaws.

    I think the only "issue" that I have with this episode, is that Lindsay's past seems forced. Even as early as "Manhattan Manhunt" (2x07) we know that she's seen some pretty horrific scenes, but that could've been because she's a CSI. It felt as though the writers had made up the background on the spur of the moment when they found out Anna Belknap was pregnant and would need maternity leave. It worked, yes, but dude to the fact that Belknap hasn't been a big part of the show for the majority of S3 up to this episode, the scenes feel very rushed. However, they were well acted, and the fact that Danny showed up in Montana to support her only made it that much better. Excellent reunion for the two, as anything else would've made fans of the pairing feel cheated out of seeing their eyes lock for the first time in too long. The rest of the episode was nicely written as well, with an excellent guest performance by Criss Angel as the crazy magician Luke Blade.
  • Illusionist Luke Blade is a suspect in a stream of murders. Lindsey must stand trial as the only surviving witness to a murder.

    This episode probably deserves to be in the top three episodes this season, certainly along with the episodes with Edward Furlong as a guest star. What makes this episode great is certainly not the cases involved, even though they were top notch, it was the further character developments among some of the cast. First, I love the banter between Hawkes and Flack when they were at the magician shop getting key evidence in the investigation. I love the line Flack said about the the mob and how they "Houdini-ed" their victims. I also like the line Flack said to Hawkes about how he can only tell the difference between "RNA and DNA." Funny moment, indeed! Also, I liked how Stella was in her office at the knowhivaids.com website trying to obtain information for herself. Indeed, she is at risk with HIV and you can see her concern. I also liked how Lindsey called Stella and froze up when the accused murderer approached the courtroom. These are little things, but it shows that these people have lives and concerns outside the crime lab. But the best acting was none other than Lindsey and Danny! I liked how Danny was suffering from sleep deprivation and it caused him to see an image of Lindsey in the crime lab, even though she clearly was still in Montana. I also like when Danny came into his apartment, (after Mac ordered him to go home to get some sleep) and how he said to himself, "Go with your instincts." At the time, I had no idea what he was talking about. I figured it involved the illusionist case. But it involved Danny flying to Montana to give Lindsey some support. When he stepped into the courtroom, it seemed all her worries were washed away initially. Then of course, there was the kiss (or almost kiss) after the verdict. (Don't you just hate reporters, sometimes?) It really moved me to know that they are officially a couple.
  • This was an awesome episode, it is unbelievably good.

    I love how this show incorporates famous people into it's episodes. Criss Angel is the third major celebrity featured on this show and he was awesome. The illusions really added something to the show as well. Finally, what we have all been waiting for: Danny and Lindsay together. It is so cute that he traveled all the way to Montana from New York to see her. When Danny stepped into the court room, you could tell she became more confident and was able to tell her story, which was really sad. I love this show. It is my favorite "CSI" and this episode shows exactly why.
  • cool

    verry cool i hoop to see it soon at the netherlands yes yes yes i love danny and lindsey cool,my riting is not so good i came from holland the netherlands .
    this serie is verry good,i love lindsay and danny wow. this is better than the csi i like the csi new york we at the serie sweet 16 i dont no wat to rite this is the moment i wait vore but the are not kissed yet i hope the do it soon.
    this is a good coppel together lindsay and danny kiss kiss kiss i love you both
  • Wow. And I didn't think it was possible to love Danny more. What a wonderful man! Lindsay doesn't know how lucky she is. "65% of dead people say..." Roffle my woffle.

    It's night. A huge crowd goes wild on the corner of 44th and 6th directly across the street from the location where the legendary Harry Houdini performed one of his greatest illusions. Charismatic and talented magician Luke Blade drums up applause in anticipation for his next trick, howling in faux fear as a giant saw blade descends to chop him in half. Of course it's only a trick, but not necessarily for a woman trapped inside a different magician's chest nearby. For her it's no illusion. While Blade's fear over his magic trick plays to his audience, her terror is real. She screams in pain as a ragged saw cuts her in half. Looks like this magician had no intention of performing the trick the right way.
  • awesome mix of characters. criss angel is the best!

    truly amazing show. criss angel was totally out of character in this episode! luke blade was an interesting character for criss angel. i just hope you guys bring him back sometime. sleight out of hand was really,really,really amazing. the best show i have ever seen and this is my first time watching csi:ny but i would totally watch again just to see what happeans to luke blade( criss angel's character)truly crazy but one of a kind that's criss angel aka luke blade.
  • i love this show

    Great episode, I loved every minute of it, magic is always interesting, illusion is far far better. It's pretty cool how they produce new ways to acquire evidence in this show like when Danny lifted the shoe print off of the floor that was cool to watch, Luke blade reminded me of David Blaine and I like him, what made this episode even better Was, Lindsey's return major character development there, she finally let Danny in, at last now we know the whole story about Lindsey's past no more mystery, but I bet there's gonna be plenty of amazing episodes the writers have plenty of room to play I can't wait till next episode. man.. April seems really far
  • OMG OMG Words can not describe how much I LOVED this episode.

    This episode lived up to every expectation and beyond. The script was AWESOME. Criss Angel as the psycho was type casting if ever, but PERFECT. I liked the teamings. It's been awhile since Stella and Mac worked on together, it was timely and classic. The scene of Hawkes and Flack in the magic shop was pure PERFECTION. The bander was fitting and funny. Now on to the main event.....Lindsay's return. I thought the script for this portion was classicly done without being to much. It answered so many questions. But showed her vulnerable but confident and strong. The Lindsay we know and love. Danny thank you for going with your instinct. Now if TPTB rob us fans of the FIRST kiss there will be some serious issues.......This episode will be watched over and over and over.
  • Great Mystery & We finally hear Lindsay's story!

    I thought at first someone was trying to set up Luke Blade. I mean it just seemed to easy for the killer to be him. But as always they get you there in a totally uncoventional way. FAS as a partial motive was very interesting. And the magic was really great to watch. Cris Angel was incredible & very, very creepy.

    I have to say my favorite bit was Lindsay. I thought we were just going to get the conversation with her & Stella, but no. We got so much more. it broke my heart to hear her tell her story of the night her friends died. To have Danny there was amazing! And they almost kissed! Stupid Photogs messing it up for everyone:)
  • Murder + Magic = :-)

    Wow, what a great episode!! A compelling case of murders that are based on the tricks of Luke Blade and his show "Death Becomes Me." A women sawed in half, a man burned to death, and his adoptive mama almost drowned. Well, goodness, doesn't someone have a people problem...

    I just loved the conversation between Flack and Hawkes at the magic shop about the use of the phrase "pull a Houdini" and the difference between DNA and RNA. Total nerd alert, and you have to admit Flack's reaction to the shop owner's comment was just CLASSIC.

    You also have to love Danny's day-dream about Lindsay in the lab was cute. He's working too hard, but we know why that is, now don't we. (Yay M&M!) And his going to Montana was so sweet. His instinct is to go to Lindsay...you know they're meant to be. And oh my god, they almost kiss. Whooo!
  • Magician

    This is one good episode. Not great but only good. CSI: NY seems to have too much about medical. For this episode, Luke Blade has a syndrome, in the previous episode, the victim (covered with money) seems to have infection after his surgery. Yet in the previous episode (The Ride-In), the victim's sister has also another syndrome that makes her forgot her identity. Too many medical cases, makes the show not very interesting anymore. A fine episode, not my favourite although this episode is rated 9.6 in TV.com. But I think the previous episode is better. Oh, and welcome back Montana, Danny missed you.
  • Fantastic episode!

    What can I say? This was a fantastic episode. The case with Luke Blade was nice. But what was even better- Lindsay is back! After three episodes without her, she's finally back, and we see her testifying in Montana. She has to face the man who killed her friends. The courtroom scenes were intense and full of emotions. Amazing.

    Meanwhile a very tired Danny starts to see Lindsay walking through the lab and when he finally comes home after a very long shift, decides to follow his instincts.

    Then we see Lindsay again, continuing her testimony. And who enters the courtroom? It's Danny. Danny, who flew across the country to be there for his Montana.

    In the end, the killer is send to prison. Danny and Lindsay stand up to leave the courtroom, Lindsay stopps, causing Danny to turn around to her. They get closer and- are interrupted by reporters, just the moment they wanted to kiss! They leave the courtroom together.

    What a wonderful and intense episode. And Danny and Lindsay almost kissed! Fantastic!
  • "Loved it!"'

    I loved this episode! Loved it! This episode started off with Luke Blade, played by Criss Angel. Angel did an excellent job portraying the character and he quickly became a suspect when people in his crew kept showing up murdered. The whole crew worked this case, including Danny had had pulled a triple shift. Mac, sensing this told him to go home after the shift. Meanwhile, Stella gets a call from Lindsay. She's testifying in Montana and she sees the murdered come into the courtroom, she's spooked but she does tell Stella to tell everybody Hi. Danny walks into the room and she tells Danny that Lindsay doesn't not sound okay and the truth is shown on Danny's face. He's worried about her. Later on, Danny goes to his apartment and he's worn out, he says go with your instincts and we see him going out the door. Lindsay gets on the stand and the next thing we see is Danny coming in the courtroom. He holds her hand for the verdict and they both get up, but Lindsay has other plans. She pulls back Danny and they almost kiss. Danny leads her out of the courtroom. This episode was wonderfully written. We see the moments between danny and lindsay and is apparent that the writers have a great plan for these two.

  • Everyone's said it, but I will too: absolutely amazing!

    Words cannot describe how great this was. Except I need at least 100 of them. Okay, so words, words.

    Before I get onto the D/L fantastic-ness that they graced us with, I would like to say that I LOVED the Flack scenes in here, and the scene with Mac being set alight by Danny. Also, as a Stella/ Mac shipper, I love the great dynamic they had going, and when he gave here the rose, because that was just sweet.

    But okay, Montana, the courtroom, Danny and Lindsay... wow. I was almost in tears when Anna was testifying, Seriously, she deserves an award just for that. She looks amazing for someone who just had a baby, and it is so great to have her back again! She tried to initiate the kiss, Danny was there for her, he was troubled without her... it was just all really amazing.

    Watch it!
  • Wow! Criss Angel can actually act, we find out more about Lindsay's past, and... Danny goes to Montanna to support Lindsay?

    Magic, magic, magic. Gotta love that stuff, especially when you get an illusionist as well-known and respected as Criss Angel, who actually has his own show, called 'Mind Freak'. Now, you put magic, murder, and science together and you're going to come up with a pretty interesting combination, to say the least.

    Criss proves he can act and act believably, especially with the role he was given. It would be interesting to know how many tricks we didn't see, tricks he probably did for the CSI: NY cast and crew.

    As for Danny and Lindsay, once Lindsay started her trip to the witness stand, I kept having a sneaking suspicion that Danny might show up. He did indeed. And, more importantly, Lindsay reached for him.

    It was also interesting to finally find out what had happened in Lindsay's past, the incident that had taken the lives of her friends and left her the only survivor. All I can say is that kind of incident would scar anyone for life.

    For all those who really wanted to see Danny and Lindsay get it together, darn it, darn it, darn it! We came so darn close to seeing the first Danny/Lindsay kiss but thanks to the reporters they were interupted. How close were they? Nose-side-by-side close! Aaaaggghhhh! Darn it!

    All in all, I thought this episode was one of thier better efforts.
  • D/L is canon

    I am a regular CSI:NY viewer since season 2 one of the things that has kept me tuning in (besides the fact that it is a great show anyway) was the sexual/romantic tension between Danny and Lindsay.

    This particular episode's case was interesting because it involved a killer whose murders imitate the magic tricks of a magician. Criss Angel was a great guest star.

    Anyways, back to D/L...

    I was SO glad to see them together FINALLY! after all the tension! I think they played it well though b/c the only way that the show would be changed by the event, was if there were significant character changes. I just hope that by the end of the show that they will have gotten together for real. But since that episode nothing has interfered with the show's dynamic, I think it was done very well, and I hope for some more teasers in the future!
  • YES! TPTB did not disappoint - Lindsay's back and they have her with Danny - well almost - stupid people interupting the best kiss on television. Sigh. But what an almost kis it was.

    That was the best episode of CSI New York ever. You may think I am exaggerating, but really, what more could you ask for? You got a really interesting case involving magic and guest star Criss Angel. Even better, you got major Danny & Lindsay interaction.

    I felt so bad for Lindsay. She calls Stella, and she just seems nervous, but when she sees the man that killed her friends she freezes. I wondered if Stella even noticed that Lindsay wasn’t listening to her anymore. So when Danny stopped by and Stella just happened to mention that Lindsay said hi and that the Montana girl didn’t sound like herself, you could see that Danny wanted to say more than “huh”. So then he starts to see her walking down the hallway of the lab, at least he thought he saw her. By the time he got home I was pleading with him to call her – but what happened was so much better. His instincts were so much better. He got on a plane, after working all those hours; he got on a plane and went all the way to Montana for his Montana. The look on Lindsay’s face when he sneaked into the courtroom, I smiled. The way they held hands and then she leaned her head against his shoulder during the verdict, I squealed. But when we got to that last scene and she wouldn’t let go of his hand and pulled him into her and then they leaned towards one another and ahhhhhhhh - all I really want to do is kill those cameramen – I mean they almost kissed. Damn. I think Mac might have had a problem if that picture ended up in the media – but who cares? This is more personal than Sara and Grissom have been all season (and supposedly they have been in a relationship for months, if not years). I was so excited I had to go back and watch it about six times. That’s more than I watched the shaving scene. Danny is just so hot, and Lindsay was so vulnerable, and sigh. I’d stop gushing but I don’t know how.

    The magic and having Criss Angel, as a guest star was cool too. At first I thought it was Luke, but then I thought that was too obvious, so I kept trying to think of who else it could be. I had this crazy twin brother theory where Luke actually ended up in the foster care system, his brother was adopted by a crazy family that abused him – obviously I was a little too focused on Danny & Lindsay and have seen The Prestige one too many times (written in white in case you have not seen that movie). Killing through extreme magic tricks gone wrong because of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and the fear you are losing the only “family” you have ever had? That is twisted. I loved when Mac did his little magic trick with the rose.

    Did I mention Danny flew all the way to Montana for Lindsay, some people might think it was the sleep deprivation. I mean he was seeing her in the hallway of the lab (the smile on his face was priceless, he looked like a six year old on Christmas morning). But that’s not what was going on – he just realized that he should help Lindsay
  • The best episode this season. Criss Angell really can act. Mac and company investigate the horrific murders of two employees of illusionist Luke Blade. The victims deaths are exact imitations of stunts performed by Luke.

    Criss Angell is a great illusionist and also a great actor. His performance of Luke Blade was downright chilling. Danny and Mac had some good moments, the first I've seen Mac truly warm up to Danny in a long time. Mac also seemed to have a lighter mood in general. Loved the part when he told Danny to set his arm on fire. Lindsay finally testified against the gunman who killed her three friends in a diner shootout when she was 14. The flashbacks were chilling to watch and Anna did a convincing job of telling her story. Danny thinking the lab tech walking by his office was Lindsay was so cute. I thought it was great when he showed up in the courthouse in Montana to show his support for Lindsay. Danny is such a great guy. I hope we see more sweet moments between Danny and Lindsay.
  • One of my favorite CSI:NY episodes! So much D/L going on! :D Luke Blade was awesome! BUT pshycotic...The only reason I gave it a 9.9 is because of the ENDING. DAMN, PAPARAZZI! =))

    One of my favorites because of the whole Criss Angel, magic thing. It really got me on the edge of my seat! The tricks were sooo cool! He was a pshyco in the end though, which was also freakishly awesome.
    Danny and Lindsay are VERY SWEET in this episode which automatically makes it great in my book. ;) All the drama with Lindsay was so sad and to see how much it hurt her to bring up the past and face the criminal who was behind it all, it's just too much. And so Danny comes riding in on his white horse. Metaphorically ofcourse. ;) He did it just for her. :)
    Stella and the AIDS. Sadness. I felt agony for her that time when Danny almost caught her researching about it...
    Anywayz, in the end, when the the guy was convicted, THEY ALMOST KISSED. UGH. The paparazzi came...UGH. -QUOTE!-
    Stella: They say burning is the most painful of deaths.
    Danny: I love it. How do they know? What did they do, take a poll? 64% of dead people surveyed...
  • FINALLY!!!!

    Finally they are together!!!!
    Oh this episode made my whole day, week and month :)
    The end was so amazing and yes they didn't kiss but almost and that's enough for me.
    Danny and Lindsay are such a great couple and I'm so glad that they found a way!!!
    I think the moment where Danny said: Trust your instincts. was breath-taking. And it's so sweet that he cares so much about her. They deserve eachother and I'm looking forward to see them acting like a couple.
  • EEEEE! I loved it! M&Ms and Flack and Sheldon moment!!

    Wow were to start..... Hm.... how 'bout from the top. I thought that the killer of the chick was her stalker, but I knew that the writer would have something up their sleeves....figuratively speaking. :P Then, with that engineer being set aflame, I thought someone was trying to frame Luke.

    But, no, it was all Luke. The Fetal Alcohol Syndrome as the partial motive totally. From what I know it's never been used in the CSI series so it was wonderfully done.

    Criss Angel did a fabulous job. it was a lot like Nelly Furtado. Both totally blew my expectations outta the water. Man, I really feel bad for Luke. FAS is a horrible thing. The sad thing is is that some women know they're pregnant, but they drink anyway to keep the morning sickness away. Frankly, I think those women should be locked up in jail for ruining a child's life like that.

    Onto less depressing thing, well depending on how you look at it. Anna did a great job bringing me to tears when she recounted her friends getting murdered by that monster. Then Danny showed up! OMG I was totally freaking out!! But, the biggest freak out was when they were about to kiss then the damn paparazzi ruined the moment!:P

    But, I think my favourite moment was the Sheldon and Flack scene in the Magic Shop. "Just bring it back in one piece. I don't you guys pulling a Houdini on me." THe look on flack face. Completely priceless.
  • Illusions and Murder, Trial and Happiness

    I really enjoyed this episode. The Luke Blade story was wonderful. Mac knew it was him but they had to find the evidence to prove it. Using the magic tricks to help him understand the mechanics, discovering Blade was adopted and given up, Good job CSI's. Chris Angel was exceptionally believable as the psychopath. His speach just before attempting to drown his adoptive mother, priceless. I loved it from start to finish.

    Flack and Hawkes in the magic store, their banter was priceless: Houdini and mobsters, RNA and DNA. Flacks expression when Rupert used the Houdini expression on them---SOOOO GOOD!

    Danny & Lindsay.........FINALLY. It's good to see some resolution to the tension that's been mounting between them since LRC. The hand holding, the head leaning, the hug, and (pardon me while I totally ship out) THE ALMOST KISS! OH JOY! OH RAPTURE! All better now. It was nice to watch these two come together. The writers, very intelligently, realized that their actions would convey their feelings so much better than words--great job!
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