Season 3 Episode 18

Sleight Out of Hand

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2007 on CBS

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  • EEEEE! I loved it! M&Ms and Flack and Sheldon moment!!

    Wow were to start..... Hm.... how 'bout from the top. I thought that the killer of the chick was her stalker, but I knew that the writer would have something up their sleeves....figuratively speaking. :P Then, with that engineer being set aflame, I thought someone was trying to frame Luke.

    But, no, it was all Luke. The Fetal Alcohol Syndrome as the partial motive totally. From what I know it's never been used in the CSI series so it was wonderfully done.

    Criss Angel did a fabulous job. it was a lot like Nelly Furtado. Both totally blew my expectations outta the water. Man, I really feel bad for Luke. FAS is a horrible thing. The sad thing is is that some women know they're pregnant, but they drink anyway to keep the morning sickness away. Frankly, I think those women should be locked up in jail for ruining a child's life like that.

    Onto less depressing thing, well depending on how you look at it. Anna did a great job bringing me to tears when she recounted her friends getting murdered by that monster. Then Danny showed up! OMG I was totally freaking out!! But, the biggest freak out was when they were about to kiss then the damn paparazzi ruined the moment!:P

    But, I think my favourite moment was the Sheldon and Flack scene in the Magic Shop. "Just bring it back in one piece. I don't you guys pulling a Houdini on me." THe look on flack face. Completely priceless.
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