Season 3 Episode 18

Sleight Out of Hand

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2007 on CBS

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  • Case? There was a case? You mean in the courtroom in Montana? Because that's the only one I saw.

    I'm not even going to pretend that there was a "rest of the episode", or that I care, that there was anything other than the supreme D/L action that TPTB finally graced us with. John Dove and Zachary Reiter, you are officially my two most favoritest people ever for giving us that episode! I love you!

    From the first moment Danny appeared on screen, you knew this episode was going to kick ass. Mac comments on how tired he is, and Danny lists everything he's been doing: a grand jury, a search warrant, a 4-12 shift. He says, "I'm coming up on my fourth wind." You see what he's doing? He's burying himself in his work, so that he won't think about Lindsay. If he's goes home, if he has time to think, he's going to think about Lindsay, and he doesn't want to do that. So he throws himself into the only thing he has now that she's gone - his job.

    Oh, but he's thwarted by the phone call Stella has with Lindsay. And I'm going to break in for a moment to say how wonderful it is to have Lindsay back! The show just wasn't the same without her, and I didn't realize just how much I missed her until she was back on screen! Anna looks amazing for someone who just had a baby! Hell, Anna looks amazing, period! Anyway, Lindsay is on the phone with Stella, and ends the call by saying, "Say hi to....everyone for me." Translation: Say hi to Danny. Which is exactly what Stella does. Stella mentions that she just got off the phone with Lindsay. Danny says, "Oh, really?" You can tell he's dying to know what's going on, but he doesn't want to appear too eager. And when Stella says, "She said to say hi," he just gets this look and dazes out for a good few seconds.

    Danny is pissy and snarky this episode. (I love pissy, snarky Danny, by the way. He needs to make an appearance more often.) He misses Lindsay. Everyone keeps telling him he needs to go home, and he keeps going, "Nah, I'm good." Because if he goes home, he'll think about Lindsay!

    Anna OWNED those courtroom scenes. I almost cried while Lindsay was giving her testimony, seriously. This campaign to get Carmine an Emmy...we should start one for Anna. She certainly deserves one after this episode. I really felt for Lindsay during those scenes, especially the one where she is too upset to continue testifying. Though I have to say... Young Lindsay looked nothing at all like Anna.

    When he's daydreaming about her in the lab... As cheesy as I found that scene, I could not stop smiling. He gets this goofy grin on his face when he thinks he sees her walking and smiling at him, and then he goes, "I'm losing my mind." No, Danny. You're losing your heart, to a girl from Montana.

    Danny finally takes Mac's advice and goes home (after another pissy comment - "Why do I bother if you already know the answer, Mac?"). He's in the apartment five seconds when he goes, "Go with your instincts," and takes off. He doesn't even think - he doesn't even hesitate. He doesn't even PACK! He grabs his keys and takes off. You go to Montana, Danny!!!

    *cue fangirl moment in 5...4...3...2...1...*

    Oh. My. God. He actually went to Montana. He shows up at the court room, and it is awesome. He loves her. He is so in love with Lindsay.

    God, when he walks through that door, and Lindsay sees him... She sits a little straighter in the chair. His presence gives her the confidence she needs to be able to continue with her testimony. And she gives a little smile before continuing. She wubs him. They wub each other. And he's so protective of her. He's look at the defendant like he wants to kill him for what he put Lindsay through. He's hurting for Lindsay when she finishes her testimony, when she describes what it was like to walk out of that bathroom and see all her friends dead on the floor. He looks like he's about to cry for her.

    And when the verdict comes in, and they're sitting next to each other... SQUEE! He looks at her before the verdict is read, gives her a reassuring smile, and she grabs for his hand. That was awesome. And then they read the verdict - not guilty, of course - and there are smiles all around. Lindsay lays her head on Danny's shoulder, and he looks so happy that she does that. And she's smiling, and he's smiling. Everyone's smiling, and it kicks ass! They stand up and the first thing he does is hug her - so natural to do that. He's proud of her, he's glad that this is over, that she can move on with her life. He turns - he turns - to walk away, but she holds tight to his hand. He turns back.

    *cue Sugah's heart putzing out on her*

    He knows what's coming. She's going to kiss him. Look at the smiles on both of their faces as they lean in for the kiss! They want this so bad. They lean in, they are so close, and then...

    Damn reporters.

    This episode validates everything we D/L shippers stand for. We are so canon, we're UBERCANON. I cannot even think of a word that describes just how unbelievably awesome that episode was. The penultimate D/L episode, after NWILL, after LRC, this is the episode that IS the Danny/Lindsay relationship. My ship is sailing and it is awesome, baby!!