Season 3 Episode 18

Sleight Out of Hand

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2007 on CBS

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  • YES! TPTB did not disappoint - Lindsay's back and they have her with Danny - well almost - stupid people interupting the best kiss on television. Sigh. But what an almost kis it was.

    That was the best episode of CSI New York ever. You may think I am exaggerating, but really, what more could you ask for? You got a really interesting case involving magic and guest star Criss Angel. Even better, you got major Danny & Lindsay interaction.

    I felt so bad for Lindsay. She calls Stella, and she just seems nervous, but when she sees the man that killed her friends she freezes. I wondered if Stella even noticed that Lindsay wasn’t listening to her anymore. So when Danny stopped by and Stella just happened to mention that Lindsay said hi and that the Montana girl didn’t sound like herself, you could see that Danny wanted to say more than “huh”. So then he starts to see her walking down the hallway of the lab, at least he thought he saw her. By the time he got home I was pleading with him to call her – but what happened was so much better. His instincts were so much better. He got on a plane, after working all those hours; he got on a plane and went all the way to Montana for his Montana. The look on Lindsay’s face when he sneaked into the courtroom, I smiled. The way they held hands and then she leaned her head against his shoulder during the verdict, I squealed. But when we got to that last scene and she wouldn’t let go of his hand and pulled him into her and then they leaned towards one another and ahhhhhhhh - all I really want to do is kill those cameramen – I mean they almost kissed. Damn. I think Mac might have had a problem if that picture ended up in the media – but who cares? This is more personal than Sara and Grissom have been all season (and supposedly they have been in a relationship for months, if not years). I was so excited I had to go back and watch it about six times. That’s more than I watched the shaving scene. Danny is just so hot, and Lindsay was so vulnerable, and sigh. I’d stop gushing but I don’t know how.

    The magic and having Criss Angel, as a guest star was cool too. At first I thought it was Luke, but then I thought that was too obvious, so I kept trying to think of who else it could be. I had this crazy twin brother theory where Luke actually ended up in the foster care system, his brother was adopted by a crazy family that abused him – obviously I was a little too focused on Danny & Lindsay and have seen The Prestige one too many times (written in white in case you have not seen that movie). Killing through extreme magic tricks gone wrong because of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and the fear you are losing the only “family” you have ever had? That is twisted. I loved when Mac did his little magic trick with the rose.

    Did I mention Danny flew all the way to Montana for Lindsay, some people might think it was the sleep deprivation. I mean he was seeing her in the hallway of the lab (the smile on his face was priceless, he looked like a six year old on Christmas morning). But that’s not what was going on – he just realized that he should help Lindsay