Season 3 Episode 18

Sleight Out of Hand

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2007 on CBS

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  • D/L is canon

    I am a regular CSI:NY viewer since season 2 one of the things that has kept me tuning in (besides the fact that it is a great show anyway) was the sexual/romantic tension between Danny and Lindsay.

    This particular episode's case was interesting because it involved a killer whose murders imitate the magic tricks of a magician. Criss Angel was a great guest star.

    Anyways, back to D/L...

    I was SO glad to see them together FINALLY! after all the tension! I think they played it well though b/c the only way that the show would be changed by the event, was if there were significant character changes. I just hope that by the end of the show that they will have gotten together for real. But since that episode nothing has interfered with the show's dynamic, I think it was done very well, and I hope for some more teasers in the future!