Season 3 Episode 24

Snow Day

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 16, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

Sounds of sirens and visuals of speeding patrols converge on a warehouse. Inside we see men using torches and metals cutters, but we also what looks to be hundreds of bundles of drugs. They are attempting to hide the bundles of what appears cocaine in altered big rig trucks. As they do this, the NYPD , & Homeland Security converge on the warehouse. We find Don Flack leading the charge "Let's do this." With weapons they enter and order the men to get down on the ground. The men inside have opted not to comply and start fighting back, with a vengeance. There are barrages of gunfire from both sides, neither side giving an inch. One of the men from inside the warehouse cuts a hose line on the flammable gas used for the blow torches. With the barrage of gun fire we also see cocaine flying in the air. As both sides continue the fiery exchange we suddenly see one of the men from the warehouse take direct aim at the flammable gas and fire. An explosion erupts and armed officers take cover. As the NYPD and Homeland Security attempt to get the upper hand, Flack begins to focus on one man in particular. He corners him and orders him several times to drop his weapon. "Drop your weapon, Drop it now!" Flack shouts. The man refuses to listen and comply. His is shouting back "Come On, Come On" actually egging him on to shoot. We hear a gunshot.
We next see the man Flack had cornered on a pallet of drugs, dead from a gunshot wound to the chest courtesy of Det. Donald Flack Jr. We see Dr. Sheldon Hawkes, photographing the scene. We observe that the man has a Celtic cross tattoo on the inside of his right lower arm. Flack shares with Hawkes that they have no identification and the other detained men aren't talking. Flack is visibly shaken looking down at the man whose life he just took. Hawkes reminds him that he did what he had to do. Don's reply "It's just not how I wanted to start my day." In an attempt to compose himself Flack turns and walks away from the scene within a few feet he walks right into Det. Mac Taylor. Mac comments on the scene. "That's quite a score." Flack informs Mac it was all based on a tip from I.C.E. Flack was told it would be big, but Flack never thought it would be this big. Mac inquires as to injuries to our guys. Flack informs Mac Sanchez took one in the shoulder and that he was on his way to Queens Mercy. Mac looks a Flack, "What about you?" Mac inquires? Flack responds, "I'm just used to looking down the barrel of an AK-47. But I'll be alright." Mac informs Flack that the DEA suspects that Gavin Wilder was behind the operation. Flack agrees with the suspicion. Gavin Wilder had union ties to every branch of the city. Flack also stipulates that due to those ties moving this size load of "cargo" would not have been a problem. Mac asks about any arrests, Flack grins and responds "That's the beautiful thing about this, we didn't have too." Flack turns to go up into the cab of a big rig truck, Mac close behind. Flack opens the glove box and reveals the dead body of the deceased Irish Drug Lord Gavin Wilder. "Someone got to him first." Mac comments about not needing to make the arrest.
Opening Credits
A confident Det. Don Flack addresses the media we see a montage of clips from the CSI team processing the scene inside the warehouse. Team members include Mac, Stella, Hawkes and Adam. Flack gives them some specifics to the media about the raid. During the raid 900 kilos of cocaine was seized, this cocaine has an estimated street value of over 100 million dollars. He also informs them that several suspects detained and these suspects have possible ties to the Wilder Crime family. One of the reporters inquires about this bust being the largest in NYPD history, Flack responds "That's what they tell me." He also shares that this bust would financially cripple one of NYC most dangerous organized crime families. The reporter inquires as to hearing about a shoot out and whether or not there were any causalities. Flack is momentarily flustered but collects himself to inform them that one suspect was killed and one detective had minor injuries. A reporter inquires about a rumor circulating about Gavin Wilder being killed during the raid. Flack informs them that Gavin Wilder's body was found at the scene and the he is confident that once Dr. Peyton Driscoll competes her autopsy she will confirm that his death happen prior to the raid.
As Flack wraps up the press conference we see Peyton and Stella working on removing Gavin Wilder's body from the dashboard of the big rig truck. As the body is laid out the see the obvious cause of death is a gunshot wound, a through and through, to the chest. Mac comments on the size of the wound would be it had to have been a large caliber bullet. Just over Peyton's shoulder, Stella recognizes a very large 50 caliber gun. Peyton informs Mac and Stella that due to the lack of power burns the weapon must have been fired from anywhere over 10 to 15 away. Stella comments that due to the size and shape of the wound Wilder was shot in the back. Mac theorizes that one of Wilder's men shot him in the back as a sign of disrespect. Mac then comments that Wilder lost his drugs his crew and his life all the same day.
We shift to Danny's apartment. He is just waking up and he looks over to a sleeping Lindsay. In a playful gesture Danny pokes Lindsay in the nose to awaken her. She blinks and rubs her nose. As Danny watches, Lindsay begins to stretch as she comes awake and with a sigh of contentment she says "Hey". Danny returns "Hey". Danny begins to rub Lindsay's back. Lindsay inquires as to the time she has to be at the lab at 9:00 a.m. Danny tells her that it's still early. Lindsay comments that he was lucky he got a later shift. Danny tells her not to worry go back to sleep and he'll wake her. Lindsay shares she had a dream that she woke up and Danny had gone only leaving a note behind. Danny slightly stretches and comments "where would I go, this is my place". Lindsay giggles slightly and touches Danny's chin with her finger as he laughs, then she comments "I was hoping for a better answer." Danny comments that he's just kiddin' "I'm glad this happened." Danny tenderly kisses Lindsay on the forehead and pulls her closer. Lindsay responds with a kiss to Danny's chest and a content "me too."
In returning to the lab we find Sheldon processing the "big gun" Stella found at the scene. He's check for prints on the weapon as well as the bullets. Stella comes and informs Hawkes that Mac is keeping chain of custody of the cocaine and is on his way. The DA wants them to test 20% of the seizure randomly tested for weight and core samples. Stella also tells him that Mac is sending Lindsay over to the warehouse to finish processing with Adam and if they find anything it will get sent over. Hawkes informs Stella that he's just about finished processing the possible murder weapon. Hawkes found one round missing from the magazine and confirmed that the weapon had recently been fired. "Any prints?" Stella asks. Hawkes tells her he's lifted two but has had no hits in AFIS. Stella then inquires as to them making the John Doe from the warehouse that's in autopsy, Hawkes tells her not match. Also the prints don't match any of the other suspects appended at the warehouse. Hawkes comments that most of the suspects have records with close ties to the Wilder Crime Family. Stella and Hawkes begin to theorize as to whether or not one of Wilder's own men shot him. Stella comes to the conclusion that one of Wilder's men probably got greedy and convinced the others they would do better under new management. Hawkes pipes up, "We find the new boss, and we find our killer." Exactly, Stella replies.
Mac is briskly walking through the hallway with Danny quickly approaching from behind. Danny looks like he just rolled out of bed. His white shirt is wrinkled and untucked. Danny inquires as to hearing Mac was looking for Lindsay. Mac confirms that he is and asks if Danny knows where she is. Danny thinking on his feet mentions that Lindsay had talked about needing to get some personal things done and Danny offered to switch shifts with her. Mac informs Danny that next time he expects to be told before hand. Danny takes full responsibility for not informing Mac of the "switch" before hand. Danny asks what Mac wants him to do. Mac informs him about the crime scene in the Brooklyn warehouse and Adam's been processing by himself for the past six hours and needs some help. Danny responds "You got it." Danny heads off to assist Adam and Mac heads to his office.
In his office Mac finds Peyton waiting. Mac grimaces, I forgot we planned something he questions. Peyton tells him no she has a proposition, but more of an invitation for him. But it would require Mac to take some time off of work. Peyton has determined that Mac has not taken a real vacation, let alone any serious time of in quite awhile. In fact Mac has only taken 5 days since joining the NYPD. She presents him with an already purchased ticket to London. Mac questions about the purchased ticket. Peyton responds that she really wants him to say yes. Besides she feels with everything that's gone on he needs a break, plus the fact he adores her. She is speaking at a Pathologist's Conference in London and wants Mac to go with her. Mac looks at her almost hesitant, Peyton begins to rattle on about the things they could do together while there. Mac becomes distracted by a commotion outside of his office. He sees people milling around the hallways covering their mouths and noses. Mac comments to Peyton about an odor he is just noticed. Peyton comments that it smells like sulfur. "Gas Leak" Mac responds with an urgency. Alarms immediately begin to sound and Mac & Peyton moved to the hallway. They see people beginning to mill around and begin to leave the building. Mac informs Peyton to get out now, Peyton tells him she's going to check on his team and will meet him outside. Mac starts to instruct the people on the floor to head to the exits.
Over the next few minutes you see people leaving the building by various means, eventually leading them outside. Mac is moving around the floor to ensure that no one is left behind. Stella is coming up the stairs when she sees Mac. She calls to him to get his attention to join her on the elevator. Mac's distracted by something and doesn't hear her and heads to what is distracting him Stella misses the elevator to go over Mac. Stella walks into one of the labs and we see a Bunsen burner fully lit. "The flame isn't reacting to the gas." Stella observes. Mac comments on the possibility that it's not a gas leak. Mac opts to take an air sample and run through GCMS and see what it reveals. The results show no gas but a chemical use as an additive to natural gas to give it an odor. Stella mentions some other uses but none of those uses involve anything in the lab. Mac then questions "then how did it get in our building?"
Danny arrives at the warehouse to assist Adam. He immediately senses something is wrong. The warehouse is quiet. Danny sees broken police tape he pulls his weapon from its holster. Cautiously Danny works his way between the big rig trucks. Danny lets out a deep breathe comes across Adam's kit along with an abundance of crushed cigarettes on the ground. "Adam" Danny call. Danny hears Adam shouting his name "Danny, Danny look out!" But the warning is too late Danny is hit in the back of the head and knocked unconscious.
Danny awakens in the back of one of the big rig trucks with two masked heavily armed men behind him. Adam attempts to help, but has a gun put in his direction with an order to get back against the wall, he reluctantly complies. The masked men walk towards the back opening of the rig. Adam is beaten severely. There are two police officers handcuffed on the other side of the truck. Danny slips out his phone from his front pant pocket in an attempt to get help. The masked men realize what Danny's doing and come up behind him, kicking him in the back and crushing his left hand with a boot, breaking it. Danny is in severe pain. Through the pain Danny asks what they want, "the drugs are gone." Danny is warned not to make anymore dumb moves, with that they smash his cell phone.
Back at the lab the gas company shows up to deal with the suspected gas leak. Inside, alarms still sounding, Stella and Mac determine all communication with outside has been cut. No cell phones, no land lines, no internet. Suddenly the alarms become silenced. "Mac I don't have a good feeling about this." Stella says. Mac theorizes that some has faked a gas leak to force an evacuation. Stella replies on the same day we have 900 kilos of cocaine in the vault, no coincidence. They devise a plan to split up and locate where and how the smell is getting into the lab maybe that will provide some answers.
Back at Danny's apartment, Lindsay begins to awaken again in the make shift bed made on the pool table. She sits up and when she does hear or see Danny she glances at the clock and realizes she's really late for work. Just off the pool table and hurriedly gets dress and goes into the other room looking for Danny. "Danny, you were supposed to wake me up," still not see Danny she does however see the note that he left behind. "Montana, don't freak out, although I sure you already have. We're trading shifts, I got you covered. Enjoy you Snow Day. D" You hear Danny's voice in the voice over. Lindsay with a bright smile turns and on the counter finds breakfast waiting; a Giants bowl, cereal and a daisy in a glass of water. Lindsay tenderly picks up the daisy to smell it and flashes back to the night before. Danny and Lindsay were playing pool and betting whether or not Lindsay could make a shot. As they are playing pool and betting they are also shots of tequila. On Lindsay last shot, she bets Danny a "Benjamin" that she makes it, which she does. Danny tells her that she'll have to wait for payday. Lindsay informs him, very seductively "no, either pay up now or you come up with something better." With that Danny with all the passion in his soul begins to kiss Lindsay senseless. They remove each other clothing and both finally give in to the feelings and desires that have been harnessed for months. Back in the present Lindsay, still smiling returns the daisy to the water and has the breakfast Danny lovingly left for her.
Back in the big rig truck, Adam attempts to help Danny sit up. But do to his own injuries can't be of much help. Adam's not only been beaten but has cigarette burns on the inside palm of his right hand. Danny left hand is deformed and swollen. "What did they do to you Adam?" Danny asks. Adam looks petrified. Danny insists that Adam tell him what they want and what they needed. "I am so sorry. I had no choice they were gonna kill me." Adam says through gritted teeth. In informs Danny that they wanted his ID, pass codes to the parking and the lab. He racked with guilt and start to bang his head against the truck. They also wanted to know where their drugs and gun were. Danny realizes exactly how much trouble they are in.
Back at the lab Stella sees men coming out of the elevator, she begin to approach but Mac silences her by covering her mouth with his hand and dragging her into one of the offices. Mac instructs her to be quiet. Mac tells Stella that he has been following these guys and they aren't from the gas company. They are from the gang that was taken down that morning. He explains he's seen a 9mm on one on them and notice trace on the floor that's identical to trace found in the Brooklyn warehouse. Mac recognizes that Stella was right; they are there for their coke. Stella informs Mac that she instructed Hawkes to lock the test samples in the vault and that unless you torch it and even that would take hours.
At that we see Hawkes with a protective mask on sealing the vault. As he turns around he encounter a man who gives him the impression he's from the gas company. He informs Hawkes that the rest of the building has been evacuated. Hawkes tells him he was just on his way out but inquires as to whether or not they have discovered what the problem is; Hawkes notices the Celtic cross tattoo one his lower right arm. The man tells Hawkes "we're still working on it." Trying not to show his suspicions Hawkes wishes the man good luck and leaves. But instead of leaving the building he head to autopsy to compare the tattoos. His suspicions are confirmed the tattoos are the same.
Outside, Peyton comes across Sid who is anxious for them to finish because of the weather he would like to get back inside the lab. Peyton asks if he's seen Mac, Sid tells her no but he maybe on the other side of the building. Peyton tells him she has circled the building twice and hasn't seen him. Sid figures that Mac's looking for her, while she's looking for him and they just keep missing each other. He suggests she just stay put. Peyton attempts to call him from her cell phone only to discover there's no service. Sid checks his, same thing. He's going across the street for coffee and asks if she wants anything. Peyton requests a cup of tea but if he would also use their landline to try and get a hold of Mac. While Sid is doing this, Peyton approaches one of the men from the "gas" company to inform him that she thinks that there is someone in the building. The man informs her they are checking every floor. Peyton tells him this person is probably in the crime lab and might possibly be unconscious from the gas leak. The man rudely tells Peyton that if there is anyone still in the building that they will be found. Peyton is taken aback by the rudeness.
Upstairs from Mac & Stella observe the men retrieve the 50 caliber weapon that Hawkes was pulling testing for prints. Mac informs shares with Stella that the gun was how the men were going to retrieve the drugs. The gun was built to penetrate armor; the bullets from the gun would slice through the vault door like a knife through butter. "What are we gonna do?" Stella asks. "Stop em''" Mac replies.
Back at the warehouse, Danny tends to his broken hand. He first attempts to straighten his fingers but realizes it's not that simple. Danny tears a piece of his shirt sleeve to use as a bandage. Danny removes his badge and places in the in palm of his hand. He then uses the leather case to bite down on to muffle the noise as he painfully straightens his fingers. As he wraps his hand with the make shift bandage he asks Adam what he has for supplies in his kit. Adam looks incredulously at Danny "What the hell are you talking about, my kit way over there?" Danny asks again "Just tell me what you have in there." Adam starts listing the supplies. Adam hits on a test kit that has sulfuric acid in it. Danny tells Adam he needs him to go get it. Adam is frightened and says there no way, they'll kill him. Danny tells a scared Adam that they are not going to kill him; if they were going to they would have done so already. They need them as hostages. Adam begins to nod his head in agreement. Danny realizing that Adam is not prepared for this type of situation shares that he knows Adam is scare, he is too. "But you are going to get it." Danny says firmly. Adam begins to question how and Danny takes off, realizing what Danny's doing, Adam head for the kit. The masked men catch up to Danny. They begin to beat and pistol whip Danny brutally. Danny responds with "I was just going to get some fresh air." To ensure Adam has enough time, Danny continues the diversion with typical Danny smart ass comments to irritate the masked men. As this is occurring Adam hurriedly goes through his kit till he finds what Danny sent him for, then returns to the back of the big rig. One of the men responds to a two way radio message "It's Show time." They pick Danny up by the hair and force him to make a phone call.
Flack is back at the precinct as his cell phone begins to ring. "Don, It's Messer. We got a problem, man We got a problem." Danny spits out in obvious extreme pain.
Back in the lab, one of the men has a police radio and Mac & Stella overhear the call regarding the hostage situation at the warehouse involving police officers. Mac turns to Stella, "Danny and Adam are still there." Stella urges that they need to get out of there. Mac reminds her that they are not dealing with "cowboys" they had this planned out in a matter of hours. They are well connected, as well as methodical and most definitely have eyes on the exits. Stella asks Mac where his piece, he states that it's in his desk, Stella states hers is in her locker. "Great, we got no guns, what's the plan?" she asks Mac. Mac doesn't have one, but what he does know is that they have home field advantage. He is also not about to let anyone leave his lab with evidence.
From the computer behind them they hear a beep. It's an urgent message from Hawkes who's still autopsy. Mac comments that the internet is down but the internal messaging system stills works. Hawkes tells Mac that the gas leak is fake and asks what's going on. Mac types in that he's with Stella and that it's a robbery. He instructs him that there are 5 armed men and he is to stay put. One of the men hears the typing of the keys and goes to investigate. As he enters the office where Mac and Stella were and all he sees is a revolving office chair. He returns to the other men and informs them that they have company and the company (Mac & Stella) know enough to run. He informs the man, Alex, to take the 15 downstairs to Shawn to start to set up. The rest of them are going rabbit hunting. Mac & Stella take off running down the hall.
Mac & Stella making a plan as they go decide to turn off the lights. This surprises the men chasing them. The men come across Mac & Stella running down a hall towards them. Mac and Stella cut through some offices and then head in different directions. The leader taking advantage to the glass offices opens fires with his weapon shattering windows everywhere. Knowing the lab better then them Mac and Stella lead them on a foot chase. Mac ducks into an office closing followed by the leader. The leader enters the office with a "suggestion" that if he comes out he'll live. No sign of Mac. But an office door quickly open and the leader fires a couple of rounds, before he realizes it's one of his own men. The man, Joey, falls on the office desk and dies. Unknown the leader, Mac is hiding under the desk. The leader picks up his two-way and informs Billy that they are running out of time. He needs to get to the vault and he needs to find these two and but as many bullets in them as possible.
Outside we see squad cars and tactical units speeding down the street with sirens blaring. Sid returns and asks Peyton what was going on, Peyton informs him of the hostage situation at the warehouse. Sid becomes alarm because Hawkes told him earlier that Lindsay and Adam were processing that scene and asks if they are alright. Peyton states she doesn't know. Peyton inquires whether Sid got a hold of Mac. Sid explains that both landlines and cell tower were down do to being vandalized earlier in the day. The telephones company was working on the problem. Both are shocked when Lindsay walks up "Hey guys, this is crazy, what's going on?"
We find ourselves watching the NYPD back at the warehouse. The men in the warehouse inform their boss, via the two-way radio, that their guest have arrived. The leader at the lab giving instructions they are to be kept there "for the entire party." Back at the vault the men begin working on shooting an entrance into the vault door via the L-15. From Mac position he feels the vibration through the floor and realize time is starting to run out. From behind we see Billy come up behind Mac with a gun aimed at his head. What Billy doesn't realize is he has Stella behind him. Stella hits him in the back of the head and he falls to the floors. Mac grabs his gun and Mac attempts to get information him and his crew. He also wants to know who's running the show. He's not talking. Mac decides to let Billy's dead friend Joey give them some answers. Mac grabs a marker and Joey then heads for the elevator.
Hawkes still hiding in autopsy hears the ding of the elevator and from his vantage point sees the dead body and opts to check it out. He sees Mac's note "Find The Bullet". Hawkes drags the body from the elevator and gets to work.
At the warehouse, we see Flack looking at a thermal scan of inside. We see a robot going into with a radio. Lindsay runs up to Flack. Flack shares that they just made initial contact but don't know how the condition of the hostages. Lindsay looking at the screen, states "but you spoke to Danny, he's the one that called you right?" Flack nods. "He didn't sound good, Linds." Flack comments about Mac not being there and Lindsay informs him of the gas leak back at the lab, there no phones and it was a mess. The man who picks up the radio comments on the "nice" toy. Flack tells him if he comes out he'll show him how to use it. Flack begins to negotiate the hostages' release. He even goes as far as to offer himself in exchange. But they want the men that were arrested in the raid released.
Back on the 34th Floor, Mac and Stella have duct tape Billy to a chair; this includes gagging him in an office. Using a Hydrogen gas tank, some laser and other materials from the lab they have set a unique trap. Mac informs Billy that should he get himself out of that chair or some tries to rescue him, by crossing the laser they would set off the pipe connected to the Hydrogen tank. An explosion big enough to kill him & his rescuer. As well as not making the cleaning crew too happy.
Down in autopsy Hawkes in working on retrieving the bullet from Joey. Finally he finds it. As he does he hears footsteps in that have led to him using Joey's blood trail from the elevator. An armed man enters autopsy and approaches the tables. No sign of Hawkes. He pulls the sheet from the first table to reveal Joey. As he looks down, Hawkes arises from his hiding spot under a sheet the second table. He wraps his arm around the man's neck and holds one of the small ME's electric saws to his neck. Hawkes orders him to drop his weapon. He resists, Hawkes holds the saw closer to his neck, again telling him to drop his weapon. He finally does and Hawkes picks it up and holds it against the man. Hawkes notices the badge around the man neck. It's Adam's. "What did you do with him?" Hawkes asks furiously. Then begins the questions him regarding the people involved. He's not getting any answers so Hawkes decides to takes matters into his own hands. He opts to trap him in one of the autopsy drawers. Then he heads up stairs.
As armed Hawkes exits the elevator he is initially startled by Mac and then he see Stella. Relief is immediate on Stella face. Everyone one confirms that they are all right. Stella comments "I wished I would have called in sick today." Hawkes shows Mac Adam's bloodied ID and explains that he took it off one of the guys and that guy wasn't bleeding. Stella fingerprints the elevator buttons trying to find out who they are dealing with. Mac asks if Hawkes had any luck locating that bullet. Hawkes presents the missing bullet. They immediately go to work. Stella on the print, Mac working the bullet, Hawkes watching the door. The print is a matches to the one Hawkes found on the 50 caliber weapon earlier. Hawkes then confirms that the guy who's print from the elevator is the same guy that killed Gavin Wilder, which makes him the new boss. Mac gets a hit on the bullet. The slug is from the same gun that killed FBI Agent Candace Broadbent. She was tracking a former IRA terrorist living in NYC before she was gunned down six months ago. Until now the case was unsolved.
The men down stairs working on getting into the vault have finally but enough bullets into the door to make a big enough entrance. Using a battering ram the push through the metal to complete the entrance into the vault. Then they begin to empty the vault of the seized cocaine. They suddenly hear Mac voice on the intercom. The leader stops to listen while the other men continue to move the cocaine. Mac informs him that he knows he shot Candace Broadbent, the FBI Agent and mother of two boys and that he did so point blank execution style to the head. He attempts to silence Mac by destroying the phone, but because it's on the intercom it's on every phone. Mac then proceeds to inform him that Candace Broadbent called him the night she was killed. She told Mac she wanted to meet because she had some information to a case Mac was working on. The leader is definitely flustered "Who the hell is this guy" he questions. Mac goes on to inform him that it was a case involve an ex-member of the IRA living in "Hell's Kitchen". Mac states that it can't be him, because Mac's gotten a good look at him and he's too young to have fought for Irish independence in the 70s. So Mac shares that he's assuming Broadbent was silenced to protect a relative, his father maybe? It doesn't matter, Mac angrily states that you maybe be smart enough to leave with the drugs but Mac promise to find him and put him behind bars. Once that is complete, he is going to make it his personal mission to find out who his protecting and hunt them down. The leader's had enough "time to go."
As this conversation has taken place the cocaine has been loaded on to pallets. The men change into firefighters gear. They take a small blow torch and set off the sprinkler system. Their plan is to blend in with the first responders and leave the building, with the intention of being long gone before they realize there's no fire. As the sprinklers are going off, Hawkes, Mac & Stella are formulating the plan. The only way out of the building with 900 kilos of cocaine would be through the basement. Mac determines that they must have vehicles in the basement. Armed, Hawkes heads down to block the exits. Stella states the only way to the basement is the elevators and stairs. Stella armed takes the elevators, Mac with his pistol takes the stairs.
As the men have loaded one pallet on to the elevator and working on a second. Unknowingly, the men don't see Stella drop down from the elevator shaft behind the pallet of cocaine already there. Just as she moves to hit the elevator button, the men hear her and just as the doors begin to close they get off several shots. Stella gets away with the pallet of cocaine. The men opt to cut their losses and take what they can carry. The pack everything up and head to the garage by taking the stairs.
Using the two-way radio, the leader informs one of the men at the warehouse to pack it up. The other man is guarding Danny, Adam and the two police officers. The man demands that the cops being held in the back of the big rig brought to him as he opens a duffle bag.
The leader trying to load as much cocaine as he can carry in his duffle bag doesn't notice Mac entering the room with his gun drawn. "It's only been what 24 hours, since you murdered your boss. Congratulations on the shortest reign in criminal history." Mac says with a grin. "I'm not going to jail." The leader says. "You don't have a choice." Mac spits back. Mac gives him an order to come out from behind the pallet with his hands raised. The leader instead decides to attempt an escape by kicking the pallet full of bundles of cocaine and hence knocking Mac off balance giving him enough time to run. Run right through a glass wall.
Returning to the warehouse, we find the masked men ordering the police officers via gun point to put on overalls, identical to the ones they are wearing. Still in the back of the big rig Danny and Adam are watching the scene. Adam takes the opportunity to give Danny the sulfuric acid that he pulled from his kit. The men begin to tape automatic weapons to the police officers hands, giving the appearance that they are holding the weapons. They duck tape their mouths and then remove their masks and put them on the officers. Danny and Adam still watching this unfold.
Hawkes finally making it to the basement sees the imposter fire trucks. Getting his bearings, he hopes into a big pick up truck and blocks the door leading into the basement just as the men from upstairs arrive. The try and open the door and find it's block and turn to go back upstairs.
The man at the warehouse contact Flack about the men they demanded to be released. Flack tells them that his supervisor is working on it but Flack wants to talk to one of his men inside as proof of life, it would "grease the wheels." The man spits that that's not good enough. He threatens that if he wants to hear something he can listen to "a guinea cop taking his last breathe, maybe that would grease the wheels." The man head in Danny's direction. He orders Danny to get up, Danny refuses when the man grabs Danny's collar Danny throws the sulfuric acid in his face. Being taken back Danny takes the opportunity to get in a couple of punches before grabbing the gun he drop. Doing so in just enough time to shoot the other man running into the rig. Hearing shots Flack orders everyone in "It's doing down!" Flack orders everyone to move in. The tactical team enters the warehouse guns drawn and shouting at the men in overalls to drop their weapons. They don't realize that they are cops and can't drop the weapons that are taped to their arms. Before a shot can be fire Adam comes running out of the back of the truck, telling them "don't shoot, don't shoot, their cops." Adam proceeds to remove the masks as proof. Flack orders the team to clear the scene. Lindsay comes quickly to Danny's aid as he tries to get out of the back of the truck. "Danny, Oh My God Danny," Lindsay realizing how injured Danny is, "Lindsay" Danny responds. Lindsay helps him out of the truck. Flack approaches, "I'm good" Danny tells him. "You don't look good, let's get EMS over here." Lindsay firmly informs Flack that she will take him. Lindsay looks at just some of Danny's injuries and shakes her head and apologizes. "What, What are you sorry for?" Lindsay responds with guilt "You weren't supposed to be here. You took my shift." Danny just looks back at the scene and then proceeds to EMS.
One of the tactical guys calls Flack to the truck of a vehicle in the warehouse. In the truck he finds a gas mask, air tanks and a gas company uniform. Flack states that Lindsay told him there was a gas leak back at the crime lab. Don realizes that the whole situation in the warehouse was a diversion from the real crime back at the lab. He immediately orders everyone to return to the lab.
Just as they get back to the lab Hawkes is seen running out of the garage tunnel. He immediately runs up to Flack and fills him in on what's gone down on the inside. Just as they are walking past Sid and Peyton he also informs him that Mac and Stella are still inside. Flack, Hawkes and other tactical team members enter the lobby with guns drawn. Just as they enter, 3 men in firefighter suits carrying duffle bags are leaving. They are order to drop the bags, just as this occurs you hear the elevator and out jumps Stella with her weapon drawn covering the rears of the 3 men. Flack asks where Mac is, Stella tells him she doesn't know.
Upstairs Mac finds his way to the weapons room. Utilizing what's available he loads and automatic weapon and prepares to look for the man he's after. The sprinklers are still going off which is masking Mac footsteps. Mac suddenly hears the click of a magazine and realizes the man is just around the corner.
Peyton waiting downstairs finds she has cell phone service and immediately calls Mac.
Mac trying to sneak up on his prey is given away when his cell phone rings. They are locked in a physical battle. Guns are forced out of hands. Punches and kicks are thrown and made. Elbows are jammed into ribs. Bodies are thrown and pushed against walls. Finally the man attempts to reach for a gun that has fallen and slid across the floor. What he doesn't realize is that the gun has slide under Mac and Stella Hydrogen bomb trap. Mac shouts a warning of "NO!" but it's too late. A violent explosion erupts blowing a gigantic hole out of the 34th floor to the outside. Sending glass and debris to the ground below.
The people below scatter for cover. It's chaos. Stella knowing Mac is still upstairs immediately turns to Flack "Flack we've got to go back in there!" Flack, Stella and Hawkes head to the lobby entrance door but before they can open, Mac walks out. Mac immediately disarms his gun, Stella approaches him with relief "are you okay? She hugs Mac. Hawkes and Flack are also relieved that Mac is relatively unharmed. Before anything else is said, Peyton comes running from across the street. Mac sees her and head straight into her arms. Peyton embraces him and Mac whispers something in her ear that causes her to laugh. Looking lovingly into his eyes, she simply nods. They begin to walk off hand in hand when Stella calls to him, "Hey Mac, where r' going?" He gives her a one word answer "London." Peyton kisses Mac on the cheek. Stella, Hawkes and Flack simply share a grin amongst themselves as Mac & Peyton walk across the street arm in arm.
Fade to the end of Season Three.
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