Season 3 Episode 24

Snow Day

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 16, 2007 on CBS

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  • largest drug bust, csi's hostage, lab attacked!!

    Totally loved this episode!! The crew doing their best to stop the re-take of the drugs confiscated in the largest bust was superbly done!! Hawkes showing a tougher side we don't see often enough was awesome!! Loved how this episode played out from setting up the bad guys, to finishing it off with a bang! Glad I had it dvrd! Watched it 3 times!!

  • The lab is attacked and Danny is held hostage with Adam

    One of the best CSI NY episodes ever as Flack makes the biggest drug bust in history and the drug dealers come out to get their revenge by attacking the lab and holding Danny and Adam hostage as a diversion as they get their drugs back.With everyone out the lab apart from Mac,Stella and Hawkes because of the fake gas leak they had to fight their way out.Mac kind of blows up the lab when he sets an explosive to trap a drug dealer and when they fight off the drug dealers Mac goes to London with Payten.A fantastic well written episode that is worthy of a ten.
  • The third season ends with Detective Flack and the NYPD making a historic drug bust. However the glory of this triumph is short lived as the drug runners make a cunning attempt to break into the crime lab and take the drugs back.


    This is definitely an exciting way to end the third season of CSI: NY. I was hooked all the way through and the suspense never let up. The cast is once again at top form here. The subplots of the personal lives of the characters help add to the enjoyment of this episode. The relationships between Mac and Peyton and Lindsay and Danny are a good part of the show and hopefully will continue. Great season finale. I certainly hope CSI: NY can keep up the good work into the fourth season and beyond.

  • What a season's finale!

    This is definitely the best season's finale so far. It all starts with Don Flack who followed the largest drug seizure in city history. The beginning involves a lot of action already. I really didn't expect that it could get any better than that. But when a gas leak is simulated, you kinda suspect something bigger is going to happen. It is very exciting to see Mac, Stella and Hawkes go against that very scary Irish crew that isn't afraid to use their big guns. And of course not to forget two other CSI members that are held hostage meanwhile. Anything could happen and it is a really catching episode because you just need to know what happens next!
  • Best. Episode. Ever.

    I think that this is the best episode ever for CSI:NY. Hands down the best. What an awesome way to end season 3. I loved every minute of it. In this episode, after Flack makes a huge drug bust, the drug lords break into the building to try to get their drugs back. Mac,Stella, and Hawkes are trapped inside, while the rest of the team tries to get them out safely. I thought that this was definately the best season finale ever, because of the fact that there were so many things that could go wrong, but didn't. I hope that they have more episodes like this to come. 10/10
  • Intense. That's all I can say for the perfect episode.


    I really like this episode. It's kind of intermezzo from the usual forensic theme. They add action in it, makes it even more great. I love how they put Mac and Stella together as always, to protect the lab.

    However, I kind of dislike the ending. Maybe it's because I don't really like Peyton. But overall, it was a great episode.

  • see below

    this was one of the best episodes ever i loved this episode so much because this is the episode that Danny and Lindsay show their true feelings for each other! and because Mac, Stella, Danny, Adam, Hox, and Flack neasly died in this one!!! Flack makes a major drug bust that morning mean while across town Danny and lindsay are relaxing after an romantic night on Danny's pool table but back at flacks end he come head to head with an armed and dangherous guy and nearly gets killed but he shoots the guy before the guy shoots him later Mac and Stell arrive on the scene where they dicover a body of the head honcho in a truck that was at the drug bust... later on at the lab the drugs are taken in and Mac and the team must discover who killed the guy, so then in Mac's office Peyton asks Mac to go to London with her she tells him to think about it and then they all start to smell a gas leak so everyone is avacuated except for Mac, Stella, and Hox who are still insde in which at that point they realize that the gas leak is a hoax just used to recover the drugs. So Mac, Stella, and Hox are on a mission to stop them... mean while at the crime scene Danny arives and is taken hostage and sees that Adam is severly beaten! so danny tires to text to help and instead gets his hand broken by one of the thugs. Danny then distacts the thugs by tring t get away so that Adam can grab a chemical from his kit so the thugs catch Danny and beat him, then make him call Flack and tell him that they have a sitchuation down there so back at the crime lab Mac and Stell make a bomb tap then Hox catches a guy and locks him in a body chamber then stell and Hox block the exits and get away back at the crime scene Flack arrives with Lindsay and then the thugs switch clothes with the cops and tape guns to their hands and tapes their mouths then Danny throws the chemical in one of the thugs faces and grabs his gun so the other guy shoots at him and Danny shoots back and make him go down then Flack charges in and nearly kills the cops but then Adam tells them that they're cops then Lindsay finds Danny and apoligizes because it was her shift and he took over then Flack realizes that this was a cover up for the lab heist so they rush over to the crime lab... mean while at the crime lab Mac and the new head honcho are fighting then the bomb goes off so the cops make everyone go acroos the street, then Stell, Flack, and Hox start to run in to get Mac but then they see Mac walking out while disabling a gun then Peyton runs across the street to mac and hugs him and then they start walking away and Stella says where are you going Mac and he says London.
  • Awesome finale!

    "Snow Day" is definitely one of the episodes that I would watch over and over again and still enjoy it! The scenes are great - shifting from action to romance then suspense without losing the excitement. I like how this episode turns to have lots of action and still manage to be realistic like a real a CSI show and not trying hard to be an/a un/predictable-action tv show. It is unique considering that the crime scene is the crime lab and the victim, aside from the dead Irish nan, is the whole team.

    I really enjoyed all the season finales of this show. The bottom line is "if it's a CSI: NY season finale, then expect it to be one of the best in TV."

    Definitively, season three is the best season of csi ny, I saw a lot of good episodes and when I thought It couldn´t be better, I WAS WRONG, suddenly appears this episode from nowhere and I was like OH!!! this is so exiting, I couldn´t stop watching this episode. my favorite one!

    this episode had scenes with action, suspense, emotional momments, and obviously a very memmorable ending, in this episode all the team members acted like heroes, this was so brilliant, I really enjoyed this episode so much.

    P.S: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes
  • Worst ripoff ever!!!

    I can't believe this episode actually got any positive reviews! The only thing it was missing were cameo appearances by Alan Rickman & Jeremy Irons! I certainly don't hold CSI: NY to the same standard as Las Vegas...or even Miami for that matter, but the least they could do was come up with some sort of originality for the season finale.

    The episode was okay, but I thought it worked a whole lot better the first time, when it was Die Hard!!! When I saw the trailer, I was hoping that the entire premise for taking over the CSI building with Mac still inside was a little misdirection...I should have known better. Calling in the hostage situation to divert the police away from the real agenda? Great idea, too bad the IRA gang didn't have Jeremy Irons as their leader!

    At one point, they weren't even trying to hide the fact that the entire story line was stolen. Mac, taking a marker, writing a note on a dead bad guy, and sending him down in the elevator?!?!?!? Are you kidding me?!?!?!? The least he could have done is taken his machine gun, grabbed a pack of European smokes and complained about the size of the bad guys feet...ho, ho, ho! But, I suppose Mac didn't need to steal his shoes, which is a good thing, because there was a whole lot of glass on the floor from windows being shot out...again, sound familiar? Somewhere in Hollywood land, the Gruber brothers are rolling over in their graves.

    The only redeeming factor of this show was Danny & Montana getting together. Good work, Danny...took you long enough! yippee kaya mother f--ker!!!
  • A Very Misguided Homage To DIE HARD. No phone service or internet service means total isolation in busy NYC. Only CSI:NY's most "die hard" viewers will love it and give it 10's.

    DIE HARD is one of my favorite movies. While I am open to the idea of a take-off to this fine movie, the CSI:NY episode "Snow Day" is not a good time. It is full of cringe moments. Noise of a 50 caliber gun as well as other gun fire are oblivious to the street crowd. Silly use of "analyzing samples" while hidding from the gang. Taking the time to rig a hydrogen-bomb booby-trap. Hidding under a desk. Taking forever to get some guns. At least in DIE HARD, he got the street police involved ala a baddie tossed out a window onto a cop car. In this lame episode, if phones and internet services are dead you are completely cut off in a NYC high-rise building.

    OMG every fanfic writer's wet dream come true!! A hostage situation combined with the lab getting taken over EEEEEEE I love it!!! Donny was dam hot with that shotgun. Poor guy having to start his day with shooting a man point blank.

    The M&M's moments was fabulous! OMG Danny naked!!!! Again!!! Well, okay shirtless again, but same thing!! I was rather surprised to see Lindsay was sleeping on the pool table. My back was cringing at the thought of sleeping on such a hard surface.

    I was trying to think of how the drug boys were going to get into the lab. The gas thing was very original. Using the initial crime scene as the hostage spot was just, wow. Poor Adam, the looked so traumatized. I applaud Danny's attempt to call for help. Pity he got his hand broken in the process. Getting Adam to get hydrochloric acid, the way he was speaking, I thought Danny was a little too high on endorphins. then he gets the crap kicked out of him while Adam goes to get the acid. Man, he's gonna be needing Nurse Lindsay for a least a month and a half (only problem with that is the lack of adult cuddling they can do).

    I thought it was very clever and horrible when those two gunmen had the cops dress up as them then taped the AK-47s to their hands. That's a surefire way for them to get shot when the calvary arrives. But Adam was there to save the day again!!

    OMG I was so surprised when Stella and Mac managed to rig that motion detector trap. Then when Sheldon saw the body in the elevator addressed to him (if you will), I laughed when he just grabbed the guy's legs and dragged him to the morgue. Very barbaric. When that gunmen guy went to the morgue I was just laughing when he saw the blood trail. The trail reminded me a lot of Final Fantasy XII (video game). Anyway, off topic.

    Cat and mouse in a lab with glass as walls. I'd probably pee myself in fear trying to keep away from the guys. when Mac and What's-His-Name were fighting, he made a comment about how they wouldn't just get right back up after canning each other. I told him that adrenalin would keep a man from feeling anything if they get hit there.

    The ending was awesome. Like any movie/show which has a rigged bomb, I was just wondering when it was going to go off. Watching Mac fight I-Can't-Remember-His-Name, just knew it was going to happen then. I "meep!"-ed when the gun almost hit the the laser. Then that idiot just had to be a stupid manly man and get his gun. *Shakes head* Oh well, his and his teammate's loss. Reunions were very bitter-sweet and sweet. I'm glad Mac didn't try to hide that he and Peyton were dating. Random comment: Lindsay's new hair looks very cool and mature. The bitter-sweet part was when Lindsay was helping Danny. Poor guy. Lol, the look on Sheldon and Stella's face was awesome.
  • Lazy writers with limited understanding of physics and the law.

    I guess you could call this an homage to Die Hard if you're charitable. And the technical quibbles don't seem to have escaped notice, but am I the only one who noticed that Sinese's character commited at least three felonies? (I'm not sure how to call the illegal restraint of the first BG they captured. Expedient: yes. Legal: well...) For Pete's sake, he assembled an explosive device (felony #1) that killed two people (felonies #2 & #3). Not to mention damage to city property.

    Will this be dealt with, or will he wake up in the shower with the whole thing a bad dream?
  • Absolute

    Prior to this particular episode, I wathced CSI: New York but did not enjoy it as much as I did Miami and Las Vegas. I cannot deny there were some very special episodes in seasons 1 and 2 but the episode that got me glued to my screen in CSI: New York has to be this one. It was like watching a fast paced thriller that had the meticilous touch that was brought on by the CSI's. When they blew the storage wherwe the drugs were being kept I was amazed by the audacity of the said dealers and Mac coming up to save the day then vacationing was a long overdue season ender. This was absolutely brilliant
  • great

    Wow! this episode had a lovely balance of action with a couple of romantic scenes (beginning and end) This episode kept me on the edge of my seat and i wanted to know what was going to happen next. For me Season 3 was full of average episodes with a few exceptions and what a way to end Season 3. First Flack and the drugs team take down a Coke operation and then it is stored in the Vault at the crimelab. The shootout at the start was the perfect way to start the episode. Then there was a fake gas leak this tied in with the sub plot - danny and adam being held hostage. What made this episode really good is the way it was written and the plot. If this episode was in CSI Miami it would probably be ended with a few bullets out of Haratio's sig but instead Mac, Stella and Hawkes were trapped inside without any firepower constantley having to dodge the gang. The way in the situation was resolved was good and overall this was a superb season finale and i hope to see many more episodes like this in the future and it really deserves the overall score of 9.7/10.
  • You can't quit the front of your tv, from the begining to the very end of the episode. You just can't wait to see what happens. It's brilliant.

    One of the best eps I have ever seen, I just couldn't dare to move or even to go away for a lone second. The team is great under pressure, and I loved to see them act the way they did. I even suffered when Messer got his fingers broken. I felt pain for him...

    Wish the prod could make us more eps like this one, that's exactly the reason why I watch it. Writers are brilliant. Thank you..

    Can't wait to have the dvds airing out here. If fans haven't seen this ep yet, I can't do anything else but advise them to watch it ASAP
  • After flack makes "the biggest drug bust in New York history" and locks it ip at CSI two CSI's are held hostage and CSI is stormed! Mac Stella and Hawkes must work alone from the inside of CSI's to make sure the durgs stay in the evidence vault!

    Watched this episode for the first time just now! Its the best CSI New York if not CSI episode i have ever seen! the only episode that comes close in my opinion is the two part one Grave Danger in CSI Crime Scene Investgation! Top class episode. Everything about it had me on the egde of my seat! the bit where Mac and Stella where messaging Hawkes is brilliantly filmed and the fact the the Danny-Lindsay relationship begins fully is a brilliant story line! I wish that the Mac-Peyton relationship didn't end because I think the fact Mac was happy made the show more appealing! This Episode made CSI NY my favourtie version of the three shows!
  • Best episode in the CSI FRANCHISE.

    Best episode in CSI FRANCHISE. The best episode ever in three of the CSI!! Writer Pam Veasey and Peter M. Lenkov did a very good job to this episode. This is the best episode I've ever watch in three of the CSI. CSI: NY never disappoint me. After you watch CSI: Miami, you might want to watch this episode because CSI: Miami is bad. This episode will make you have a heart attack!! I never watch such briliant and exciting episode before. This is the best season finale, and this should be the series finale because this episode is way to good to be season finale. I love CSI: NY. Way to go!!
  • There's a reason this is rated the best episode.

    All I can say is there's a reason this is the most top rated episode of all the series'.
    This episode had everything a good episode should.
    Action, and plenty of it
    Character Development.
    Character Interaction..
    Pool Tables and Tequila.
    Drug Lords and Hostage Situations.
    All boiled into a nail biting 45 minutes.

    This episode not only satisfied the squeeing fangirl inside of me,
    But also the geeky part of me that loved the way that Mac,Stella and Hawkes worked together at the lab,
    And the way that Adam and Danny used the acid stuff, sorry can't remember what it's called.
    Oh and we can't forget Flack's dealing with the people who were holding Danny and Adam.
    "Nice Toy"
    "Why don't you step outside and I'll show you how to use it!"

    haha unforgetable!
    I'm not very good at reviews so this'll be a short one, I was just thinking that if any episode deserved a review, it would be this one!

    What more could you want?
  • Much action, nice balance and some romance.

    This is definitely one of my favourite episodes. From all season endings of CSI:NY this one was the best. For many reasons:

    - action: There was a lot of action in this season finale. From minute one to the end. Great! It was interesting all the time.

    - balance: Everyone of the team showed up, everyone had enough screen time and a part in the episode. That was great. It wasn't only focussing on one person.

    - the case: It was a one case episode- and what a great one. First it was just a case, then it turned into a dangerous hostage situation. Very interesting!

    - romance: Finally! This episode had some of the best DL scenes ever. They woke up together on a pool table! And then Danny took Lindsay's shift and left a cute note for her. Perfect!

    All in all this episode was fantastic. Exactly why I watch this show! Great work!
  • OMG this episode started with a bang. What an amazing episode to end the season!!!

    Wow!!! Love this episode from the very beginning. Danny and Montana scene omg so cool love it!!!! Isn't it cool of Danny to take Montana shift. Lol, I love the note he wrote it was sorta a funny scene where Montana was mad at Danny for not waking her up and freaking out, then she saw the note and the Note say "don't freak out although I'm sure you already have", that was a funny scene. lol

    It's cool how Danny asked Adam what he has in his kit box, Danny telling him to do with his kit box to use it on other people later, it was cool!!! Good thinking from Danny and well done Adam for being brave. Love it!!!

    Love it when every one work together, it's so cool to see that, Adam with Danny. Mac, Stella and Hawkes working together, wow!!! Cool!!!

    At first I was so hoping that it wasn't going to be a cliff-hanger where we wonder all summer long whether Mac survives. But thank goodness it wasn't, because I didn't get how Mac got out of there. But hey I love it!!!

    Csi and Csi NY are the best. Thanks for such wonderful season!!! Keep the relationship up with Danny and Lindsay!!! Love it! Thanks so much for this wonderful season, till next season!!!!
  • It started with a boom, which really got my interest. All by all, a perfect ending for a great season.

    I absolutely loved this episode. It started with a boom, I really love Flack’s line: "Let's do this!". It’s simple but I love how he says it. It was also genius to kidnap Danny and Adam, just as a diversion for something so much bigger. That came really unexpected. And of course the Danny/ Lindsay scenes were totally brilliant. I loved them. It was so sweet from Danny to cover Montana’s shift, so thoughtful of him. The note he left for her was super sweet, I liked the part: Enjoy your snow day. Found that so cute. Inside the crime lab Stella, Mac and Hawkes really proof how smart they are. They also show that they can really work well as a team.

    All by all, a perfect ending for a great season. It’s ganna be hard to top that and I really hope that season 4 is ganna be just as good, as season 3 was.
  • After Flack busts a drug operation the drug deals are not happy and plot to get it back. they take adam and danny hoatage at the scene. Mac, Stella and Hawkes are at the lab which has been evacualted take the baddies on and it end with a

    Brilliant from the start. Action Packed through out keeping me gripped right to the end. The Best Episode from all 3 CSI’s by far. A fantastic ending , defiantly cant wait to next season.

    There was twists and turns at every corner.

    Danny and Adam taken as hostages never seen that coming and how painful did the breaking of his hand sound, mind you not as painful as it looked when he put them back into place. I defiantly thought that some of the hostages were going to get killed.

    Mac and Stella were brilliant at taking on the bad guys. I wonder if making pipe bombs is part of the NY Police training? If I was ever in trouble I would defiantly want them two on my side.

    Hawks shouldn’t be let near the carving knife at thanks give3n or Christmas as he could do serious damage if you peeved him off. Hope he will let the man out of the fridge (if not already dead)

    All in all The Best CSI NY episode ever and I think Mac deserves a break to London after all that fun.
  • A finale a fan dreams of!!!!

    Wow, now that was awesome...
    This season finale brought the extraordinare season 3 to an even more extraordinary end. "Let's do this!" --> what an awesome exclamation to begin an episode with! And this one really had everything: the mob, enourmous weapons, drugs, action on a pooltable, a hostage situation and an exploded lab. What else can there be????

    Sure, there was a lot of action and therefore hardly any character development, but hey, that's what we have season 4 for!

    For all D / L fans out there: Finally!!!!!!!!!

    All I can add is that I can hardly wait for season 4 and that I believe it will be awesome!!!
  • A perfect finish to the season

    i thought this was a excellent finish to season three, it was great, i loved flack at the big drug bust up, it looked really good and real, it caught my attention from the start, i also liked the fact that peyton was trying really hard to get mac to go on holiday with her, i was glad at the end when he decided to go with her, even though he left the mess to all his other colleges, i was so happy with the Danny/ Lindsay scene that made my day, finally the two of them together at last, which i think most fans have been waiting for :D and the fact that danny switched shifts for her and well got beat up for it was really sweet. i also loved the scene where hawkes was on his own in the autopsy room with a gunman and he came out from the table and sheet with a electric chain saw thing, and stella was great where she needed to get to the drugs so she came down from the lift roof and then escaped with them going down the lift, which personally i thought was quite dangerous, they could have shot her! it was definatley one of the best criminal plots though where they want their drugs back so they disguise their way in without many people noticing and almost escape with them. as well as that not only did they disguise their way in they found a away to distract all the cops and flack from the main scene by setting up another scene for them at the drug warehouse by holding hostage danny, adam and two other cops and danny was great in running around like a dangerous looney so adam could get the acid and danny was also great in the fight with the two bad guys as was mac and the main bad guy. also stella and mac setting up the explosive stuff around the one guy was excellent. the only reason i didn't give it ten was because i felt there was something missing, i don't know what though. Oh yeh and i loved the song that was in the danny/ Lindsay flach back which was : Don't be hasty by Paolo Nutini
    A must watch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • One of the best episodes, but I can't say 10.0 because...

    People who know myself a bit, will know the reason why I think "Snow Day" was not perfect at all.
    It's Danny and Lindsay. In my opinon the writers have distended the relationship between them. When I watched the trailer i thought "OMG who wants to see this?". Ok, there are much people who wants to see this, but not me. I'm an outsider...
    But then it wasn't as bad as I thought, because it was not the main action.
    And the main action was great

    First the story in the lab:
    I'm not a Mac/Stella-Shipper but I think they work great together. When they hid from those man (I think you know who I mean, I don't know how to call them) or the shootout and this small talk "What are we gonna do?" "Stop 'em.", just good.
    After this episode I noticed Hawkes much more than before. Earlier he was just there doing his job and yeah, being there. In Snow day he got a bigger role and I think that's fantastic. Perhaps I will notice him in upcoming episodes more.
    If I understood one scene right (the English^^), did some one from the "gas-man" shoot his mate or brother or woh ever? That's quite hard.
    And to "Wet Mac" I don't have to write much, h was just sexy, wasn't he?

    I love stories with much explosion so here I got it. The writers have to do this more.

    The hostage situation:
    First. Poor Danny and also Adam. Both looked very bad (but Danny sexy too^^)
    Second. It was really yuck when Danny did these things with his hand I couldn't watch this any longer.

    A few words to Flack:
    Great beginning ("Let's do this", my favorite sentence at the moment, there isn' a day when I don't use it)
    Great rest. I think there's not more to say.

    And finally Mac/Peyton:
    When she asked him to go to London, I first thought he would say no. But he didn't. Ok, go to London, you two, have fun there and then Mac, come back without her (it's mean, but i don't like her. btw. i don't nearly like all the woman, just Stella is ok).

    All in all it was a nearly perfect episode with much action, drama and so on. I'm looking foreward to see it in German.
  • Outnumbered and outgunned the CSIs take on an organized crime cell. It sounds like it's off of a movie poster!

    It might be because I just saw Die Hard 2, but watching this episode was like watching an action film. From Mac's romantic decision which book ended the action to Danny and "Montana" sparks, this episode was loaded with character development. The hostage scenes were intense and the stakes kept going up. Everything back at the lab was equally amazing, especially the climax and of course Stella packing.

    This seals the deal. NY and Miami better cross over again and make a motion picture this time. This episode proves they can be cinematic and better than many movies out there!
  • This is the best episode I have seen from CSI:NY so far!

    Unlike CSI:Miami, CSI:NY did not disappoint their fans in the last episode. They did better and ended their 3rd season with a very special storyline.

    With many excitements, this episode made me felt like I was watching a fine action movie. It was like Mac and Stella fought with the gang in the real battle not in the NY crime lab.

    Finally, Lindsey and Danny got together. I am glad Danny took Lindsey’s shift otherwise it might be worst!

    It is good to know that finally Mac will take sometimes off with Peyton. I hope they will have a great time together in London. I’ll look forward for the coming up season.
  • This was without any doubt the best CSI episode ever made.

    This was without any doubt the best CSI episode ever made. And I do mean it, this beats any episode of Las Vegas and Miami. (Altough when talking on a show-level rather then episode-level, it's gonna take more episodes to change my preferences, but that's not the point here.) When I first saw Flack with that huge gun, I said wow, that's a first, that's cool. Then I saw Linday and Danny together, then too, but where's the investigation? We got something else instead, and there are just no words for it. So much action in forty minutes, I didn't even think that's possible, they could make a whole-night movie out of that. Well, there's something else, 24 could do this, too, and this episode showed everything that's missing from 24 these days. And I'm glad they didn't finish it with a cliffhanger, they could have easily made 2 episodes out of this story, but this way it was the best possible.
  • By far, the best CSI: NY finale and episode EVER!!!

    "Snow Day" kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. This episode had everything I could ask for: Danny and Lindsay finally sleep together, Mac and Stella outsmart the drug lords with the help of a very clever Dr. Hawkes, Danny and Adam become hostages at the warehouse/crime scene, both Peyton and Lindsay worry about their boyfriends' lives, the explosive final scene made me wonder if Mac survived or not would be the cliffhanger (thank goodness no one on the show was killed off), and it was perfect to end the season with Mac deciding to go to London with Peyton. Overall, tons of action...with or without guns being used! The perfect CSI: NY episode of all-time!!
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