Season 3 Episode 15

Some Buried Bones

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2007 on CBS

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  • A department store security guard is shot dead while on patrol. Examination of surveillance camera footage suggests that the guard may have been killed by a shoplifter. Elsewhere, the body of a college student is found in a hedge maze.


    CSI: NY continues its terrific season with another fantastic episode. A very strong point of all of the CSI shows is the writing and that certainly shows here. Twists and turns which are very plausible add to the enjoyment of this episode. However I do have one negative thing to say. I think it's time to stop using the secret campus organization (obviously modeled after Yale's Skull & Bones) thing. It has been done before in televison and movies (The absolutely horrible The Skulls.) and is starting to get a little tiresome. Despite that, I believe this is a terrific episode.

  • What about some kind of reality check?

    Well, maybe its me, but I thought that the cases should have some kind of connection to reality. Like someone already have posted under allusions, there is no such thing as automatically receive a 4.0 grade point average when a roommate dies a violent death.

    And who on this earth gets some kind of strange visions from sipping some absinthe? Has the writer even tasted absinthe? Absinthe is nothing else then ordinary alcohol (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Absinthe)

    But this episode does get a 1.0 score for the nice performance by Nelly Furtado, not that she was in the episode for many minutes(I think the absinthe spoon had more camera time).

    I hope I dont have see another episode like this one or I will stop watch this CSI despite I like Mac Taylor more then Gil Grissom.
  • One storyline has Mac and Hawkes looking into the death of a college student found in hedge maze while the other has Danny and Stella looking into the shooting death of a security guard in a high end store that was just victimized by a shoplifter.

    Although it wasn't my favorite episode, I rated it high b/c I did enjoy it. I like Nelly Furtado's music, but I didn't think much of her acting in this episode. The scene between her Ava and Stella was awkward and not really believable. Ms. Furtado was definitely not up to being opposite Melina.

    The secret society arc was enjoyable, but felt a little off. The interaction between Mac and Reed made the storyline for me while being subtle and natural.

    My favorite part of the episode- Adam. This episode showed that there's more to Adam than just being a quirky lab rat, and I'm hoping TPTB explore that more.
  • Once again, NY is using guest stars to cover up a lackluster episode.

    I was a little upset that they didn't even mention Lindsay. Someone asking someone else if they had heard from her would have been enough for me, just so that everyone knows that yes, she still does work in the lab.

    When Danny's phone rang as they were interviewing the store clerk, I totally thought it was Lindsay. Imagine my disappointment when it turned out to be Angell.

    Adam reminiscing about how his dad was a bit of a bully did nothing for me. I like Adam, I really do, but you start giving him a backstory like that, and he's going to turn into another Greg. Adam's a lab tech - he doesn't need a backstory. At least not one as serious as that. Something like that, that's a huge backstory, requiring more than just a little snippet that's never mentioned again. I don't want Adam getting much more screen time than he has now. In my opinion, he already has too much.

    Glad that Stella figured out which one was Ava by her shoes. I saw those pictures, and I was like, "No way a woman that pregnant could wear those shoes." Sure enough, that's what tipped Stella off.

    I hate CSI: Q! The question was, "Who will be the final criminal? The maintenace worker? Ava Brandt? The store clerk?" As the maintenance man was the only one who hadn't yet been introduced, he must have been the guy who shot the security guard. And sure enough...

    By the way... 9:51. Is that a record for the latest the killer has been introduced?

    Secret society... *eyeroll* When Mac was talking about the branding, the beatdown, and the absenthe spoon as a fraternity hazing ritual gone bad, I was so upset. I know a lot of fraternity guys, and none of them have brands. (FYI, I said that to my sister, and she says, "That you know of." Well, I've seen most of those guys in nothing but their skivvies - don't ask - so unless their brands are internal, they're not there.) I'm glad it ended up being a secret society rather than a fraternity, because Greeks get enough bad press without adding to the stereotypes.

    Kings and Shadows... Skull and Bones, anyone?

    The montage at the end, with Ava... Did anyone else not care? I mean, that was a good minute and a half that could have been used to, I don't know, mention Lindsay? Plus, it was the same montage that was at the beginning! Talk about pointless! Although I did like the continuity of Stella talking to her about abuse. What happened to Stella last season isn't something that she would just get over, and I always enjoy when they bring in some continuity.

    Granted, Nelly Furtado was better than I was expecting, but she really didn't need to 'act' until the last scene. (Acting pretty and swiping clothes doesn't require that much talent.)

    Danny looked hot. HOT. Possibly burned the fever right out of me. Or not. God, that man is fine. He's so fine, it should be illegal.

    Reed was excellent in this episode. I liked how he hugged Mac at the end, and Mac was just kind of like stunned for a minute before he hugged him back. Later on, when they were interrogating Brian, I went, "You want to really piss Mac off? Beat up his stepson."

    All in all, this episode was okay. Not my favorite, but not terrible. Better than 'Obsession', definitely. And so not the same without Lindsay there.
  • overall a good episode. I liked the cases, and I liked the stuff with Reed. Poor kid. But I have to say I appreciated Stella being all sweet to her. Of course they made Nelly turn out a victim. Spoilers inside. I had better paragraphs. I swear

    HAHAHAH . Okay, I definitely loved the beginning. Not because it was intelligently and well put together. I guess you could say it was, because it was so hilarious. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Why was it so funny? The song on the background was Nelly Furtado’s, one of her new singles, and as we hear it, we see Nelly stealing clothes. Cause that’s what she does. Hahahahahaha. Well okay she doesn’t do that in real life obviously. But I love that they tied her in that way. Hee hee. It’s one of my favorite songs of hers too. Good choice :D THE CASES:

    Nelly Furtado’s case started off pretty girl. I mean really, I was like “MWAAHAHHA” when we found out the outfit she has is to interrupt the infrared signal. I was WONDERING why she went in all shiny. SHE IS GENIUS! Well okay, the writers are. And the poor security guard dies as he goes in to chick on her. Not suspicious at all. So what do they do? Find out what she is stealing. MWAHAH the chick was a personal shoplifter? I want! Aww she might have had a bully in her life, and awwww, we find out Adam had a bully in his life!!! Ooo stupid girl left behind DNA.

    She pulled bait and switches. One went in her mouth and took off a real one, interesting, I gotta try that. Hahh just kidding. And she is taking blood pressure pills? What is WRONG with this chick? Oooo she takes it to forget a traumatic event? Poor chica. And she didn’t do it? NICE flip. It ended up being the store clerk. HAHAHAHA. Oooo and Chris, her partner killed him. NICE. Stella says the larceny charges have not been dropped, but the murder has been fixed. She asks what she was taking the drugs for. She used to be a dental hygienist. Awww bless. Hmm, not sure if I like her acting very much. Aww and Stella gives her her card? Bless Stella. Second case was with the hedge maze. Ooooo creepy. And a statue had the blood? Hahah I love Flack. Ooooo the victim was lured there? Who would do that? He was attacked in the very center. Have to say, I loved the moving up from the maze back to the lab. And in the neck of his vic is a piece of a key thingy with a maze thingy. Guy killed was tripping in the maze, he was drugged up. The sword on a statue is what stabbed him in the back. Stupid Fraternity pranks. Ooo and the thing found in his neck was a map out of the maze, and the pen on him was filled with his blood? EW.

    Again, have to say, I love how it twists again. The names found on the vic, don’t belong to him. So who the hell is he? Ooo I love the kid who wanted to call the governor, who was good friends with one of the names’ father, and they were all we can call him for you.

    Oooo Reed came to see him. He knew the dead kid. He comes with some information- the kid was working on some intense stuff- he was writing about a secret society. It’s like a cult, not a fraternity. Interesting. When they found the entry I got shivers up my spine. “And when you join, you’re a brother till death,” and he was going to leave… and that was his last entry. So one of the kids Brian took a test for is a King and Shadow dude? WTF they brand each other?? And he claims he had no idea. An exit ceremony is just a beat down? Hah right. It’s an ABSINTHE spoon, that’s what they had in his neck. And he says he had to get out of the maze alone, so the brothers aren’t there to take care of them anymore…weirdos.

    OH NO! Mac’s son got beat up by a Shadow dude. Why are they freaks? Oooo he was writing on people who wrote on people who bought exam takers…And he promised he wouldn’t tell on Brian if Brian quit. Awww Reed is a good kid. Ooo the stuff that caused him to hallucinate was from a med student, his roommate. He killed him to get a straight 4.0 . Stupid attacked a cop’s son. FAVORITE SCENE:
    Between Mac and his son near the end, where poor Reed thinks it’s HIS fault. Bless his heart. And Mac says she wasn’t buried, her body wasn’t found. Aww bless. And he hugs him. Awww Reed. Please say you’re staying in touch!

    A good episode. I liked the cases, and I liked the stuff with Reed. Poor kid. Nelly was okay… I guess. But I have to say I appreciated Stella being all sweet to her. Of course they made Nelly turn out a victim.
  • Two cases, one of a personal shoplifter was suspected of shooting a lost prevention security guard and a college student found dead in a maze.

    Two things that this episode have a lot of: Adams and gadgets, most are pretty cool. The only dissappointment I have is that the could've made the shoplifter plot much more solid. The clothes that Ava left in the Gucci store were never examined for epithelials nor the ripped off tags were examined for fingerprints, because Ava did not wear any gloves in the first few stores. All these were done to tell Ava's story. On the college student case, it's interesting to not that the 'maze map' was designed to look similar to an RFID tag, I wonder if they actually meant to make that tie-in with Ava's storyline.
  • I liked this one

    I have to say that this is one of many CSI NY episodes that was well written. The writers did a great job in hiring Nelly Furtado as Ava Brandt, the professional shoplifter. I had some doubts to her acting abilties but found out she was a very good actress. Danny and Stella worked the A case and I have to say that Danny make me smile the whole episode. The lack of knowledge of women's clothing showed me how much his character has developed. The B case with the Kings and Shadows murder was worked by Mac and Hawkes. The B case delved into the world of a secret society and Reed, Macs stepson made an appearence. Reed wanted to know where Claire, Mac's wife was buried tugged at the heart strings. I have a feeling that her death will be mentioned again and it wouldn't surprise me if they do have an episode about her. This was the first episode without Lindsay. It will be interesting when she does return back ot work. vexus
  • I thought it was well scripted and showed some good character development.

    I definitely saw some softer sides to Mac and Stella in this episode. From Mac reaching out and making I think a real connection to Garrett, to Stella reaching out to Ava. I thought Nelly definitely showed she has some acting skills. I loved the gadgets she used to cover her tracks and I thought that the credit card reader is going to give someone a bad idea, if it doesn't already exist. I was a disappointed that Lindsay wasn't even mentioned. I thought the storyline Kings and Shadows was really good and I liked how they linked it to Garrett and had him make an apprearance. As always a good thought out episode. The only improvement I would of made is mentioning Lindsay.
  • Very sad and sick

    Some Buried Bones- Animal torture again? Who are these writers for Crime Scene Investigation: New York? Animal torture people? Sick, and sad that it is accepted, also horrible rap music starting the beginning of the episode they have got to stop bringing *c rap* into TV shows. Also what is with the flashing? There are such things as neurological disorders such as epilepsy and migraine that flashing causes seizures and attacks I cannot believe they can get away with all the sick stuff they show. Also a bit ironic they mentioned abuse in this episode, abuse on humans, its sadder that its growing in all forms and even being accepted in some. What is ironic is that it starts with animal abuse and they show a lot of that on CSI NY hypocrites, its very sick and sad abuse of all kinds on all living things with a nervous system needs to STOP!
  • a shoplifter case and a murder case.

    There are too cases that Mac's team must solve first there is the case of the store security guard who is killed during a shooplift. The second is the killing of brian a college student who was writing a report abou a secret society. The first case was first blamed on the shoplifter Ava but she said she was only a thief not a murder. the murder turns out to be the shopclirk's fiend because they owed the security guard money. Ava said she shoplifted because she had nothing and could be good at something even though her abusive husband said that she would never amount to anything. in the second case mac's stepson provide information about brain's strory about the secret society The Kings and Shadows. The main subjects are his friend thomas who he takes exams for as well as eddie a medical student who brian took tests for. they first question thomas who says that brian wanted to quit the kings and shadows so he had to go through the exit cermony were he was drugged and beaten. they left him. The found it was eddie because of the chemicalsedie used to experiment on rats for medical purposes weres found at the maze which was the crime seen. Brian was killed with a special spoon given to the cult's members which showed the wayout of the mase. Reed was attacked by eddie when stole the kings and shadows uniform that belonged to brian. He also destroy the labtop computer and puts up a note sying keep the story quiet. reed is sad that brian died because they were friends. overall a good episode.they figured tht eddie killed him becuse he was his roomate and if your roomate died and it caused stress to you you'd be rewared a 4.0 GPA and eddie wanted o get into medical school.coolchris44 out.
  • I totally enjoyed Nelly Furtado and her way of shopping. It was very innovative. Other cases were pretty freaky too.

    Nelly Furtado's character was helpless but it was innovative of her way of shoplifting. It's sad that she does it to escape the pain of her husband. It was sweet of Stella to offer her heart. The Brian Williams story was pretty scary especially about the Kings & Shadows. Overall pretty good story.
  • Definately one for the books as it gave insight in to both Mac and Stella. Reed Garner pops up, as does Special Guest Star Nelly Fernaurdo (sorry if I got the spelling wrong but you know who I'm talking about)

    Okay, wow. I am really liking how Mac is handling the issue of his step-son, who only wants to know about his mom and who is simply trying to do the right thing. A real tear-jerker of a moment when we learn that Claire's body was never recovered from Ground Zero, which would have been just as hard on Mac as it is on Reed.

    Flack's quips are getting better and better and some of them are definately memorable.

    As for Stella, after getting emotionally and physically beaten by Frankie last season, it's good to see that she's trying to heal by reaching out to others.

    All in all, a pretty good episode.
  • The Flack Humour never gets old.

    I was all pumped and excited when I read Nelly Furtado was going to be in an episode as a suspect in a murder. So, I had the laptop out, I was in my favourite spot on the couch and it was 8:01 and Lost was still on. Check the listings and CSY NY wasn't due to start 'til 9pm. That delay aside, excellent works boys and girls!

    Crime A: Watching Ava Brandt going through all those expensive stores snagging goods and getting them out of the stores really had me impressed. Until she tried to do the pregnant lady move. Almost got away. One stickler I had was the ring swap. How many sales girls do you know who would let you stick an expensive ring in your mouth? I mean that just a huge sign that there's a robbery in progress right there. I felt bad for her for her motive for stealing. At least Stella was considerate, an' all.

    Crime B: Poor Reed, getting all beat up. At least he didn't die. A mysterious cult that supposedly doesn't exist. Where have I heard this from? Buffy the Vampire Slayer, of course! Only, this is way better 'cause it's CSI: NY! Lol, kidding. I think what annoys me the most is when kids who're potential suspects, or whatever, threaten the team with their dad, who happens to be a lawyer, or knows a top dog tht could make the CSIs look bad. What about mom?! Geez, women can be lawyers too. Anyway, I was a little surprised when it turned out to be the lab rat guy. Do colleges really give "A"s out 'cause you're best friend died? Wow, that's just screaming for people to start murdering each other. And, look what happened! This was a pretty awesome epsiode, I'm glad Reed and Mac are becoming more relaxed with each other. It was really smart of Reed to come to Mac when he had info about the vic.
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