Season 3 Episode 15

Some Buried Bones

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2007 on CBS

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  • Once again, NY is using guest stars to cover up a lackluster episode.

    I was a little upset that they didn't even mention Lindsay. Someone asking someone else if they had heard from her would have been enough for me, just so that everyone knows that yes, she still does work in the lab.

    When Danny's phone rang as they were interviewing the store clerk, I totally thought it was Lindsay. Imagine my disappointment when it turned out to be Angell.

    Adam reminiscing about how his dad was a bit of a bully did nothing for me. I like Adam, I really do, but you start giving him a backstory like that, and he's going to turn into another Greg. Adam's a lab tech - he doesn't need a backstory. At least not one as serious as that. Something like that, that's a huge backstory, requiring more than just a little snippet that's never mentioned again. I don't want Adam getting much more screen time than he has now. In my opinion, he already has too much.

    Glad that Stella figured out which one was Ava by her shoes. I saw those pictures, and I was like, "No way a woman that pregnant could wear those shoes." Sure enough, that's what tipped Stella off.

    I hate CSI: Q! The question was, "Who will be the final criminal? The maintenace worker? Ava Brandt? The store clerk?" As the maintenance man was the only one who hadn't yet been introduced, he must have been the guy who shot the security guard. And sure enough...

    By the way... 9:51. Is that a record for the latest the killer has been introduced?

    Secret society... *eyeroll* When Mac was talking about the branding, the beatdown, and the absenthe spoon as a fraternity hazing ritual gone bad, I was so upset. I know a lot of fraternity guys, and none of them have brands. (FYI, I said that to my sister, and she says, "That you know of." Well, I've seen most of those guys in nothing but their skivvies - don't ask - so unless their brands are internal, they're not there.) I'm glad it ended up being a secret society rather than a fraternity, because Greeks get enough bad press without adding to the stereotypes.

    Kings and Shadows... Skull and Bones, anyone?

    The montage at the end, with Ava... Did anyone else not care? I mean, that was a good minute and a half that could have been used to, I don't know, mention Lindsay? Plus, it was the same montage that was at the beginning! Talk about pointless! Although I did like the continuity of Stella talking to her about abuse. What happened to Stella last season isn't something that she would just get over, and I always enjoy when they bring in some continuity.

    Granted, Nelly Furtado was better than I was expecting, but she really didn't need to 'act' until the last scene. (Acting pretty and swiping clothes doesn't require that much talent.)

    Danny looked hot. HOT. Possibly burned the fever right out of me. Or not. God, that man is fine. He's so fine, it should be illegal.

    Reed was excellent in this episode. I liked how he hugged Mac at the end, and Mac was just kind of like stunned for a minute before he hugged him back. Later on, when they were interrogating Brian, I went, "You want to really piss Mac off? Beat up his stepson."

    All in all, this episode was okay. Not my favorite, but not terrible. Better than 'Obsession', definitely. And so not the same without Lindsay there.