Season 2 Episode 22

Stealing Home

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 03, 2006 on CBS
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Two women, both claiming to be the wife of a murder victim, surprise Mac and Stella at the circumstances of their relationships. Both women have been in a trinogamous marriage with the victim. Meanwhile, Danny and Lindsay investigate the murder of a young woman who is found off a dock tangled up in kelp while she is dressed as a mermaid.moreless

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  • This was an excellent episode, despite the obvious case. I think the funny bits made up for everything. Most definitely. I like the continuing of the Pratt story. He is such a jerk. spoilers insidemoreless


    Loved the bit with the suit trying to catch the ferry. And he misses it. But then he checks down and sees a body floating, and omg it's a girl in a mermaid outfit. Love how Lindsay has started saying puns too. Stella is on a case again already?


    The first case is the one with the mermaid girl who is found drowned. We first see Danny in the river and all I could think of is "ew he shouldn’t be swimming in that water." I love the reference to the Mermaid Parade. Mac is great because of that. We can see Lindsay with the girl and she is definitely affected by this girl's death. Most likely because her story reminds her of hers. Country girl comes out to the city, not knowing what she is in for. Maybe the part with the dad isn't the same, but it's definitely affected her. You can especially tell that the girl's dad upsets Lindsay. And she definitely fell for his story with how she would call. I couldn't help but feel sorry for the girl with her, "tell daddy I love him."

    I had to say when they had the guy in interrogation Lindsay was rather feisty. And you could tell Danny noticed. And later we know he told Mac about it since he was upset about it. What's the saddest about this one is that the guy just randomly did it. He didn't even know her. He had no reason WHY he killed her. There was no connection. And of course Lindsay can't stand it and she follows him to jail because of it. Then the second case is the one with the man who has two wives. I love the expressions of everyone when the second wife comes to the scene. When we see the vic again, I thought ew since the guy shot in the eye. The viewer can note that Stella still looks shaken. I love how the wife, first one, mentions how they are Trinogomous. Yet they do all the "normal stuff"

    I did feel as if this case was kind of a "duh" case. I mean it was obvious from the start the wife did it. Beware a woman's scorn and all that. I mean seriously. No wife, especially a newlywed, is okay with another girl honing in on her guy. No way she's felt it's too old already.

    The only interesting bit of this case was the whole girlfriend who killed a previous boyfriend because he would've killed her. It's sad to see how much Frankie affected her as when Mac provokes her, you can tell Stella remembers Frankie. You can see she was insulted with how he treated her. And you know that before Frankie, she wouldn't have been like that. While I do feel bad for Stella, I love that Mac provoked her. He got her to slap him and so she would have to go in for assaulting an officer. It's kind of dramatic that she doesn't think Stella believes her. But Stella knows. She knows. And the other small interesting bit was the someone watching. But we still knew that the wife did it. I mean, really.


    I loved the bit with the wheat field and how Danny responds to her sarcastic tease with "what's there to see? It's just wheat." Mwahhahahah. He is so cute.

    It was cute to see the whole reins bit with Sid and how she says, "you think Danny calls me Montana because I am a 49ers fan?" And Sid says no he's got a crush on you. I love her expression; she seems kind of embarrassed and flattered.

    Also loved the scene with Sid commenting about threesomes. And I loved how Hawkes just had this whole expression, as if he was thinking: "TMI!" And then we have Hawkes with Mac in the apartment commenting on how he expected to see something like Robo Spanker, and Mac is all, TMI now.

    I loved Mac studying the rape and Adam saying he'll catch him. I love ADAM! He is so cute. You can tell though he is still nervous around Mac. He has been for several episodes. The cutie.


    I love Lindsay. I think Anna Belknap is a wonderful actress. But I mean really. Her whole, WHY scene was a bit much. I didn't see the need for it. A bit like the whole scene with Nick and his inmate. It wasn't necessary.

    Pratt complaining about surveillance, which makes me wonder, what is going on. It makes me think Aiden is up to something. She is wily.


    This was an excellent episode, despite the obvious case. I think the funny bits made up for everything. Most definitely. I like the continuing of the Pratt story. He is such a jerk.moreless
  • Great chapter!

    It's one of my favourite season 2 chapters!!

    Case 1: I really liked that they let us know a little more about Lindsay...I loved the morgue scene with Sid telling Lindsay that Danny had a crush on her....really cute moment!! As well as the wheatfields-skyscrappers moment! The case is quite touching for Lindsay and the victim coming from Montana made it even more personal. I liked the determination she had when she said that is time to get Vachner and get some answers... Really cute that Danny asked Mac to check on her...

    Case 2: the threesome...I loved all the smart comments and funny moments we get out of it! I really liked Hawkes in this chapter...moreless
  • One of the Biggest Questions - Why?

    This episode really did an excellent job of highlighting Anna's acting abilities. Lindsay has always been a strong & independent character but in this episode we see some cracks as well as some secrets. I really liked Lindsay's scene with Sid, sharing information about the the blisters on Sarah's hands. Giving us some insight to her background. Her strong conviction of wanting or needing to know why James Vackner killed Sarah is almost tangible. Her two final scenes, the one with Mac & Vackner were great. The one with Mac shows her vulnerability but with Vackner she's strong and angry. Now the whole Tri-monigimus relationship was just plan weird. Interesting but weird. Commitment ceremony? Pinch-hitter...needing all of this within a few months of the relationship, it's just weird. The scene with 3 sinks, hers, hers & his towels was funny as well as the scene with Mac & Hawkes searching the apartment. The one scene I did appreciate was Stella empathizing in knowing what the people you loved can be capable of.moreless
  • The characters helped the cases in this episode. But it was still a great episode.

    I enjoyed this episode even if the cases weren\'t all that original. The \"A\" case , about a threesome marriage, wasn\'t all that interesting but it allowed the storyline of Stella\'s ordeal to continue from the previous week. The case was interesting if only for the comment that Hammerback, the ME, made to Hawkes, about having a threesome when he was younger. The \"B\" case, while somewhat silly, allowed the audience to see how CSI\'s, in this case, Lindsay, sometimes get emotionally attached to a case. It was interesting to see Lindsay wanting more answers from a killer that showed no remorse or even motive for the murder. It was a good episode, even if the cases themselves were not all that good. The cast made this episode good.moreless
  • Trinogamous marriage. Girl dresssed as a mermaid. NYC is full of surprises.

    Okay, so we have a case where we see a guy of a trinogamous marriage dead and we have another case where a girl dressed up as a mermaid was found dead in the sea.

    First, we see Stella returning with minor injuries on her face. I can still see that she was traumatised over the incident which happened between Frankie and her.

    Then we have Lindsay. Lindsay seems to be depressed over the girl's death because they were both originated from the same place. And this was when i started thinking, maybe this girl's death might be connected to the Lindsay's past. It's hard to tell now, but as the episodes go on, i hope her past would somehow reveal.moreless
Anna Belknap

Anna Belknap

Lindsay Monroe

Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo

Danny Messer

Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill

Detective Donald "Don" Flack, Jr.

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

Melina Kanakaredes

Melina Kanakaredes

Detective Stella Bonasera

Jason Brooks

Jason Brooks

Paul White

Guest Star

Billy Gallo

Billy Gallo

James Vackner

Guest Star

Paul Hipp

Paul Hipp

William Mamet

Guest Star

Robert Joy

Robert Joy

Dr. Sid Hammerback

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When entering the room of the threesome, Hawkes refers to expecting a robo-spanker. There actually was a robot spanker in the lab in Season 1's episode Hush.

    • Goof: Two people in a relationship is MONOgamy (committed to one person).

      Three people in a relationship is BInogamy/bigamy (committed to two people).

      The wives in this episode claim that they are TRInogamous. But that would add up to four people in the relationship (each committed to three people).

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Stella: How did you know she was going to slap you?
      Mac: I didn't. I thought she'd give me a little punch in the arm.

    • Mac: Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and you don't get to know why.

    • Sid: Have you ever had a threesome?
      (Hawkes stares at Sid and drops bullet into evidence envelope)

    • (Mac and Hawkes enter the Jeffries' apartment.)
      Mac: Welcome to the house of trinogamy.
      Hawkes: Wow, I gotta admit this was not what I expected.
      Mac: I'll bite. What were you expecting?
      Hawkes: I dunno...lava lamps, weird tapestry, a robo-spanker, maybe a couple of big--
      Mac: (cuts him off) Alright, alright. I'm sorry I asked.

    • Lindsay: You think Danny calls me Montana because I'm a 49er's fan?
      Sid: He calls you that because he has a crush on you.

    • Danny: Montana!
      (Lindsay looks at him.)
      Danny: See a view like this, eh? (refers to the bay and the city) Beats the wheat fields, no?
      (Lindsay walks over to stand beside him and look at the view.)
      Lindsay: Have you ever even seen a wheat field? (goes back to the body)
      Danny: (after a moment of silence) What's to see? It's just wheat.

    • Stella: (referring to the committed threesome of Mark, Elle, and Laura Jeffries) I think we need to look a little further into their arrangement.
      Mac: I'm not sure I can take much more.

    • Mac: (after seeing Elle and Laura Jeffries console one another after seeing their husband dead) I think that answers the boy scout question.

    • Stella: (after seeing a victim who was shot in the eye) That's not pretty.

    • Stella: Mac, are you seeing this?
      Mac: Yeah, a mermaid. Why not?
      Lindsay: No throwing this one back.
      Mac: This one's a keeper.

    • (Stella picks up the newspaper with the bullet's metal jacket in it)
      Stella: Ripped from the headlines.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Hawkes mentions a robo-spanker as one of the things he would expect to find in the married threesome's house. This is an allusion to 1x16 Hush, in which Danny and Aiden worked a case about human bondage where one of the items confiscated was a robo-spanker.

    • James Vackner: (After he is confronted with proof that he was the mermaid murderer) So it goes.

      This line can be a possible reference to the Kurt Vonnegut's novel Slaughterhouse Five, where "So it goes" was said when any character died.

    • Mermaid Parade: At the beginning of the episode, Mac and Stella make a reference to the Coney Island Mermaid Parade after they pull the mermaid out of the water.

      The Coney Island Mermaid Parade, which began in 1983, was started by Dick Zigun, founder of Coney Island, USA. The Mermaid Parade celebrates the start of the Summer season, and pays homage to original Coney Island Mardi Gras parades from the early 20th century. It takes place annually on the first Saturday of Summer- rain or shine.

    • Stella: Ripped from the headlines.

      This line is a direct reference to Law and Order's TAG line, in which a good majority of its episodes are based on real-life stories.