Season 2 Episode 1

Summer in the City

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2005 on CBS

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  • a man climbing a skyscraper, and Aiden dealing with her friend.

    The beginning:
    A crazy climber in Manhattan? Who climbs skyscrapers really? When he falls you can tell he let go for some reason. But what was that reason? And then you see him fall and his brain goes everywhere. EWWW.

    The Cases: YAY! It’s Hawkes’ first day on the field! I loved the way Mac and Hawkes play off each other. And how nervous Hawkes was the entire time. Hawkes is so cute. I love how he is considered the braniac of everyone, and how Stella teases him with the horrible brain pun.

    Danny and Stella’s diamond case that Aiden worked for the beginning part. It was so crazy. I couldn’t believe it, especially when we find out he swallowed the diamond thinking it was real, and then turning out it was SYNTHETIC!

    Then there was Aiden’s mini case, and when she left, everyone looked so worried. It’s so sweet to see her helping out a friend. Yet in the end when we see her with the hair, we freak out because OH NO she can’t dupe the evidence!!

    Favorite Scene:
    One of my favorite scenes in this bit was Danny chasing the bodyguard. Danny, though a cop, is probably not as good as the bodyguard. It seems the bodyguard has him beat, but Danny heads him off, and coughs him. Then tells him to shut up, he doesn’t want to hear people being stupid. Brilliant.

    Best Science Bit:
    Mosquito autopsy most definitely. I mean watching them take out the blood from the mosquito?
  • Victims caught in the cross fire.

    I really enjoyed watching this cases play out. From the owner of a very expensive bra dying from choking on a fake diamond to the climber falling to his death for witnessing a murder. Watching Hawkes in the field was almost as much fun as watching Mac haze him. The model stealing the real diamond and hiding it as a Christmas ornament was pretty ingenious. The ex-wife being the ultimate conspiritor in Bishop's death and her using his assistant to facilite was pretty underhanded, creative but underhanded. I saw Aiden becoming too personally involved in the DJ Pratt case coming a mile away.
  • The skycraper climber ends in tradgedy!

    The CSI's offices have relocated to a Manhattan high rise which includes new labs, a staff break room and new office equipment with state-of-the-art technology. Also, after expressing his interest in moving out of the coroner's office, Dr. Hawkes joins the team in the field and his first case has him working with Mac on the death of a skyscraper climber. Although hundreds of witnesses were on hand to see the climber fall, the team suspects foul play and believes someone may have caused his death. Meanwhile, Stella and Danny investigate the murder of a New York fashion designer killed while wearing an eight million dollar diamond bra from his own collection.
  • Great season opener; gotta love CSI:NY in colour.

    Mosquito autopsy? Wow.
    They definitely made a good choice in using this episode as the season opener. Great effects, great actors, practically great everything. Having the Empire State building in this episode was great as it symbolises New York in a way. Really interesting to see Hawkes finally out from the morgue; it was funny how Stella liked picking on him.
    The stolen diamond case was great too; Who would have thought that guy could have swallowed the diamond just to protect it, not realising the stone was fake.
    The last part of the episode where Aiden thinks of faking the evidence would probably make the audience tune in to the next episode out of curiosity.
    And of course, who doesn\'t like the show in colour?
  • Great episode *but* they had to have a plot twist that just didn't work

    Liked the episode but to the writers - stop with the impossible plot twists.

    The human spiderman falls because he witnesses a murder in progress and the murderer shoots at him so he falls.

    For that to work the murderer in a pre-meditated crime would have to be oblivious to the police, crowd, etc outside the very building where the crime was planned to take place on the very day, at the very time.

    Now I've never actually planned a murder but it seems to me the one place I'd never commit that crime (or any crime for that matter); would be where there are POLICE and lots of them wanting to arrest another guy at the same time I want to off (from the plot) my boss'[separated but not divorced so she gets the moola] blushing bride.

    Guess the murder decided the cops would be more interested in ticketing the trespasser than felony murder or so the CSI: New York writers would have us believe.
  • Someone did their homework over the summer. This show is back and seems far better right off the bat than last year. It is getting my most improved series award.

    Good move in moving Hill Harper out in the field. He is fun to watch. While Aiden seems to be walking on the wild side, the rest of the crew seems to have settled down into their characters and are ready to be better than ever.
    The diamond bra is an interesting angle because it focuses on case unique to New York. The modeling angle and film industry in New York could give a much needed new angle to the show. Who needs another show about someone dead in a bus station?
    Stella didn't get much airtime this go around. however, it did look like they were dressing her down some. I am not sure if that is because of the heat or for the ratings.
  • See the world in color.

    Changing the format with this episode. From the washed out drab look of the previous season. This season opener gives you full color. In doing so gives you a bit more gore than you may have been expecting. I was impressed with their use of now being full color to show you they wanted to put more spice into this show. New York had really lagged to me in comparison to the other two CSI shows. This one opens up to say, "See, we are gonna make you think and entertain you this year!" This episodes also shows you a bit of the scarey power that CSI's really have when it comes to evidence tampering.
  • GSR on a mosquito wing?

    GSR on a mosquito wing? I think they have the same writers as CSI:Miami. Not sure if I like the new medical examiner. Not that I really liked the old one/rookie CSI. He's kind of magoo. They should bring back Speed. About the only good thing was the lead-in for next week.
  • Good sesaon opener

    Talk about a season opener and a promise to lighten things up. It's great to see Hawkes out in the field teamed up with Mac. The chemistry and interaction between the two of them is great, not that Stella and Mack together isn't a great combination, but Mack and Hawkes seem to gell together more. Just like Stella and Messer. Didn't see much of Flack at all, which is kind of interesting. I really loved the story with the missing diamond, The case of the ex-wife watching the husband's death was an interesting twist. I think I know who's going to be a goner in this Wednesday's eps, but I'm not going to say anything now. Hopefully the stories will continue to be this good throughout the rest of the season.
  • Nice season premier!

    It was a nice season premier!
    Every cases easily closed with great help of Science Technology as always.
    All characters look more attractive (so bright and shine).
    Their CSI office is also noticeable that it looks better than it was in the previous season.
    Anyway, I hope Ms Burn won't fake evidence for that raped case.
    Well, Can't wait to see the next episode!