Season 2 Episode 1

Summer in the City

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2005 on CBS

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  • Great episode *but* they had to have a plot twist that just didn't work

    Liked the episode but to the writers - stop with the impossible plot twists.

    The human spiderman falls because he witnesses a murder in progress and the murderer shoots at him so he falls.

    For that to work the murderer in a pre-meditated crime would have to be oblivious to the police, crowd, etc outside the very building where the crime was planned to take place on the very day, at the very time.

    Now I've never actually planned a murder but it seems to me the one place I'd never commit that crime (or any crime for that matter); would be where there are POLICE and lots of them wanting to arrest another guy at the same time I want to off (from the plot) my boss'[separated but not divorced so she gets the moola] blushing bride.

    Guess the murder decided the cops would be more interested in ticketing the trespasser than felony murder or so the CSI: New York writers would have us believe.
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