Season 2 Episode 1

Summer in the City

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2005 on CBS

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  • a man climbing a skyscraper, and Aiden dealing with her friend.

    The beginning:
    A crazy climber in Manhattan? Who climbs skyscrapers really? When he falls you can tell he let go for some reason. But what was that reason? And then you see him fall and his brain goes everywhere. EWWW.

    The Cases: YAY! It’s Hawkes’ first day on the field! I loved the way Mac and Hawkes play off each other. And how nervous Hawkes was the entire time. Hawkes is so cute. I love how he is considered the braniac of everyone, and how Stella teases him with the horrible brain pun.

    Danny and Stella’s diamond case that Aiden worked for the beginning part. It was so crazy. I couldn’t believe it, especially when we find out he swallowed the diamond thinking it was real, and then turning out it was SYNTHETIC!

    Then there was Aiden’s mini case, and when she left, everyone looked so worried. It’s so sweet to see her helping out a friend. Yet in the end when we see her with the hair, we freak out because OH NO she can’t dupe the evidence!!

    Favorite Scene:
    One of my favorite scenes in this bit was Danny chasing the bodyguard. Danny, though a cop, is probably not as good as the bodyguard. It seems the bodyguard has him beat, but Danny heads him off, and coughs him. Then tells him to shut up, he doesn’t want to hear people being stupid. Brilliant.

    Best Science Bit:
    Mosquito autopsy most definitely. I mean watching them take out the blood from the mosquito?