Season 2 Episode 1

Summer in the City

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2005 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Mac looks at the climber's face, you can see his eyelashes move and it is not the wind.

    • Goof: In Season 1, Episode 21 On The Job, Danny tells Mac that he swears on his dead mother's grave; however, in this episode, he tells Stella that his mother still dresses him.

    • In the second season of CSI: NY, the CSIs do not have their side arms. As they do in the first season, this could be part of the new look CBS was talking about.

      In addition to this, the CSIs have moved to a new lab, in a new building. As referenced by Stella's comments that she is almost completely moved.

    • Goof: The mosquito caught by Hawkes was a male mosquito so they should not have been able to extract blood from it since male mosquitoes don't bite.

  • Quotes

    • Danny: And they say models are all body and no brains. This is a perfect example of how wrong they are.

    • Mac: Withholding information! You've been chatting with Stella.

    • Mac: Did you know that Hawkes is a walking encyclopedia of tid-bit information?
      Stella: That's good. You can go to him instead of Google. So you started torturing him yet?
      Mac: It's testing, Stella. Just testing. All the rookies get the same treatment.
      Stella: So where is he?
      Mac: Right now, he's performing a little mosquito-topsy.

    • Stella: Hello Hawkes, how's it going?
      Hawkes: Job's great. Mac is...(dropping his voice) I feel like he's always looking over my shoulder.
      Stella: He is. Just don't look back. And know the answers to his questions before he asks them, which means you're also gonna have to know his questions.
      Hawkes: In about a week and a half, what you just said is going to make sense to me, right?
      Stella: You know, if you keep playing defense, you're never gonna get the ball.

    • Stella: (looking at a large diamond taken from the trachea of a corpse) Diamond in the rough.

    • (Stella is examining a diamond)
      Aiden: I've been processing dirt all day, and you've been shopping at Tiffany's.

    • Hawkes: You just told the man his partner was murdered, and he didn't even ask what happened.
      Mac: Overwhelmed by the news, I guess. Or maybe he already knows the answer.

    • Danny: (out of breath from running) You know what? Do me a favor, shut up. I'm too tired to listen to someone play stupid. Shut up.

    • (Danny and Aiden are on the scene of a man dead in a bra)
      Danny: What a way for a guy to go, huh? Dressed up in a fancy bra? What's that called, eh, when a guy, uh, is more comfortable wearing women's undergarments? It's like a syndrome or something.
      Aiden: Danny. Do you mind? Can we just process the scene please?
      Danny: Alright. Snapper. I'm just trying to have a little educated conversation, alright?
      Aiden: I've got traces of mud here and it's not from this guy's shoe.
      Stella: Hey guys, what d'ya got?
      Danny: A dead guy in a rhinestone bra.
      Stella: Stunning.
      Danny: In a 36 B. Just a guess. (both girls laugh)

    • (about mosquitoes)
      Mac: Only the female of the species bite.
      Stella: Good for her!

    • Danny: It's hot a little bit, eh?
      Stella: What the hell are you wearing that jacket for?
      Danny: Ah, my mother still dresses me.

    • (Hawkes explains something about brains out of the head being fried)
      Stella: Guess this'll be a no-brainer for you.
      Hawkes: She did not just say that.
      Flack and Mac: She did.

  • Notes

    • The cell phones used during the second season are Palm Treo 650.

    • In the audio commentary of the special features in the season 2 DVD boxset, Anthony E. Zuiker mentions how the audience's complaints about the darkness of season 1 made them bright things up in season 2.

    • Music Featured:
      Bigtime by The Soundtrack of Our Lives.
      Oversteer by Tipper.
      The Way You Are by 46bliss.
      When I Dream by Mack Bailey.
      4 UR Ears by Timo Maas.

    • German episode title: Sommermorde, meaning Summer Murders.

    • This episode was slated to air Sept. 21, but was pushed back to Sept. 28, because of President Bush's speech about Hurricane Katrina.

  • Allusions

    • Summer in the City was a hit single by the pop-rock band Lovin' Spoonful.

    • Mac: Did you know that Hawkes is a walking encyclopedia of tid-bit information?
      Stella: That's good. You can go to him instead of Google.

      Google search is a Web search engine owned by Google, Inc., and it is the most used search engine on the Web.

    • Aiden: I've been processing dirt all day, and you've been shopping at Tiffany's.

      Tiffany's is a famous jewelry and silverware company in New York City known for its unique diamond rings and its trademark color, Tiffany blue.