Season 1 Episode 20

Supply and Demand

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2005 on CBS
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When a college student is beaten, shot to death and his apartment ransacked in what appears to be a drug-related hit, the team must track down his killers. After examining the evidence in the murdered student's apartment, the team finds traces of pure, unprocessed heroin and discovers that the victim had a female roommate who is now missing. Meanwhile, Stella's aggressive interrogation tactics with a witness threaten her police badge.moreless

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  • Simply wonderful. Another episode of the NYC elite being spoiled rotten. Great bits with the entire cast. May have some spoilers inside.

    The beginning:

    A wonderful intro leading into yet another great NY episode. Loved that it had a girl listening to her music, who I also believe, ends up being a victim. Not to positive on this one. What was creepy was that the noises she was complaining about end up being someone getting killed. And she goes and sees him dead. Very shocking.

    The case:

    I have to say this case was wonderfully put together. The father of the kid, the scalper, who was so positive his son was not a druggie, was so sweet. It was nice to see that Stella really felt for him. You could also tell she felt pity, as if "well evidence is pointing to the opposite." This of course leads us to feel the same, as if the father was blind to his son's wrongdoings. Yet in the end, we find out the father WAS right. The son was not a drug dealer. All he did was scalp tickets, which according to his helper, the theaters actually liked as they could advertise a full show. And who ends up being the cause of the killings? The dead kid's roommate. True, it ended up being some drug dealer who sold stuff through knock off purses, and he was who beat up the poor kid. But the girl was also to blame. She could have warned her roommate and told him that he needed to leave. But again, she was too involved in herself. She was also too stupid to realize what she had was heroine. She should have been smarter than that. And she should have thought, well crap. He's obviously after the drugs, he's going to find me and get me for them. She should have thought of her actions having reactions. But of course, she was spoiled, and spoiled by a father who got her credit cards and paid off 20k in expenses in less than 2 months.

    And of course what makes it better is her stupid lawyer. Who had she let the girl talk in the first place, might have saved her client from a more sever sentence.

    Favorite scene:

    My favorite scene in this episode had to be the whole ring tone scene. Where Mac and Chad are in the lab and a phone rings. At first they can't see where it's from and Mac thinks the ring tone is Chad's and so he tells him how obnoxious it is. But, it's not Chad's it's the vic's and Mac picks up, and it's Stella on the missing roommate's phone.moreless
  • Good episode with nice twist.

    This episode was very nice. I especially liked it because there was only one case, not the usual two. This gives the writers the possibility to focus more. I don't like it when they split the focus on two rather weak cases than on one strong one. And this was definitely strong! I mean the team was very good, especially Stella and Mac, as always. Hawkes didn't have much to say though. The case itself was suspensful, because it was hard to figure out what was going on. Sometimes you watch an episode and after 20 minutes you know who the killer is...

    All in all, good episode, I hope the next ones are alike.moreless
  • I love the team working on the same case.

    There is nothing about this episode I don't like. The script was great. The plot was very believable. I loved the mixture of drugs and counterfeit handbags. It shows a self-centered spoiled rich kid not considering the consequences of her actions. Unfortunately those actions lead to the dead of an innocent kid. I love when the team works together. They show different aspects of their personalities and what those personalities have to offer. Watching Stella not only lose her temper but her control. Which for her is such a rarity. But in doing so, she showed her passion for justice Will Norvick.moreless
  • Drugs will kill ya!

    At the beginning of the episode, I was so surprised to actually see the girl next store come to where she heard the gun shot. I would've ran! I jumped when Mac was looking through the dumpsters and the guy jumped out. But oohh Mac can fight.:D I did not expect that the drug dealer was Jordan! But it's so weird how she bought the bag with the drugs in it, and then just decided to start celling them. I mean that could've been anything in that bag.

    The whole complaint thing against Stella was fustrating. I would've done the same as Stella. It was sad to see Mac and Stella fight, I hate it when they do. I was glad to see they made up, and Mac let Stella finish the case. Go Danny for saving the girl's life by giving her CPR!

    I thought it was so sad that the poor roomate died, and he didn't even know what was going on.:( Mac was nice to go back at the end and help him with his boxes.

    Favorite Scenes- One was when the cell phone started ringing and Mac thought it was Chad's and he told him it was obnoxious. I started cracking up. The other was when Mac was interrogating the big beefy drug dealer. It just looked really funny.moreless
  • Apparently, ignorance is not bliss. Whodda thunk it?

    The team investigates the beating and shooting of a college kid and trace his death back to the drug world. They find that his roommate had accidentally come across some very valuable drugs and was selling them at a dangerously pure concentration. Mayhem ensues!

    What make this episode really interesting is that it clearly defines the true villain of the story. Oddly enough, the drug-dealing, kid-beating punk isn't the one being called a monster, but it is rather the spoiled rich kid that is left holding the bag, so to speak, for this one. I'd have to agree - the drug dealer would have cut the drugs and would have sold to people who knew what they were buying. Still putting poison out onto the streets, but in a much less dangerous fashion than the girl who unwittingly sells almost pure heroin.moreless
Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

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Melina Kanakaredes

Detective Stella Bonasera

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Eddie Cahill

Detective Donald "Don" Flack, Jr.

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Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

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Carmine Giovinazzo

Danny Messer

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Vanessa Ferlito

Aiden Burn

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Joe Morton

Chief Dwight Hillborne

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Danny is about to CPR the girl, he trips on a stereo. Carmine Giovinazzo will trip again on his forensic kit in episode 3x10 Sweet Sixteen.

    • Goof: When Stella asks who the roommate of the male victim was, she says "her" roommate instead of "his".

    • We learn that Stella has had three previous complaints against her: two by felons who are marinating up state and one by a suspect who is missing because of a DA mix-up.

      In the episode Stella has her fourth complaint after showing a suspect a picture of dead body.

    • Goof: When they display Jordan's Student ID, "Sophomore" is incorrectly spelled "Sophmore".

    • Goof: Supposedly a "restricted number SMS" was sent. No such thing is possible.

    • Goof: If anyone was to take a soldering iron to a memory chip the way Stella did, they'd fry the chip. In addition, interfacing a "random" chip is essentially impossible.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • (Aiden just told Mac something really good)
      Mac: I wish I had a bucket of ice water. I'd pour it over your head. Good job coach.

    • Aiden: Kill someone and scam his tickets? That's pretty brazen, wouldn't you say?
      Mac: I've seen stupider.

    • Hawkes: The fatal shot to the head was an act of mercy after the beating he took.

    • Diane (The Lawyer): My client has nothing to say.
      Stella: That's okay, I'm in a chatty mood. (Behind her, Flack smirks).

    • Flack: There is nothing more depressing than looking at a rich kid's moneyline.

    • (Stella and Flack just leave a nastily loud altercation with Jordan, her father, and their lawyer)
      Flack: When I'm the cooler head, you know you blew it.
      Stella: I blew it? What about Buffy the Friend Slayer over there?

    • (A phone rings in the lab where Mac and Chad are, it's an Asian ringtone.)
      Mac: That's an obnoxious ring you chose.
      Chad: Not mine. it's... the vic's.

    • Aiden: Give me your hands.
      Delroy: What's the magic word?
      Aiden: Hands!
      Delroy: I wonder how much damage I could do in the two seconds it would take that guard to get in here.
      Aiden: Palms up!
      Delroy: I believe I asked you a question!
      Aiden: And I'm tellin' you to step back!
      Delroy: Why don't you make-(Aiden tasers him) Ahhhhhhhhh!!! (She grabs what she wants)
      Aiden: You should have listened.
      Delroy: I can't feel my ribs!!
      Aiden: Oh, you will, and it's gonna hurt like a bastard!!

  • NOTES (3)


    • Stella: What about Buffy the Friend Slayer back there?

      This of course refers to the cult hit Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

      Carmine Giovinazzo played the first person to die onscreen from a vampire bite in the series, in the teaser of the pilot episode Welcome To The Hellmouth.