Season 3 Episode 10

Sweet 16

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 2006 on CBS

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  • CSI investigates the deaths of a homing pigeon racer and a father who was murdered at his daughter Sweet Sixteen party.

    A very good episode and very enjoyable i like it when linsey gets bit and her friends are worried for her and start to think the worse has happened but she s ok and everything ok in the end and guess what??? they solve the case and all ends well....
    well for the team not for the dead but still a great episode and well witten ,, well done guys keep it up and i hope the series never ends dannys fit lol hope you like my review and it helps you with this episode bye and keep watching bye xxx
  • Wow, fascinating episode.

    The one thing that really made this episode deserve a 10 was the fact that they didn't wait until the damn near end to snake-bite Lindsey. I mean, It wasn't great that she was bitten, it was jsut great they didn't pul lthat stunt CSI: Miami pulled.

    When Mac and Danny found two sets of prints on the murder weapon, I was instantly on the dad. I think it was because it was revealed that Jesse was being abused and when you think about it, why would he want to kill the man who was like a sancutary for him? Naw, I was definitely all over the old man.

    Sweet Sixteen, pfff. I guess only rich people get cars on their birthday. I didn't get anything spectacular for my 16th b-day. I think the mother 's gonna plead insanity. God knows I would if I had to deal with two spoiled brats. Yes, parents can be considered spoiled brats too. The snake thing was so fricking original. Go CSI: NY!
  • Interesting

    I liked this episdode. I love how both cases were worked into the episode and they worked well together. The parachuter and the man found in the racing pigeon coop, although not linked to each other played a pivitol role in the episode. What was the x factor in that case when the teenager of the man that was the suspect was abused, how Mac took him under his wing and that lead to Mac meeting up with Reed, Claire's biological son. The moment that they met was very touching and sincere. The sweet sixteen case was original. With Stella, Hawkes, and Lindsay working that case, it was going to be special. Anna's pregnancy worked it's way into the storyline when Lindsay got bit by a cobra at the party. She was alright but it gave a good excuse for the writers to use less of her due to her being pregnant. I thought was the most touching moment was that even though Danny was working the case of the pigeons, he still asked how Lindsay was. Sweet!

  • This is what i'm talking about. The cases on CSI: New York are unique than other CSIs,

    as strange behaviors in crinmals are the results of congested cities, like New York City...People react different when they are cramped up around their living environment, especially so if fuelled by money, egos, powers, etc. Hence we have the birdman, cobras at parties, and dysfunctional parents. Sweet Sixteen was the usually fast-paced CSI: New York episode, mirroring the living pace of NYC. Mac's take on an emotional play to prove the boy innocence probably resonance with some viewers, which was followed by Don's resentment on investigation carried out based on hutches, and relating to past grievenaces, was well played out.
  • There was simply too much trying to happen in this episode to devote adequate time to any of the story lines.

    First off, a comment on the snakebite. They hyped this up for ages. Lindsay gets bit by a snake! What will happen? What happened is that they used the snakebite as an excuse to only have Lindsay in two scenes, and aside from Hawkes telling her he was glad to have her back, Danny asking how she was doing, and Stella telling that kid that his prank put one of her people in the ER, they barely mentioned it. Obviously just a ploy to cut Anna's screen time. Even if it had been a sweeps stunt, there would've been a scene in the hospital, or a scene where someone not on the case with her asked her if she was okay. Obviously, I would have preferred Danny, but Mac asking would have made sense. Or even Adam.

    Next, what is up with Mac lately? He's started following his gut with absolutely no evidence to back it up, which is stuff he's called both Danny and Lindsay out for. You know what I'd like? I'd like for Mac to be wrong about someone, to misjudge someone so completely that it has disastrous consequences. If Danny or Lindsay or Hawkes had insisted that the kid was innocent, Mac would have told them they shouldn't follow their instincts. That they should rely on the evidence. But it's okay for him to do it? Flack gave a perfectly reasonable argument as to why it could have been the kid and not his stepfather, and Mac just ignored him.

    Along those same lines, why must Flack always be wrong? He's a detective. I'm sure he also has good instincts. Have him be right about something for once. That would surprise me.

    And of course we have the reappearance of Reed, because it ties in with the pigeon guy case. And it does make sense to bring him back in this episode, but with everything else that was going on, it was just too much.

    Finally, I come to the motives behind these two murders. Ridiculous. That's the only way to describe them. A mother is jealous of her kids, so she kills her husband because he spoils them? Yeah, that makes sense. A man thinks his stepson owes him and isn't doing enough for him, so he kills the guy with whom his son was spending a lot of his time? Sure, why not. This is crazy world, aka New York.

    TPTB, seriously. You can't come up with something slightly more creative and a lot less shallow than that?

    I did at least appreciate the acting from Gary and Melina. When they were in interrogation with their respective suspects, you could see the disgust plainly written on their faces. Gary's jaw was even twitching as the dad from Dawson's Creek talked about how his stepson owed him.

    And, of course, let's toss in a murdered FBI agent, which is hopefully a setup for next week's episode, and not a completely different story arc. It would be unwise to do that with the winter hiatus approaching.

    All in all, the episode was okay. It wasn't one of my favorites, but it wasn't as bad as "Open and Shut." It's my hope that TPTB remember what made NY a great show and return to that.

    I won't even comment on the significant lack of D/L because this review is so long as it is.
  • Dead pigeons and snakes. Lindsay gets injured and all Danny said was "How's lindsay doing?" I definitely wanted more than that in this eppy.

    Okay, they started off with some guy with parachute died and racing pigeons which died along with him. Coincidence,no?

    And then a Sweet Sixteen birthday party all gone wrong. Lindsay gets bitten by a cobra and was rushed to the hospital. And the frustrating part was that all danny said was "How's Lindsay doing?". No one seems to be concerned about lindsay's injury. I was expecting danny to at least approach lindsay at the end to have a slight talk. But, no, nothing happened. And it doesnt reli make much sense that Lindsay ends up at the lab so soon.

    The only part which i like was between Mac and Flack. Obviously, Flack was still not over the bad cop incident. And, it was great to see that Mac and his stepson together. But their little hamburger treat was ruined by the death of the FBI agent. Cause of her death : Yet to be known

    What a way to end the episode.
  • Snakes, sweet sixteen birthdays, new cars, pidgeons, abusive fathers and pictures of a dead wife and mother. Maybe a little too much was going on in this episode - it was good - but it could have been better.

    Ugh, Snakes, well - snake - I really don't like them - still can't explain why I went to see "Snakes on a Plane" - except that was funny - and this - well Lindsay got hurt and that sucked. First - she gets rushed out of there, it appears to be very serious, and there are no scenes of her in the hospital? Second - No scenes of Danny looking really hurt and concerned? Come on! And then she just ends up back in the lab? If they want to play it like Danny & Lindsay are uncomfortable with one another, but are trying to act like everything is ok, then they should have had a scene where Danny almost goes into room in the lab to talk to her, but then just walks away. It's called angst. And right now it seems like the hug in the smoke filled room, and the dinner that never happened, and the "conversation" that broke Danny's heart never happened. I know Anna's pregnant - use the need to cover it up - and stop trying to write her out of scenes without writing her out of episodes. Sheesh. Um, can you tell I love Danny & Lindsay? Anyway. What I did love about this episode was Mac and Flack. The scenes they were in together were well acted. Showing that they are both still affected by the bad cop. I also like Mac going to see his stepson and bringing pictures. And that FBI agent that is now dead. Wow. The story with the rich parents and the spoiled children and the illicit affair - could have been more interesting. It involved a snake and it still could have been more interesting. You really can't give your kids everything they want - but when your husband buys your daughter an extravagant gift you should be asking, why? Not, kill him. And she helped her son play a prank on the daughter involving a snake? That was the point I fingered her for the murder. She is just a messed up mom. And the dad was messing around with her best friend? Ew! Messed up family. Money does not make things better, just crazy in different ways.
  • Here is an episode of CSI:NY that deals with two extremes ways that a person can raise a child.

    Here is an episode of CSI:NY that deals with two extremes ways that a person can raise a child, from spoiling them all of them time, or have draconian rules that are so extreme that if a child shows an interest into something else beside what the parents like and are penalize for being different. It shows why if a parent goes down either way of raising their child these ways they won’t only messed up their child, but themselves as well. That if a parent wants a decent child that will grow up as a happy adult without any type of emotional issues, they have to walk a thin line between being a harsh person and a beneficial parent, something that is hard to do.

    In case A we have Patrick Quinn and his adopted son, Jesse, granted I admired anybody who takes in a complete stranger into their lives and offers to raise them up despite what had happen to them. Sometimes adopted child ended up with a good pair of parents and sometimes they end up with people that shouldn’t be allowed by law to raise a child. This what happen in this case, Patrick shouldn’t been allowed to raise Jesse because of his ideas of what a son should be. That as his son, Jesse is liable to help him in the shop, despite the fact that his adopted son might have other interests that running a business and that what happen to him. Jesse wanted no part of the business and went toward working with racing pigeons with a person that truly welcomed him help. This infuriated Patrick to the point that he had to physical remove the interest, by poisoning the pigeons, which also resulted in the deapth of another person, damaging the coop, and also killing the person. But in the end of this, it was Jesse that ended up as a winner due to the fact that one of the pigeons survived the poisoning and allows Jesse to continue his passion with the pigeons.

    Then on the other end of the spectrum, we have case B, which is about the Archersons, whom father, Edward whom constantly spoiled their daughter to point that she was starting to turn into a brat that would expect her father to give her anything that she wants on a whim. A thing that drove their Mother nuts, because she felt that her daughter should have been told “No” a couple of times to make accepted the good things when they did come a long for her. That while I do agree on that part, I don’t think that killing her father was the right way to do it and I think a little repulsing that she think that lost of their Father is a good thing in the long run, because it won’t. Why? Because, not only did they lost one parent, their Father, but also they lost their Mother as well. While, loosing one parent is hard, but at least one has another one to lead one when things get hard, but loosing two parents must be unbearable for they will have nobody expect themselves to help each other when things get hard.

    While, both cases deal with the wrong way of raising a child, at the end we get a good example of how to deal with a child, for Mac went out of his way to make a connection with the only link that he has with his late wife, her only son. Despite the fact that he didn’t want anything to deal with him because he thought that Mac wasn’t related to him, but that isn’t true, because both of him have one thing in common the woman that was both Mac wife and his Mother.
  • Welcome to stupid reasons to murder someone 101.

    A woman strangles her husband with her fake hair?! And she does it because she thinks her children are spoiled. Not one of the better episodes. Lindsay getting attacked by the snake was the only surprising thing in this lame episode. The girl's brother putting a snake in a car to attack his sister was retarded.
  • Great show once again!

    Hey I didn't have a car on my sixteenth birthday as I just wasn't interested in a car at all at the time. When the team investigates a parachute jumper's death, they learned that his death wasn't an accident but a possible homocide due to a rich family being the prime suspect. Hate it that one of the CSI's got bitten by snake but I know that they will live despite that.