Season 3 Episode 10

Sweet 16

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 2006 on CBS

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  • Interesting

    I liked this episdode. I love how both cases were worked into the episode and they worked well together. The parachuter and the man found in the racing pigeon coop, although not linked to each other played a pivitol role in the episode. What was the x factor in that case when the teenager of the man that was the suspect was abused, how Mac took him under his wing and that lead to Mac meeting up with Reed, Claire's biological son. The moment that they met was very touching and sincere. The sweet sixteen case was original. With Stella, Hawkes, and Lindsay working that case, it was going to be special. Anna's pregnancy worked it's way into the storyline when Lindsay got bit by a cobra at the party. She was alright but it gave a good excuse for the writers to use less of her due to her being pregnant. I thought was the most touching moment was that even though Danny was working the case of the pigeons, he still asked how Lindsay was. Sweet!