Season 7 Episode 1

The 34th Floor

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2010 on CBS

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  • Thank you CSI: NY.

    Being shoved to any Friday time slot is not any show's wish. But when looking at it, CSI: NY deserved it. The sixth season sucked; there was no denying it. But I'll be the first to say that I'm no longer worried about what the seventh season may bring: I'm very confident that it will be good things. This episode is the best CSI: NY episode in at least a year. Sela Ward I think is 100% believable and real in her role and is a perfect replacement for Kanakaredes. The opening scene was intense, and the crime solving that followed was more than solid. So thank you, CSI: NY. Thank you for realizing your mistakes from the past and correcting them, for season seven. I'm very pleased.
  • 701

    The opening scene was really good. It was intense, it had me on the edge of my seat, even though I knew what was going to happen. It probably helped retain all those ancient people watching Medium, but after that things took an unpleasant turn. Sela Ward was not bad in her first appearance on the show, but the material just was not there. The whole case of the week fell flat in my opinion, and never really had me sucked in. CSI: NY is a show that can have one of the best episodes of TV all week when they want to, but sometimes we're given a dud like this one.
  • SE:07EP:01

    I didn´t expect good things from this episode, I really hated the previous one and I thought "sure this one will be as bad as Vacation Gateway" but certainly it wasn´t as bad as it could be.

    season seven starts solving the silly cliffanger left by season six but this time, they solved it in a good way, however, this episode wasn´t very interesting, the case was normal but the interaction was good, I loved Stella but Jo is a good character too, her acting was very interesting.

    P.S: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes
  • Better than I had thought it would be

    This episode was much better than I had expected, but not a favourite. I like Jo, I do, but if I would have to choose between her and Stella; Stella would win. I love how Jo really scared Adam with making him believe she has a file on him. That was great and so typical Adam to fall for that!

    It's really sucks though that we won't get to see Stella again, I think it would have been better if it had been a real goodbye and not just a skip to five months a head (which by the way I hate because it feels like the writers are to lazy to write a proper continuation and just skip a few months instead). I know we got to see what happened in flashbacks, but I would have loved to see more than just Lindsay shooting Shane and then Mac hugging her after it. I would have wanted to see an investigation about if it was a justified shot or see the whole team support Lindsay.

    Overall, great episode, predictable murder though (as soon as we find out she's pregnant you figure out that is the motive too). Would have loved to see more and especially would have loved to have a proper goodbye for Stella.
  • Good start.

    I was a little afraid how the cast change will influence this show. It's actually very refreshing. Jo Danville is funny and self-confident. There is good chemistry between her and the rest of the team, especially Adam and Mac. First scene with Jo and Adam together - priceless:) Sela Ward is doing great. She's a perfect replacement for Melina Kanakaredes.
    Lindsay is still dealing with shooting Shane but she has strong support from Danny. Flack seems to finally recover from Angell's death. It's good to see him in such a good mood again. Hawkes was almost invisible this time.
    Overall very enjoyable episode.
  • Wow what a way to start the season.

    So we catch up where we left off, with Danny and Lindsay facing off against Shane, who has their daughter, Lucy, at gunpoint. Flash-forward five months later and Stella's gone with newcomer Jo stepping in and Lindsay struggling to deal with the emotional consequences that come with shooting and killing someone. We also find out where Stella is; she's the new boss in New Orleans. Smooth and neat exit, leaving room for Jo and a plausible explanation.
    One word sums up Jo; feisty. She rags Adam, gets Mac grinning, and is clearly not afraid to jump in with both feet. Yeah, I think she'll do just fine on the 35th Floor.
    By the way, love Eddie Cahill's new 'do.
  • The seventh season begins with the saga of Shane Casey (finally) coming to a close. Stella has decided to leave the Big Apple for New Orleans. Stella's replacement, former FBI agent Jo Danville, jumps right into her new job.

    This episode certainly started out on the right note. Shane Casey is gone for good. He should have died in the season six finale. That aside, I found this episode entertaining, though it was not fantastic. I think Sela Ward is a good replacement for Melina Kanakeredes. It will take me some time to develop an opinion of her (I need to see her in a few more episodes.) but things look good so far. The story concerning the investigation of the murder of the young woman was good, but I think it could have been better. A good start.
  • Great premiere!

    * I really liked that the opening was a continuation of the finale and that we actually got to see everything that happened that night.
    * I like Jo's introduction... getting to the lab and finding a dead woman! And the BYOB (Bring Your Own Body) joke was great. * Jo's scene was Adam was really funny... He's just to easy...:lol:
    * Flack's hair is a big NO! Just combed in a different way and with less grease or whatever would be much much better...:roll:
    * I loved that Lindsay got the present from Stella and the note, but I'm kinda disappointed that this is the only mention we get of her...
    * Mac/Lindsay and DL scenes at the rooftop were amazing. Mac is still acting as a father figure with Lindsay and I love it, and DL seems to be closer after this experience...awesome!!:D
    * The case was quite good too, A young woman that liked to have relationships with married men gets killed by one of her lovers after him finding out that she's pregnant, all that mixed with a burglar that actually tried to save her life and got stabbed in the process. Sid discovery of what the weapon was was great, and the little scene with Hawkes, Adam and Jo examining the shirts was really cool too.

    All in all a great premiere. I liked Jo, although maybe she's a little bit too flirty and too forward for my taste but she will bring in a different side of our characters. Flack's hair has to change!
    Just a little :roll: moment, although I totally loved Danny and Flack's pursuit scene making Danny jump after he was in a wheel chair less than a year ago?:roll:
  • Good, but it seemed to be lacking something...

    The opening scene was great, exactly the emotion and intensity i was looking for. After that i have mixed feelings... it seemed to be missing something i think in part due to the absence of Stella (who probably had to be my favourite character) and the fact that this episode was far more character focused than many other episodes. The whole murder in the lab thing came off as being a very distant second to the introduction of Jo. Once we got past finishing last seasons cliff-hanger we seemed to get the killer too quickly... an aweful lot of mucking round... not enough suspects or false leads in this case for my liking...

    Lindsay's struggles were a nice touch to the episode though although they didn't seem to have as much substance as they could have done... her emotional stress seemed like it was gonna be a big deal but then went nowhere.

    Hawkes didn't seem to have much screen time and so far i'm not a fan of Flack's new hairstyle. Nice to see the good old Danny & Flack chase the suspect scene though :P Looking foward to seeing if the second episode will be better since there hopefully be less messing around with character introductions and finishing off last seasons business and we can get on with something of a bit more substance. I'm definately gonna give this season more of a chance but the investigation of the crime is what the show is about after all.
  • The 7th Season Starts Where The 6th Season Ended. Lindsay Kills Shane Casey And The Crime Lab Becomes A Crime Scene With A New Member Of The Team.

    This season had a really great start. Let's start with the only negative thing and that is how the writers handled Stella's exit. Do we really get just a note after the exit of a beloved character? Come on writers! But I think that Sela Ward will do a great job. Her first performance here was excellent. The case in the crime lab was pretty good and better than I expected it to be. The arrest scene was epic. Sela Ward sure had a memorable entrance to this series. I like her character, she seems to have sense of humour. The best thing about this episode is the excellent performance by Anna Belknap. Her character's actions were terrific! Great start.