Season 7 Episode 1

The 34th Floor

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2010 on CBS

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  • Good, but it seemed to be lacking something...

    The opening scene was great, exactly the emotion and intensity i was looking for. After that i have mixed feelings... it seemed to be missing something i think in part due to the absence of Stella (who probably had to be my favourite character) and the fact that this episode was far more character focused than many other episodes. The whole murder in the lab thing came off as being a very distant second to the introduction of Jo. Once we got past finishing last seasons cliff-hanger we seemed to get the killer too quickly... an aweful lot of mucking round... not enough suspects or false leads in this case for my liking...

    Lindsay's struggles were a nice touch to the episode though although they didn't seem to have as much substance as they could have done... her emotional stress seemed like it was gonna be a big deal but then went nowhere.

    Hawkes didn't seem to have much screen time and so far i'm not a fan of Flack's new hairstyle. Nice to see the good old Danny & Flack chase the suspect scene though :P Looking foward to seeing if the second episode will be better since there hopefully be less messing around with character introductions and finishing off last seasons business and we can get on with something of a bit more substance. I'm definately gonna give this season more of a chance but the investigation of the crime is what the show is about after all.
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